Operation: Keep the Promise

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In keeping with DAV’s top legislative priority, thousands of our members and friends in the veterans’ community will draw their focus on the nation’s capital at this year’s Mid-Winter Conference to urge Congress to put veterans first.

We have called on veterans and supporters to lend their voices to promote the Putting Veterans Funding First Act, both in person and through a virtual effort, on February 25.

Now is the time to take action and to tell Congress to pass advance appropriations to protect VA’s programs, benefits and services.

For those who are able, we encourage you to take part in our gathering at the House Triangle, where a show of support will let our lawmakers see the many faces affected when political budget battles interfere with veterans’ earned benefits. Operation: Keep the Promise also calls on those unable to attend in person to reach out virtually and by phone and social media, to reach out to their Congressional representatives and let them know that veterans deserve better.

Tools are available at Operation: Keep the Promise, where you can make a pledge to call your Congressional representatives and help spread the word through social media.

Please join us by taking part in this momentous event and encourage others to do the same, as we work to keep Congress accountable to injured and ill veterans and their families.