Supporting veterans is a Win-Win

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‘You can see the absolute good you are doing’

Mark Hanneke (right), a Vietnam War era veteran, alongside his 94-year-old father, a World War II veteran

When asked, Mark Hanneke has no trouble explaining why he has funded not one, but five charitable gift annuities with the DAV Charitable Service Trust over time.

“I believe it is a win-win situation. The Trust receives funds to support programs that benefit disabled veterans. The donor receives a tax deduction for that calendar year and lifetime income that is largely tax-free for a number of years,” said Hanneke. “You feel that during your lifetime you can see the absolute good you are doing. That is an asset one cannot put into dollar terms.”

As a Vietnam War era veteran, Hanneke admires the sacrifices wartime veterans have made in service. By funding gift annuities with the Trust, he remembers loved ones who served.

We salute Hanneke, a retired math teacher, for wanting to make such a difference in the lives of his fellow veterans in such a lasting and meaningful way. It truly is because of the compassion and generosity of people like him that we are able to continue to do the significant, life-changing work that we do every day.

If, like Hanneke, you would like to see the absolute good you are doing while also looking after yourself and a loved one over the age of 60, contact us today about taking out your own Charitable Gift Annuity through the Trust.

I honor my deceased brother-in-law, who died in 2002 from Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam and my 94-year-old father, a World War II Marine, who was awarded full disability four years ago due to the lingering residual effects from his combat experience in the Pacific. All of our lifetime experiences make us the people we are today. I would like to think I have developed a deeper empathy for other people, including disabled veterans, by way of my health experiences over the last third of a century. I have had five life-threatening medical situations I was able to survive. I have a blessed life with a renewed positive mental attitude, a strong support group and spirituality. Likewise, I know DAV and the DAV Charitable Service Trust work hard to ensure ill and injured veterans can build happy and fulfilled lives, too. Sincerely, Mark Hanneke