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Construction Progress Update on the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial

AVDLMImageContinued progress at the site of the future American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial has been solid, setting the stage for a magnificent dedication on Oct. 5.

“A dream is soon to be realized, presenting a place of honor to those sacrificing long after hanging up their uniforms,” said National Adjutant Marc Burgess. “This memorial  will be a neverending reminder to all of the cost of human conflict.”

During the past few months, much of the work on site has been on the infrastructure. The glass walls, the ceremonial flame, the bronze sculptures and the granite  benches have been completed and will be installed in August. Fabrication of the elements of the memorial’s design began more than a year ago to maximize the efficiency of on-site construction.

The dedication is scheduled to take place Oct. 5 at 11 a.m. at the memorial site, 150 Washington Ave. S.W., Washington, D.C.

Senior dignitaries have been invited to join the memorial’s national spokesman, Gary Sinise, on stage.

A block of rooms is available at a special rate of $99 per night (single/double) at the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel at 999 Ninth St. N.W., Washington,  D.C. Complimentary shuttle bus transportation will be available to and from the hotel to the dedication ceremony. Hotel reservations and dedication tickets are available at


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More information about the Memorial, including a time-lapse video of the construction progress, is available at

  • Doc

    I have to say this is really nice ,but feel we could build another hospital or clinic that would have had far more reaching affect and act as a memorial as well.
    Veterans are still made to wait hours for care and are crowded in like cattle

  • Karoline

    I hope an invitation has been issued to the Gold Star Wives with a place of honor for them They also bear the pain and loss for a lifetime.

    • CELT1

      Excellent point!!!!

  • John

    That too would be nice Doc, but also would subtract attention from the very people that the memorial is for. And the memorial would always be there for those permanently disabled and not lost in the shuffle.

  • Knighthawk

    As one of those who has been permantly disabled during my military service, I’m honored to see this Memorial finally come to completion. And one thing I like about it is, it’s not dedicated to any specific war, battle, or even branch of service, but to ALL of our men and women who have suffered life long disabilities due to their service out our nation. It’s something that should have been done long ago. And I’m glad I’m able to see this happen during my lifetime. And I sincerely hope that I’m able to attend the dedication.

  • Paul Mullis

    Are they listing the names of all the vets disabled for life , just curious

    • dinkiedow

      Not a one!

  • brogie25

    I am a widow of a 100% disabled Veteran. He was permantly disabled in combat. I just wish my husband was alive to see this Honor for the 56 yrs of his life that he spent confined to a wheel chair. I am so happy to see that the soliders coming home now are getting the respect they deserve. They have given so much for our freedom. As the saying goes, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

  • KS Deputy

    I am retired and on a fixed income. DAV is the only organization we give to. We cannot give a lot, but we give what we can. My Dad was a major in the U.S. Army medical corps during WWII. He was a psychiatrist and helped a lot of injured soldiers. The recent VA scandal infuriates me. I hope those responsible go to jail where they belong. Some of our veterans died waiting for the care they were promised and deserve. These people were injured, many severely, buying our freedom. Many died for us. As a retired peace officer, I know about giving your life and being injured for our citizens. More veterans are killed and injured than peace officers, however. There is no group of people I respect more than our warriors. God bless you all and God bless America !!

  • MSG Michael

    I have been under the VA Health Care System for 29 years and never had a problem either at theTomah, WI hospital or the Madison Wi hospitals. I did however had problems with the out patient clinic in Lake Havasu City in Arizona. One year I called them three times a day for 5 days and got recordings every time and no return calls.

  • dinkiedow

    Funny that I am one of 100% Combat SC Yet there has been No officially invite.
    it’s not about’s others patting themselves on their back.nothing new Pathetic!!!

  • dinkiedow

    A Monument with no names.No invite to those being Honored is just another spat in the face of Vietnam Vets that have given almost all.William Ayers is laughing!

  • ”Doc Spate”

    For all disabled vets war or peace time finally

  • meanoldcrab

    they have not issued any invitation to anyone except the big wigs in high places so far as I have seen, whats new same thing when they did The Vietnam Wall, just big wigs getting there names out front in papers and Tv.

  • meanoldcrab

    oh and one other thing about VA Appointments, nothing new and VA will keep doing and covering up there wrongs been dealing with VA since 1972 and its still same just made another appointment at local VA hosipital and guess what Appointment is for DEC. 29,2014 if something comes open as it never does they will send me a letter letting me know f change which I never get and they always say they mail letter out that’s just one way VA covers its self.

  • R.J.

    I am a disabled vet who would like to do a march of significant distance to coincide with this ceremony. Anyone interested in participating or other involvement please contact me.