Help Combat Veteran Unemployment with Survey Participation

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DAV knows that the transition from service member to civilian is not an easy one. There are more than half a million unemployed veterans in the United States today and DAV is committed to combating that number by ensuring the men and women who served lead high-quality and fulfilled lives.

Each year Monster and compile a report on the factors impacting veteran employment. The results are used by employers to better understand veterans, and by the government to help shape policy.

If you have recently left the military or plan to transition in the next year, please consider sharing your transition and job search experience.  Survey results will be widely shared with veterans, employers and the media, and will facilitate a better understanding of the veteran employment landscape.

The survey will be accessible until 12:00 a.m. ET Sunday, March 10, 2014. 

For information on career assistance, please visit DAV’s Veterans Job Search page here.

  • Syd

    I tried to do the survey, but I am military family member and have never served so I can’t.. However, I do believe that our vets are forgotten once they get out. Not just with work but health care, housing, etc.. and the VA is almost laughable with the “help” they provide. My dad and one of my in-laws insisted on using the VA, and the VA used them right back..Disgraceful, imho