The Nonprofit Advisor is prepared by the Office of the DAV’s General Counsel and is published quarterly for the informational use of DAV Departments and Chapters. It addresses legal and practical issues of concern to those working within DAV.

Spring 2021 Edition

DAV’s Bequest Reporting Program Takes Flight

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Fall 2020 Edition

Constitution, Bylaws and Federal Charter

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Summer 2020 Edition

John Barleycorn and DAV: Hidden Risks

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Spring 2020 Edition

May the Force Majeure be with you

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Winter 2020 Edition

Maybe I should use a paid agent at the VA?

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Fall 2019 Edition

Veterans Beware: Avoiding pitfalls of attorney/agent fee agreements

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Summer 2019 Edition

Nonlawyers and Professional Malpractice

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Spring 2019 Edition

Balancing The Risks and Rewards

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Winter 2019 Edition

Volunteer Immunity and Swiss Cheese

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Fall 2018 Edition

Copyrights and copy wrongs

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Summer 2018 Edition

Copyright: Why it’s not right to copy

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Spring 2018 Edition

Changing times for harassers

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Winter 2018 Edition

The DAV Case, Again

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Fall 2017 Edition

Business Ethics

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Summer 2017 Edition

Business Ethics

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Spring 2017 Edition

Business Ethics

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Winter 2017 Edition

Business Ethics

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Fall 2016 Edition

News from the Internal Revenue Service

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Summer 2016 Edition

The New Overtime Rules

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Spring 2016 Edition

Federal Charters:  What do they mean?

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Winter 2016 Edition

Federal Charters:  What do they mean?

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Fall 2015 Edition

Ambiguities in wills and other estate documents

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Summer 2015 Edition

“SEND” is a four-letter word

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Spring 2015 Edition

Don’t Wager on Wages

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Winter 2015 Edition

Volunteer Liability

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Fall 2014 Edition

Volunteer Liability

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Summer 2014 Edition

What about attorneys and their fees?

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Spring 2014 Edition

And just when you thought no one was watching

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Winter 2014 Edition

Lifelines and Lessons from the AUSMER Case

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Fall 2013 Edition

Defamation – What’s It All About?

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Summer 2013 Edition

Charities like bequests. They accept bequests.  They spend bequests. Sometimes, they even ask for bequests.

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Spring 2013 Edition

In the most recent issue of the newsletter, we addressed five of the most common mistakes that chapters and departments might make with respect
to employees.

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Winter 2013 Edition

Anyone familiar with the legal news in recent years is aware that there has been a growing emphasis on employee rights and on compliance with federal and state laws pertaining to the workplace. In many ways, this is a positive development. In other ways, it presents a growing risk of problems for the employer or potential employer.

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Fall 2012 Edition

No one likes to think about it, but sometimes  chapters pass out of existence. Revocation, inactivity, whatever the cause – there are usually chapter assets to be handled. Article 6 of the National Bylaws is unambiguous about what happens in such a case: the assets pass to the appropriate DAV state department…

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Summer 2012 Edition

One of the great, and unavoidable, risks to department and chapter assets is related to the contracts in which those entities are involved. The types of agreements are almost too numerous to mention, but may frequently include contracts…

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Spring 2012 Edition

Can we stop worrying about sexual harassment?

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Winter 2012 Edition

It is barely possible to get through a day without being assaulted by some promotion that is a variant of that just quoted. This approach to sales is known broadly as “cause marketing.” For purposes of this newsletter, “cause marketing” can be defined as an effort to sell a commercial product or service by stating or implying that the purchase will benefit a charity.

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Fall 2011 Edition

In most cases, if a tax-exempt organization devotes a substantial part of its resources (time and/or money) to gambling activities, even those designed to raise funds for programs, the organization risks the loss of its tax exempt status.

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Summer 2011 Edition

Many tax-exempt organizations conduct gaming, or gambling, activities either as a recreational pursuit or, more frequently, as a fundraising vehicle. Nonetheless, the frequently used term “charitable gambling” is something of a misnomer.

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Spring 2011 Edition

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has responsibility for regulating and monitoring tax-exempt organizations. This is appropriate, since such organizations receive substantial financial benefits (no federal income tax and, in some cases, receipt of deductible contributions) that reduce government revenue…

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Winter 2011 Edition

501(c)(19) is a subsection of the Internal Revenue Code that specifically provides a tax exemption to “veterans organizations.” On its face, it would appear that all veteran organizations would logically seek exemption under that subsection. Appearances, however, can be deceiving!

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Fall 2010 Edition

Few issues cause as much confusion as the status of DAV under the Internal Revenue Code. In this and the next issue of the newsletter, we will present the issues, and the answers, in an accessible question and answer format in the hope of clarifying this important issue.

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Summer 2010 Edition

“Puffing” is what lots of salesmen do. Put simply, it’s promising the moon and delivering a small asteroid. In the service context, one can only promise what one can deliver – a careful, intelligent approach to assisting the veteran in filing his or her claim…

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Spring 2010 Edition

Many of our departments and chapters have substantial service programs that contribute significantly to DAV’s reputation as the unsurpassed leader in the veterans claims’ arena. Certainly, members of DAV will need no convincing about the important mission that a service officer undertakes in representing a veteran.

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 Winter 2010 Edition

There is a legend that a fellow named Crassus, who lived in ancient Rome, started the insurance business. It seems that Crassus owned a fire truck and would pull up in front of burning buildings and offer “instant insurance” –- at a hefty price -– to distraught owners whose property was going up in smoke.

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Fall 2009 Edition

Many nonprofit organizations, especially those that have a fraternal component, need to pay attention to a myriad of laws pertaining to the sale and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages. DAV is no exception…

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Summer 2009 Edition

“EXEMPT PURPOSE”:  Do’s and Don’ts

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