Membership Year Closeout Coming Soon

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DAV’s membership year closes out June 30th and the organization is on track for all Departments to reach goal for the second consecutive year.

Last year’s membership year closed with all Departments reaching goal for the first time in anyone’s memory.

“DAV’s lifeblood is its members, said National Adjutant Marc Burgess. “It’s very much much akin to how most officers would say their NCOs or Petty Officers are the backbone of their respective service branch.”

Membership is what makes DAV a living, breathing and evolving entity that stays abreast of current veteran issues and continues our rich 93 year tradition of service and advocacy to veterans and their families.

The nation’s armed forces are expected to scale back their numbers dramatically in the coming years. Veterans leaving the military will need organizations like DAV.

“We’re going to see the largest drawdown our country has experienced in a long time,” said DAV National Headquarters Executive Director Barry Jesinoski. “With the high number of veterans transitioning out of uniform as we wind down from thirteen years of war, America’s veterans and their families need our services more than ever.”

The help veterans receive from DAV when they left the armed forces is what first exposed them to the organization. These are the people current members should be telling about the fulfilling role DAV can have in their lives.

Military service is, by its very nature, a team-based organization tied to a purpose greater than oneself.

Everyone who dons a military uniform is changed by their experience and many may think they’re not eligible to be included in DAV. It’s important to make contact with these veterans and explain how DAV is a great fit for them.

“While the current situation at the VA is very serious, and has many of our fellow veterans justifiably frustrated, you can look a fellow veteran in the eye and tell them DAV has been telling the Administration and Congress about these issues for well over a decade,” said National Commander Joe Johnston. “But, we’re also working with decision and policymakers to actively fix those problems so new veterans do not have to deal with a flawed system.”

These potential members can lend their voice to the 1.2 million member roll and using the Commander’s Action Network can put them back in the fight for their earned benefits.

“DAV will continue to its mission of service and advocacy,” National Adjutant Burgess said. “But the heart of our organization … our members…gives DAV its fuel to wage those battles for the men and women who served.”