I just felt so grateful – I knew the first thing I had to do was thank DAV

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Frank Sostarich found a meaningful way to thank the organization that supported him when his military service ended and health problems began.

Sostarich left high school to serve his country. He enlisted in the Navy, where he sailed the inland waterways of Vietnam. Years later, the VA determined that veterans on vessels like his had been exposed to the dangerous herbicide Agent Orange.

As was the case with many of his fellow Vietnam veterans, Sostarich began suffering from illnesses directly attributed to Agent Orange. After reading an informative magazine article on the subject, he was prompted to visit his DAV National Service Officer to determine whether or not his claim could be re-evaluated and his rating possibly increased.

“I served my country but never thought there would be such consequences. I found myself struggling in many areas of my life. I didn’t even realize I was eligible for assistance from the VA for something like diabetes years after my service,” said Sostarich.

To show his gratitude for DAV’s expert assistance, the first thing Sostarich did when he received a retroactive payment from his claim was to send a $50,000 contribution to DAV.

“Just before that, I had 45 cents in my bank account. I just felt so grateful—I knew the first thing I had to do was thank DAV,” he said.

The Ohio resident understands that DAV’s service doesn’t end with a successful claim, so he continues to look for ways to help fellow veterans, including volunteering and getting involved with his local Chapter.

“DAV stood up for me. It’s now my turn to do the same.”


We invite you to create your own legacy of compassion for your fellow veterans by making a special gift to DAV during your lifetime, or in the future through your estate plans. To learn more, please call us at 1-800-216-9802, ext. 1 or e-mail giftplanning@dav.org.

And watch for news in an upcoming magazine about Frank, and others like him, being inducted into one of our new giving societies that will honor our most outstanding supporters.


  • LeoPFlood

    Thank you for your generous support for an organization that provide support for our comrades.


    I just got out on Jul 29, when I saw Va in Sa they’d Said I was TBI, and I had already 100, from ww11 through ideas, but why doesn’t my DD 214 want to put my IA I volunteer, schools, and Eventhoigh it say s PDTL, sj2, re2. since I have been having issues with this injury since, 2011, causing me more serious illness, I voluntered in 2006, no preference, but I did, I have great evils until I was injured in NECC units I spent 1 year and 8you months, appts after appt, pain, sorry, I didn’t get injured in overdress, but my orders are in contingency with Enduring Freedom, Joint Task Force Detainees in DC and GITMO. Also I was in Boot camp when Sept 11, Hit, just mentally doing that job would get me so nervous, It reminded me of all the red crosses that let coming in to more junior recruits than me. I serve honerably, how can my Dd214 say subject to recall and it doesn’t say retired, on remarks. I’m scares to sign this official one. Please advice.