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DAV, new partner set goal to help 10,000 disabled veterans get work.

DAV has announced a new relationship that will make the job search process more accessible for veterans with disabling injuries.

Through an exclusive partnership with Veteran Recruiting, DAV will help facilitate 10 virtual career fairs in 2016 and create an online resource to connect them with DAV’s free services.

In addition to the expansion of services, DAV and Veteran Recruiting are working with employers on a pledge to ensure a minimum of 10,000 service-connected disabled veterans are hired. Four of the virtual fairs are devoted exclusively to disabled veterans and the growing number of companies on board to hire them.

“Since we launched our employment initiative, we’ve wanted to make employment as accessible as possible for veterans and their spouses—especially veterans who are dealing with disabling injuries,” said National Employment Director Jeff Hall. “Between the opportunities we create through traditional career fairs and our online efforts, DAV will be the most prolific conduit for employment for those who’ve served.”

According to Hall, the online fairs, which are free to veterans and spouses, allow attendees to navigate a job fair in a virtual setting much like they would at a traditional brick-and-mortar fair.

“The veteran will basically appear as a walking résumé to the recruiters seeking veteran talent,” Hall explained. “An employer can hover their cursor over the veteran’s information, résumé and cover letter and, with a click of their mouse button, invite them to an interview or private chat right away.”

The 10K DAV Hiring Challenge, sponsored by Veteran Recruiting and DAV, was developed to challenge businesses nationwide to provide 10,000 disabled veterans with meaningful employment by 2018.

“We feel that the community DAV serves is a natural fit,” said Kevin O’Brien, founder of Veteran Recruiting. “DAV helps a diverse population, but for severely disabled veterans, it’s very helpful if we can bring a career fair to them in the comfort of their own homes.”

O’Brien also noted that transitioning service members have the advantage of looking for employers located across the country, no matter where they are stationed in the world. The virtual environment is always open for employers, service members and veterans, whether Veteran Recruiting is hosting an “active” career fair or not.

The DAV/RecruitMilitary All Veteran Career Fairs will also return in 2016. Hall said he expects DAV to host more than 60 traditional veteran job fairs nationwide.

The combined total support between the traditional career fairs and the virtual career fairs for veterans and spouses in 2016 is estimated to be nearly 70,000 people.

DAV’s online job search board currently lists more than 800,000 job opportunities, and this free resource continues to see more than 5,000 visitors each month.


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