MSO/Info Sessions

Mobile Service Office

DAV’s Mobile Service Office (MSO) program brings benefit and services education to veterans and their families where they live. Aided by Department and Chapter Service Officers, NSOs travel to communities across the country to counsel and assist veterans to develop, file and win claims for benefits administered under federal, state and local laws.

Information Seminars

The work of DAV’s National Services Officers extends well beyond their offices and deep within the veterans community.

Part of their outreach activities involves DAV’s Veterans Information Seminars. This program is designed to educate disabled veterans and their families on specific veterans’ benefits and services.

This outreach program generates considerable claims work on behalf of veterans and their families. The job of the NSO is to seek out veterans, to discover if they have a claim, and to follow that claim through to a successful conclusion.

Highly trained members of DAV’s National Service Officer corps conduct these workshops. These experts in veteran’s benefits offer the best counseling and claim filing assistance you and your family can get. This exceptional service is available to you free of charge and you do NOT need to be a DAV member to take advantage of this service.

MSO Calendar

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Information Seminars

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Information Seminars