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Disabled veteran hiring challenge issued, online career fairs to begin

In 2015, DAV hosted more than 70 veteran career fairs in 40 cities with employers considering the talents of more than 25,000 veterans, active-duty members, reservists, National Guard members and spouses.

But leaders of DAV’s newest department say they’re just getting started.

“We are not slowing down,” said National Director of Employment Jeff Hall. “In fact, we’re going to get even more active. We’re scheduled to host more than 60 DAV All Veteran Career Fairs next year plus we’re adding a new online career fair component to our program.”

Hall said Veteran Recruiting has partnered with DAV to bring the job search to veterans and their spouses via the 24/7 world of cyberspace.

“This three year partnership is part of a larger commitment,” Hall said. “When we officially launch the online career fairs in 2016, DAV will also kick off the 10K DAV Hiring Challenge.

“There will be at least ten virtual career fairs every year, with four specifically dedicated to disabled veterans with  their sole purpose being to link disabled veterans with employers who recognize the talents all veterans bring to the workplace. Our goal is to create partnerships with companies to help 10,000 disabled veterans secure meaningful employment by 2018,” said Hall.

Veteran Recruiting said they’re eager to bring this unique opportunity to the men and women DAV serves.

“We are proud and excited to partner with DAV to ensure all veterans who are seeking employment have access to a wide range of veteran friendly companies,” said Kevin O’Brien of Veteran Recruiting. “Since 2011, the virtual career fairs have helped more than 130,000 veterans find meaningful employment and, with a partnership with DAV, we know we can help thousands more veterans, particularly disabled veterans, take advantage of the virtual career fairs from the comfort of home.”

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