Statement from DAV Service and Legislative Headquarters Executive Director Garry Augustine

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“We are disappointed and dismayed by the latest information detailed in the Department of Veterans Affairs Inspector General report, regarding claims of employees misusing authority and incentives for personal gain. I have met with VA’s senior leaders today, who are taking the steps necessary to determine the full culpability of all individuals involved. Following a thorough investigation into these allegations, I have been assured all those found guilty of wrongdoing will be held accountable for their actions. We will await the findings of these investigations and any subsequent disciplinary measures taken to ensure VA employees are held to their sacred obligation of putting veterans, not themselves, first.”

  • Matt Bills

    Absolutely amazing that a couple of individuals thought that acting so blatantly in their own self-interest was acceptable. They should at a minimum have their salaries reduced to the appropriate GS pay band reflecting their reduced responsibilities as they have shown incredibly poor judgement and a lack of integrity. A failure to act decisively given the VA inspector General report and events of the past year would have the effect of giving tacit approval to future self-dealing by senior executives and their subordinates as well as further demoralize those VA staffers at lower levels that demonstrate integrity on the job.

    • Karen Harris

      Fire them.

  • Michael White

    If we just allowed Disabled vets like myself to go to private health care,the VA would save enough money to provide every veteran free dental,not just the 100% disabled as it is now. Im on disability and cant afford to have my rotting broken teeth removed for dentures. While VA employees scam the system and live high on the hog. I live in pain and fear of death from infections while they live in luxury being over paid. I know my statements a little off topic but it all comes back to Government waste at the expense of the Veterans who deserve better. I have a spinal cord injury which the doctos say I will live in pain for the rest of my life, but the VA is so afraid of being sued they wont prescribe pain meds. I have to go to a civilian doctor and pay out of pocket for pain managment. The VA doctor told me to(IMAGINE THE PAIN AWAY) Ive been waiting for 3 years to get my hearing aids. I wonder how long VA Health care workers wait to get a raise and bonuses. IM MAD AS HELL,,,AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.

    • bpmoffit

      lets not confuse management with line workers. I also am a DAV. I also work 14 hour days while getting paid for 9, I am also making about half of what I used to make in the real world. I also am pissed off that a few misguided non vet managers think that they deserve more that what the agreed to take as a base wage. it is very frustrating for me as i go out of my way to greet and direct and walk vets and family members to their appointments . My “job ” is to fix the medical equipment. but my pleasured is to assist my fellow vets.

  • Diana l hensley

    Where can Veteran Widow get help for food and rent .I am need help bad I was living with my son he was mentioned abuse me. I ran away and he won’t get me my stuff and u have nothing .u was robber and I no money to pay my rent and other things .my family not help me they disown me as family