Benefits Protection Team Leaders needed for grassroots initiative

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DAV’s legislative staff is re-energizing the organization’s grassroots advocacy network. During the DAV 2016 Mid-Winter Conference held in Washington, D.C., at the end of February, the legislative staff held a seminar to educate members about the transition of DAV Department and Chapter legislative chairs to Benefits Protection Team Leaders.

Through the program, DAV is urging members to help communicate their legislative priorities to Congress, the media and the general public.

“We want to do everything we can to support and recognize the special few who have the leadership capabilities and knowledge to delve deep into our legislative issues and effect change,” said National Commander Moses A. McIntosh Jr. “With so much at stake, DAV must double down on our efforts to advocate for veterans, their dependents and survivors, and Benefits Protection Team Leaders are the ones who are going to be on point in this fight.”

DAV has reached out to Departments and Chapters over the past several months to help Departments identify individuals who would be ideal candidates to step into the Benefits Protection Team Leader role.

“It’s critical for our members to realize they are DAV,” said National Legislative Director Joy Ilem. “They aren’t just representatives of their local Department or Chapter, they are part of the larger organization that can effect major legislative changes when we rally together and speak with one collective voice.”

DAV’s success in pushing for and seeing legislative changes in Washington remains dependent on the continued strength of the nationwide grassroots movement.

During Mid-Winter, DAV staff rolled out the Benefits Protection Team landing page on the website. There, members can find everything they need to become involved with the grassroots advocacy initiative. Interested members can download a toolkit that includes guidelines on how members can get started.

Find out more by checking out the DAV Benefits Protection Team website at