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Public Awareness Outreach Program

  • A DAV Public Awareness Outreach Program

    Help Us Reach Out to Veterans.

    If you’re an injured or ill veteran or you know of one who might need DAV’s help, please let us know by filling out the form below. In addition, there’s more than one way that you can personally help DAV’s mission to empower veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity.

    Each year, DAV provides free services assisting veterans with hundreds of thousands of claims to obtain the benefits they earned as a result of their service. We understand the needs of today’s veterans, because we are an organization of veterans helping veterans. We provide much needed help finding good jobs, a place to live and quality health care. We are here to help veterans overcome great odds as they try to regain a sense of normalcy and take back their lives. We respond not just to the needs of veterans returning home, but to the needs of their entire families. DAV provides services that not only address physical injuries, but also the needs of the whole person returning home. We empower veterans to lead fulfilled lives. Those who believe in DAV’s mission can do much more to reach out to veterans who need our help. Our programs are listed below.

    Please check any of the following topics that you, or someone you know, would like additional information about.

  • DAV’s National Service Program: provides free, professional assistance to all generations of veterans in obtaining benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs and other government agencies earned through service. DAV provides representation for thousands of VA benefits claims to help veterans and their families secure the benefits earned through service to our nation. These national service officers assist in filing claims for VA compensation, pension and death benefits and many other programs. If you, or a veteran you know, needs to regain a sense of normalcy and take back their life, check the box.

  • DAV’s Transportation Network:provides injured and ill veterans with free transportation to and from VA hospitals and clinics across the nation. In a typical year, DAV provides more than 625,000 no-cost rides for ill and injured veterans to VA medical facilities.

  • DAV’s Voluntary Service Programs: provided more than 603,000 additional hours of service to veterans in VA hospitals, nursing homes and clinics last year. And through DAV’s Local Veterans Assistance Program (LVAP), more than 2 million additional hours were contributed to veterans in non-VA medical facilities. If you know a veteran who needs contact from the world outside the hospital walls, let us know, and we’ll send you a roster of Voluntary Services Representatives at VA medical facilities who will treat them with dignity and respect.

  • DAV’s Transition Service Program: is a strong and influential advocate for the men and women leaving military service to begin the all-important transition back into civilian life. DAV’s transition service officers working at military facilities nationwide, are veterans helping veterans by providing free, professional benefits counseling and assistance in presenting their initial claims for benefits.

  • DAV’s Employment Program: is dedicated to helping veterans, transitioning service members and their spouses prepare for success in the civilian workplace and secure meaningful employment. Our online resources and career fairs connect veterans, transitioning service members and their spouses with employers looking to hire them. In 2021, DAV will continue our robust efforts by hosting more than 80 traditional and virtual career fairs, including events on military bases such as Fort Bragg, Fort Hood, and Camp Pendleton. Since 2014, DAV hosted career fairs have led to more than 152,000 job offers for more than 245,000 active duty, Guard and reserve members, veterans and their spouses who have attended.