A legacy gift that would make his veteran family proud

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DAV member Tony Sierk is always looking for ways to give back to DAV to show his gratitude to the organization.

Estate gifts ensure DAV services will be here for the next generation of heroes

Anthony “Tony” Sierk, a Vietnam-era Navy veteran and longtime DAV life member, comes from quite a military family. One could say that serving in the military was in his genes, practically woven into the fabric of who he was meant to be. His father, brother and even his beloved mother were veterans as well. When asked, Sierk said he included DAV in his estate plans years ago because “it’s the only organization that has ever helped me, and I wanted to give back.”

“DAV was instrumental in helping to increase my VA disability benefits over time, and you never asked for anything in return,” he said. “Despite my disabilities, I’m still able to do a lot of things. With DAV and God on my side, I’m still able to chase my dreams and invent new things every day. DAV has a really big place in my heart, and this was just something I could do to say thank you.”

DAV will be able to honor Sierk’s legacy for years to come by way of the many programs and services offered to our nation’s deserving veterans and their families. His intentions were also honored through the DAV Guardian Society. When someone names DAV in their estate plans, they essentially make DAV, and the veterans we serve, a part of their family.

By not delaying, Sierk can rest peacefully at night knowing his wishes will be carried out as he wants them to be. Unfortunately, over half of Americans do not have a valid will and therefore won’t have a say in how their lifelong savings and wealth is divided up when they die—a sad reality for anyone who had planned great things with their hard-earned savings but never got around to making their final directives.

If, like Sierk, you would like to find a way to say thank you by ensuring DAV can be here for the next generation of veterans who need our help, then a bequest to DAV may be the answer you are looking for. Through a bequest, you can name DAV as recipient of your full estate, a set amount or a percentage of your estate. Sometimes, a simple change to a beneficiary designation form for your financial accounts or insurance policy is all it takes to ensure you are leaving a legacy of love and compassion for our country’s deserving heroes.


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