See Threats Before Threats See You

Much of military life is about threats: detecting threats, analyzing threats, responding to threats. No one needs to tell a veteran that the sooner you become aware of a threat, the better your chance of responding effectively.

Identity Guard® is unique among personal cybersecurity solutions, because it takes a pro-active approach to threat detection. Identity Guard uses Artificial Intelligence from IBM to constantly scan the Internet, looking for information that indicates you could be at risk. If it finds it, you’ll receive a threat alert, so you can take action quickly, before trouble begins.

Identity Guard has a comprehensive solution for helping to reduce your risk of identity theft and restore your good name if it should happen.

  • 22 years of experience, helping over 47 million people protect their identities
  • The fastest alerts in the industry,¹ with most arriving in three seconds or less
  • 100% U.S.-based Customer Care
  • 150K cases of identity theft successfully resolved
  • $1 million insurance policy²



You’ve helped protect our country,
so let us help protect you with Identity Guard.




DAV receives a royalty payment of 20% of the monthly price of service selected.  The agreement between Intersections Inc. (D.B.A. – Identity Guard) and DAV runs through December 22, 2021.
¹ ath Power Consulting, February 2018
² Identity theft insurance underwritten by insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group‚ Inc. See full policy (available upon request) for details.
You must enroll and meet Identity Guard’s enrollment, authentication, authorization, and service exception delivery requirements. You will be sent a Gift Code at the email address provided during enrollment. One gift card available per household. Click here to view terms and conditions.