Statement of Garry J. Augustine

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DAV remains deeply concerned about allegations of secret waiting lists, falsification of medical appointment records and the destruction of official documents at Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care facilities in Phoenix, Arizona and Fort Collins, Colorado.

DAV is first and foremost concerned about the health and safety of the 9 million enrolled veterans who rely on the VA for some or all of their health care needs, including most of our 1.2 million members.

Veterans are a unique population with special needs; and it is vitally important that a safe, high-quality and accessible VA health care system be sustained to deliver such care.

At a time of such serious allegations it is imperative that the VA respond quickly, forcefully and publicly to these reports and answer questions about whether similar problems are threatening other VA facilities or the system as a whole.

Veterans have a right to know that they can receive quality medical care in a timely manner when they come to VA.

I am calling on VA Secretary Eric Shinseki to answer not just the public allegations but also some fundamental questions about the entire VA health care system.

The Secretary must quickly, comprehensively and publicly answer a number of questions that are necessary to give us, all veterans and the American public confidence that the VA health care system can and will provide safe, high-quality care at every facility in the nation.

VA and its leadership at all levels must be held fully accountable for any failures or wrongdoing that may have occurred or be occurring. America’s heroes deserve nothing less.


  • Philip Royall

    I agree with the DAV’s posture, however, no one in this administration holds anyone accountable for anything nor do they pursue documentable answers. When are we, the Vets, going to quit smiling and accepting defeat and instead demand what we rightfully earned? When congressmen and Senators lineup just like me at a VA Hospital, I will then begin to believe this system works. Respectfully submitted…

  • James E. Winston Sr.

    I have a taped conversation concerning a serious issue involving the prosthetic dept. at fort roots ,v.a. medical center in n.little rock, Arkansas. taken a couple of weeks ago!!!!!!!!!! is it against the law too tape a conversation secretly if it is proof showing a major problem that has effected the lives of mabe thousands of disabled veterans for more than 50 yrs!!!!!!!!!! I was told by this individual that he had nothing that he could do to help!!!!!!!!!!!! and never showed] interest in going forward with an investigstion! or making any enquiery!!! sham on the little rock Arkansas dav superviser mr. paulino Acosta. at the north little rock dav office at fort roots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah by the way my name is james e Winston and my home phone # is 870-297-2034 I have nothing to hide and can back everything up with proof!!!!!!! the investigations going on now with the va a is just stating! I have been trying to bring these other issues to light but with no luck!!!!!!!! lets just see how many people are interested in this ! I am a wisle blower and I hope to hurt some feelings to get this investigation going!!!!!!!!!!!! give me a call i’ll tell you all about it! thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!

    • James E. Winston Sr.

      well its been 16 hrs since I posted my comments on this discussion and I have yet to receive 1 comment or telephone call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! makes you really wonder about the DAV don’t it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I smell cover-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Joe

        Hello, Mr. Winston. I work for DAV in our Washington HQ. Please email me at so we can directly discuss this. We appreciate your efforts to protect veterans.

    • Kimberly Stowe Green

      you are soooo correct james winston sr!!!! acosta……provided me with incorrect information..”the veterans claim dies when he does” that is bullshit!!!

  • red_niner_zulu

    This issue is bigger than just scheduling, and delays. Where are the real doctors? ethical doctors? The VAMC is good at threatening veterans for questioning quality of care, or asking for treatment. They are also very good at deleting Veterans secure messaging, using their local liaison for myhealthevet to cover up their illegal activities. If vets question quality of care they will receive threats behind closed doors, and sent to mental health clinic to be prescribed SSRI’s to shut them up.
    The VAMC is good at prescribing SSRI’s, and covering up their illegal actions.

  • red_niner_zulu

    It is bad, These so called self proclaimed doctors that the Veterans
    Hospitals hire, are not required to have any type of
    Certification/license in the state they practice in. Try to look up some
    of these Doctors, most have no history. You cannot be respectful, it
    does not matter to them. This is because most no nothing about western
    medicine, and actually have an attitude of hatred towards American
    Personally, I will be checking to see if it is legal to
    take pictures, and record their illegal actions in a legal manner. I
    have been documenting everything I can, and putting it all together, and
    written congress, just weeks before this story hit the media.
    It is
    serious when these doctors start threatening Veterans for no reason, and
    get the Head people in the release of Information Office to delete
    secure Messaging, that is between the patient, and Doctor (MyHealthevet
    Liaison) to delete the patients emails to cover up their illegal
    actions. This violates Constitutional rights, patient privilge rights,
    and VAMC Patient bill of Rights. This is only the tip of the iceberg,
    because myhealthevet website is deeply involved in illegal activity
    deleting emails to cover up illegal activity, patient abuse.

  • red_niner_zulu

    During my visit with my primary Care Doctor at the VA, she stated ” I am going to school you!!!, if you complain about, anthing in my clinic I will send you to the Mental health Clinic”, she did, and she had apparently spoke to her girlfriend Doctor in mental health ahead of time, and between the two they made my life a living hell. Yes, these doctors are good tacticians.
    These VA doctors spend more time harassing, and torturing patients, and covering it up.
    I had gone through 6 months of invasive testing, and was in need of surgery, the primary care doctor buried it in my records. Each time I asked about my test results she would send me for drug test, each and every time, and also have the mental health clinic drug test me. I do not have any flags, and they had no reason to be harassing me like this.
    I had to seek a private physician, and go through all the evasive testing again, and was rushed in to have surgery at a private hospital.
    They put a lot of Veterans on the lock up ward, and pump them full of shut up pills, and will let them die, when a surgery would have saved their lives.
    These VA doctors are sick, and need to be put on the lock up ward, and given a taste of their own Medicine. This is the thanks we get, and living out our lives in pain, and put up with torture from the VAMC.

  • Willowick Guy

    Let’s go to Straube’s and discuss it over a beer.