DAV hotlists: Go check on a veteran for the holidays

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Pay it forward for a fellow veteran this holiday season by using hotlists.

The holiday season is a perfect time to spread kindness by checking in on a fellow veteran—and one-way you can do that is by using DAV hotlists.

Hotlists can help you pay it forward to your fellow veterans, and remind them that we at DAV are here to help.

These zip code-specific lists provided by DAV’s Membership Department direct you to men and women in your local area who stood in service to our country.

Go knock on a door, make a phone call or send a letter and ask how they are doing. Remind them DAV is here, and find out if they need any help with their VA claim or other benefits. Ask if they’re having trouble getting to and from their VA medical appointments. Invite them to attend a DAV job fair if they’re unemployed or under-employed.

Veterans on DAV hotlists are eligible to become members, and you could be the first person to introduce them to DAV’s mission.

Send a postcard with an offer to connect if you can’t go knock on a door, or look them up online and try to connect that way.

Simply put, say hello and show them we care.

Demonstrate the value of membership by explaining DAV’s programs and services:

  • We advocate for the rights of all injured veterans on Capitol Hill.
  • We assist veterans and their families in securing the benefits they earned through service from the VA.
  • DAV volunteers serve as mentors and buddies to veterans during rehabilitation; donate their time and skills; and drive veterans to medical appointments.

And, remind them membership in DAV is not required to use any of our programs or services.

Don’t be deterred if some people on a hotlist don’t want to talk. If only one person wants to talk, and becomes a member, your efforts are a success.

Remember to tell them that you support other veterans when you join DAV. You honorably stood up for your country in service. Now you can stand together as one with your fellow veterans by joining DAV.

Member leaders can obtain hotlists specific to their jurisdictional zip codes by emailing mempershippublic@dav.org.



The CRM platform is being carefully rolled out. In the meantime, membership leaders can still obtain population summaries, activity reports, and membership lists directly from DAV. Request a report by sending the Membership Department an email at membershippublic@dav.org or calling 1-888-236-8313.


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