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DAV has been on the leading edge of veterans advocacy for decades. With so much hanging in the balance—from health care and benefits to claims and appeals—there has never been a more critical time for your involvement and engagement with our network of grassroots activism. As we move forward into 2017, ushering in a new presidential administration, we know critical changes to our benefits will be on the table.

Your voice is a powerful tool in the fight to protect what veterans have earned. Please join the cause at DAV’s annual Mid-Winter Conference at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Va.

Stand alongside National Commander Dave Riley as he presents DAV’s legislative agenda to Congress. This is your opportunity to meet directly with your lawmakers to make clear what we are fighting for: sensible and lasting fixes to the Veterans Affairs health care system, actionable reform of the VA appeals process, equitable services for women veterans, extension of caregiver support to veterans of all service eras and full funding of the VA’s programs and services to ensure veterans receive all the care and benefits they have earned.

The Mid-Winter Conference agenda also includes a number of workshops and seminars to acquaint you with DAV’s current efforts and key issues to help guide and support advocacy work within your local community. Join your fellow DAV leaders from around the country to bring the fight for veterans’ rights and benefits to Washington.

DAV Mid-Winter Conference, Feb. 26–March 1, 2017

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