Free information seminars for veterans

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Veterans, families given expert benefits guidance

With millions of veterans around the nation, every community could use more access to free, expert information on the benefits they’ve earned and need.

DAV National Service Officers are increasing their outreach efforts in the New Year to provide more seminars to groups around the country.

These information seminars include a comprehensive rundown of what benefits are available through the Department of Veterans Affairs and other government agencies. They last about an hour and can be held just about anywhere.

“The work of DAV’s National Service Officers extends well beyond their offices and deep within the veterans community,” DAV National Service Director Jim Marszalek said. “Veterans Information Seminars empower veterans and their families with great information on what benefits are available, how eligibility is determined and what to do to obtain these important services.”

With new benefits offered, a restructured claims process in place and major reform occurring in veterans health care, it is now even more pressing for veterans of all ages to learn what is available and how to obtain what has been earned.

“There are many veterans just starting to learn what they have available to them because of their sacrifices, and there are those who have been veterans for decades but don’t yet know about some of the newer programs,” Marszalek said. “We’re committed to enhancing their lives, so putting in the time to go into their communities and help them find what benefits they have earned makes for a good use of their time and ours.”

Seminars are also very helpful for family members and veterans’ survivors.

“These events empower veterans and can lead to tremendous improvements in their quality of life,” said Garry Augustine, Washington Headquarters executive director. “The sooner a veteran or survivor is able to begin the process of receiving those earned benefits, the more secure their future will be.”

Seminars already scheduled are listed on DAV’s website at If you would like to request or organize a seminar in your area, contact the closest DAV National Service Office.