Veteran Names DAV in Her Will

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This is what I want my greatest legacy to be!

Orie Frazer, Guardian Society member
Orie Frazer, Guardian Society member

After 28 years of service, Orie Frazer knew to turn to DAV for assistance with her claim for disability benefits.

“I chose DAV because it’s known as the leader in veteran advocacy,” said Orie.

Orie’s commitment to DAV was spurred by her concern for injured veterans and a determination that they receive the support they have earned.

“Seeing how hard older veterans from the Vietnam War had to fight to gain benefits they deserved turned my attention to our disabled men and women,” she said. Orie knew she could immediately impact veterans by donating through the Combined Federal Campaign.

“I wanted to do something to improve the lives of seniors who had served.”

Orie cares, gives and volunteers. Her broad scope of support to DAV includes her commitment as a DAV Life Member, a generous annual donation and remembrance of DAV in her will.

She enlisted in the Air Force in 1978, then served in the Navy and the Army National Guard. She was later commissioned, retiring as a Navy lieutenant commander. Throughout her career, Orie admired how military members took care of their own. She sees this care continue with veterans helping veterans through DAV.

“The nature of entering the service is to willingly risk your life for the ideals of our country, and I believe the country in turn should properly recognize and care for the few  who bear the torch for America around the globe. The world knows America can back up what we believe, and that backup plan is our military.”

For Orie, DAV provides the means to ensure that the promises made to our military are kept. Explaining why she put DAV in her will, she said, “There’s no greater way to give long after you’re gone than by leaving a gift that will further the efforts of organizations that work for the betterment of those in need. My heart for the wounded veteran continues to grow, and this is what I want my greatest legacy to be.”
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