Passion Fuels DAV Volunteers

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The volunteers who make up the DAV Voluntary Services Program are a testament to true passion and patriotism.

It’s passion that compels a neighbor to give back to the veterans who served their nation and community by being a volunteer driver in our Transportation Network.

It’s passion that evokes the desire to be a part of DAV’s Local Veterans Assistance Program which finds communities banding together to help injured or ill veterans with every day but challenging tasks such as mowing the lawn or getting to the grocery store.

It’s passion for caring for our nation’s veterans, which drives volunteers like Mr. Lawrence Erickson to donate nearly 40 hours a week to helping veterans at his local VA hospital.

A person’s most valuable asset is time. Volunteering one’s time to give back to those who served makes a noble use of their time. To do this requires, energy, zeal, a huge space in one’s heart for veterans and, of course, passion.

I encourage everyone involved in our many volunteer programs to search within themselves, find and ignite the passion for serving those who served us. Get your neighbors, family, friends and community stakeholders involved. Passion for serving others can be a contagious thing, and it can only strengthen our bond with those who’ve sacrificed so much for our freedoms and way of life.

  • John GArza

    Hello I am one of those VA volunteers here in south Texas, I for one love to go in 2 days out of my week to dedicate my time to help at least with information the veterans want!! Of course there are some that have short waiting moments at times!! Veterans should also take time to at least acknowledge other veterans that volunteer of their own time for each other!! Let us all be grateful to each other at all times and say thanks like I get from some of my fellow vets!!!