Going Digital: Requests for Labels, Discs, Reports No Longer Honored

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U.S. author and humorist E.B. White once stated, “The only sense that is common in the long run, is the sense of change – and we all instinctively avoid it.”

For well over a decade DAV has invested substantially by building and maintaining a membership system that allows you to be self-reliant when it comes to reports, lists and labels for newsletters and other membership projects. Unfortunately we found many Departments and Chapters were not taking advantage of this technology.

As someone who has moved extensively during my career – with a wife and child in tow – I know all too well that change can be uncomfortable, inconvenient and often overwhelming. As human beings we are wired to avoid change because any type of change, even change for the better, involves a certain level of discomfort and adaptation.

In July of 2009, we began charging all Chapters, Departments, Auxiliaries and their subordinate units (including the National Order of trench Rats and National Blind and Amputation chapter), for requests received at national headquarters for the printing and shipping of lists, labels and discs. We even continued mailing, free of cost to Departments and Chapters, the monthly activities report; a report leaders can run any time.

The objective is to allow chapters to slowly transition, purchase needed computer equipment and materials that would allow them to become self-reliant.

But that was five years ago, and remember DAV began investing many years prior to that.

I’m sure we all can agree it’s time to move forward. DAV is once again building improvements to its cadre of computer systems to meet your needs.

Therefore effective September 1, 2014, the National Membership Department will no longer accept requests for lists, labels and discs, nor will it mail monthly activity reports as all of these items are available to you in the Membership system. The department will continue to furnish Net Prospect, Deceased and Chapter Status files upon request.

It is once again our sincere hope that this new direction will definitively encourage everyone to take full advantage of the free services we offer on-line by logging on to www.davmembers.org. If you encounter any problem while navigating the system please email membershippublic@dav.org or give us a call at 1-888-236-8313.


  • Deb

    This leaves the little remote D.A.V chapters at a disadvantage. Small D.A.V. chapters do not have money to buy computers, etc. They do good to pay the electric and water bill. If your chapter is located in a very low income area, that chapter struggles financially. In Tennessee, this is the common. Also, majority of the members of the small, rural area chapters are much older Veterans and know nothing about computers. Very few young people attend.

    • DAV

      Deb – Thank you for your reply and we understand your concern. As you know and realize being a non-profit, whether at the national or local level requires resources where there is no availability of funding for sustainability. Doing more with less. This is where we recommend getting creative. Whether that is using the local library or implementing a fundraising drive for the specific purpose of technology upgrades to existing assets of the local chapter. If we do not change and adapt to the changing times of how our stakeholders disseminate information we will be behind the eight ball when providing timely services and awareness. We would see this as an opportunity to engage the young people who do attend a little more.