Using Meetings to Motivate Leadership

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Meetings often have a reputation for being a tiresome, cumbersome and time-killing, yet they are a necessary to get things done.

But things only transpire that way if you, as leaders in DAV, allow it.

Keep your members motivated and active. Don’t let them stagnate with just one person doing all the talking. This quickly turns off your active listening audience.

Recognize members for their individual accomplishments, either personal or professional, and let them know their efforts are not unnoticed. Include elements that enthuse and motivate them to accomplish even more than they had imagined.

Establish “between-meetings” goals with accompanying rewards that can add an element of fun and competition to Chapter and Department activities.

Devote part of each meeting to reviewing and applauding team accomplishments.

Invite your Department Commander or another line officer to your meeting to offer words of praise to those involved.

Offer an occasional prize for most creative idea and other key contributions.

Besides the traditional meeting, there are also forms of electronic communication that increase the speed of Chapters getting things done and may even shorten the duration or frequency of regular meetings.

E-newsletters, for example, are a great extension to your Chapter or Department communication toolkit. Sending e-newsletters to members and prospects is a common marketing strategy. But be sure not to overwhelm or bombarded your target audience with too many newsletters at one time. Studies show that 69 percent of U.S. email users unsubscribe if a business or non-profit organization sends too many emails.

Unhappy subscribers can report your activity to spam monitoring services that can block all outgoing email from your hosting provider.

In an effort to lessen the risk of DAV Chapters, Departments and even the National Organization being blocked by the spam monitors, we’re evaluating a product that would calculate when each of us should release our messages. Our evaluation is ongoing, and I plan to unveil our findings during the Membership Seminar at our upcoming National Convention.

I am excited about this future vision and hope to share it with you in Las Vegas!