Transitioning And Your Benefits

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Military service changes everyone, whether your time in uniform was four years or 24 years.

But, the important thing to remember is one may be entitled to benefits earned while in the armed forces. In fact, history shows most veterans don’t know they’ve earned these benefits. Many have the “but that doesn’t apply to me” mindset.

The transition from military life is often challenging as any veteran will most likely attest. As our armed forces continue the current massive drawdown, the days of having extra sets of hands at the workplace are gone. In fact, the men and women in uniform have been “doing more with less” for quite a long time.

So, it’s not uncommon for transitioning service members to work up to their separation date, with military duties interrupting separation briefings and planning time. The full anxiety of separation is often only realized as a veteran and his or her family are leaving the base for the last time on active duty.

This is happening every day as the men and women of America’s armed forces hang up their uniforms for the last time and many are not even remotely aware of the benefits they’ve earned. There’s no all-encompassing list provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs or a respective state where a veteran resides that spells out what benefits the veteran is eligible for or how to access them.

This is where DAV can help.

DAV offices and representatives can be found in every state. We know what federal and state benefits veterans have earned and, more importantly, we know how to access those benefits. DAV mobile service offices travel all over the country to provide benefits counseling and claims assistance to veterans who can’t come to us.

Finally, DAV has partnered with RecruitMilitary, which is an organization dedicated to matching veterans to employers who are seeking veteran talent. DAV is sponsoring 60-75 veteran career fairs per year to help veterans and their families find meaningful and fulfilling employment.

If you’re a veteran who has questions about benefits earned through service, visit to find a service office in your area. If you or someone you know is a veteran or a transitioning service member and are looking for employment outside the military gates, go to

  • George Johnson

    Are you aware that the numbers proved by the Department of Labor are false? Seems the DOL-OFCCP has been caught falsifying reports and other documents concerning Veterans hiring issues.