While our work legislative efforts continue, an immediate opportunity exists with another VA program that provides caregiver support and is accessible to veterans of all eras.

The Veteran-Directed Home & Community Based Service (VD-HCBS) program authorizes a monthly flexible spending budget to buy goods and services based on needs assessment for a severely disabled veteran to live safely at home. That is, veterans participating in this program are able to hire family and friends to provide for their personal care needs – or to provide support to their family caregivers. However, VD-HCBS is currently operational at 50 VA Medical Centers in 28 states, DC, and Puerto Rico. It is DAV’s goal to have VD-HCBS available nationwide at all VA Medical Centers. With your help, we can make this goal a reality.

Check back for updated VAMC map.

No VD-HCBS program at your local VAMC?  Find out how to start one today!