Youth DAV volunteer recognized for community service

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Micah Myers, 17, was recognized as the recipient of the statewide Kentucky 4-H Community Service Youth Award for his volunteer work, in which he led a collaborative effort between 4-H and the DAV Auxiliary to increase the awareness of and appreciation for our military veterans.

Myers organized, planned and executed “The Hero Mission,” a 90-minute service project focused on showing love and respect for veterans. Participants made tie fleece blankets and created thank-you cards, and each received a small gift to hand deliver to a veteran in their life.

Myers was first introduced to the DAV Auxiliary in November 2013 through his involvement with the Kindred Hearts 4-H Club. He wanted to learn more about DAV and get involved, and after a brief time volunteering for the Auxiliary he was asked about forming a junior charter. Now, Myers is in his second year as Junior Commander of the DAV Auxiliary Unit 19 junior charter in Northern Kentucky.

“Micah is reaching new milestones leading youth in our area,” said Kim Hempleman, DAV Auxiliary Unit 19 Junior Vice Commander in Northern Kentucky. “He is reaching more youth volunteers to serve more veterans than ever known previously. We are reaching a new generation, our youth are empowered to care for our veterans and they are onboard and ready.”

“What Micah has accomplished is an invaluable contribution to DAV and the Auxiliary,” said National Director of Voluntary Services, John Kleindienst. “He is out there being active and energizing youth volunteers to get involved. This is the epitome of our organization and our Local Veterans Assistance Program (LVAP) we implemented a few years ago to provide the very flexibility to our volunteers that Micah is taking full advantage of.”

Myers reached 475 veterans when he organized a similar volunteer effort in 2014—a veterans appreciation month he planned and implemented—but credits the Auxiliary for what he has been able to accomplish.

“I could never do the things I do without the support of the Auxiliary,” said Myers.

“He goes above and beyond in his community to make a difference,” said Kate Hempleman, DAV Auxiliary Unit 19 Commander in Northern Kentucky. “At such a young age he has accomplished a lot, and I see a bright future ahead of him.”

Being that Micah is under 21-years-old he is qualified to compete for one of five scholarships through DAV’s Jesse Brown Memorial Youth Scholarship Program, however, Myers is currently more focused on veterans and his community.

“What’s really special about it is that it’s about people coming together, and seeing how much the veterans appreciate it,” said Myers. “People go into volunteer work thinking they will just give to others, and they do, but you get as much in return. I am blessed to have this opportunity to give back and to see all of the youth support. It has been a team effort with other junior members.”

Despite Myers’ humble and giving nature, the Auxiliary knows they are lucky to have him.

“He is an outstanding member of the DAV Auxiliary and the community,” said Kate Hempleman. “We are so happy to have him with us and look forward to the next year of work and ideas he’ll bring to the table.”

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