Scores of Veterans Facing Electronic Claims Expiration

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Hundreds of thousands of disability and compensation claims filed with the Department of Veterans Affairs’ eBenefits portal are incomplete and are beginning to expire. DAV wants to avoid a costly reset in their date of claim submission and help veterans and families obtain the benefits they’ve earned.

Veterans have been starting claims online through eBenefits since early 2013, but those claims expire if they are not completed and submitted within 365 days.

“It is critical that anyone who has started a claim electronically, with or without DAV’s assistance, be sure his or her claim is being processed correctly and in time,” said National Service Director Jim Marszalek. “Nearly 280 National Service Officers nationwide are ready to provide free assistance to veterans who need our help.”

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ electronic claim submission process gives veterans the ability to start a claim online with limited information to hold a date of claim, while providing 365 days to collect data, treatment records and other related information.

During that one-year period, a veteran may add additional data or upload documents pertinent to the specific claim. At any point during that year, a veteran may click “submit” and a claim will be automatically established within the Veterans Benefits Management System.

After 365 days, according to the VA, any data in an incomplete claim becomes inaccessible and the initiated claim date is removed from the system.

There are many reasons to have DAV assist in the claims process. DAV’s services are always 100 percent free to veterans, their families and survivors. Veterans do not have to be members to utilize this free assistance. DAV has the most highly trained and experienced representatives. Every DAV NSO is a service-connected disabled veteran. Many times claims require hundreds of documents, such as medical records. DAV has the expertise to ensure that the right information is gathered and properly submitted.

“We need veterans to let us know if they have initiated claims on their own or if they have problems obtaining the information necessary to complete a claim,” Marszalek said. “We want to help but we need to be in communication with the claimant. We are here, eager to serve our fellow veterans.”