The gift that keeps giving results

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Through your gift of stock

DAV is a charitable organization. We rely greatly upon the love, generosity and compassion of our loyal friends and members who stand beside us to support disabled veterans across the United States. Many are surprised to learn that we receive no government funding, making it even more impressive that we offer all of our life-changing services to our country’s bravest heroes at no cost to them. This couldn’t be done without the support of our donors!

Donating stock is a great way to help DAV serve America’s disabled veterans. Gifts of stock ensure that you are optimizing your own financial situation by avoiding capital gains and taking a charitable deduction for the full market value of your gift.

Consider the following scenario:  Many people own appreciated stock—stock that has risen in value over time. For example, Jane has a stock account with a well-known brokerage company. One of her stocks has grown from $15 a share to $75 a share over the past few years. If she asked her broker to sell the stock, she would owe tax on the $60 of appreciation for each share that was sold.

However, if Jane gave the stock to DAV, she would avoid this tax. Instead, she’d get an income tax charitable deduction on the full value of the stock. A win for Jane; a win for DAV and the veterans we serve.

Historically, many thoughtful donors take the time at year-end to review their stock portfolio and select those stocks that have appreciated the most and that have been held for more than a year. These donors give stock instead of cash because they have discovered the value and enjoyment of stretching their giving power by giving the appreciation. And, after all, the more they can prudently give to help the worthy efforts of DAV, the better they feel.