DAV Statement on Call for VA Accountability

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DAV is encouraged by President Obama’s strong call today for accountability and transparency concerning allegations of secret waiting lists, falsification of medical appointment records and the destruction of official documents at Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care facilities.

“We are particularly pleased to hear the president say that if these allegations prove to be true, he pledges to hold whoever is responsible fully accountable,” said DAV Washington Headquarters Executive Director Garry J. Augustine.

DAV continues pressing for a full, transparent investigation into these extremely troubling allegations.

“Resources is an issue that needs to be taken into account,” Mr. Augustine said. “Congress has some blame to share in this fiasco. Over the past 10 years, the VA has received $7.8 billion in appropriations less than we have called for in the Independent Budget.”

  • Roland Paquette

    It is about time someone has made that step. The DAV has been calling for accountability for years. Now hope there is action and not just talk

    • Donald Price

      I don’t see the DAV helping anyone, they don’t have a good reputation here. The DAV in Houston, TX was great but everything about Colorado has been disappointing to me.

  • Donald Price

    I am a 100% service connected veteran and have been treated like garbage at the Colorado Springs VA Outpatient Clinic. I’ve been trying to be seen for a pinched nerve in my back for almost 2 years and still have no appointment. I’m losing the feeling in my leg because of it. Donald Price, Florence, Colorado. I’m also a lifetime member of the DAV, can someone help me?

    • thedav

      Donald – We will see if we can help. Send us an email about your current situation to social@dav.org and we will route it to the right people to see if there is anything in our power to affect change so you get your appointment.

      • Donald Price

        I have hep C, and haven’t seen hepatolgy after 2 years, am losing use of my right leg due to L-1 vertebrae, and in severe pain all the time and they are taking me off pain meds against my will, would love to sue them all, or worse……

    • rickschramm .

      I am in the same boat… There is no one or no place to go. I thought being a member of the DAV would be a good idea but so far they are content to stand by and just talk; business as usual. Did you complain to anyone at the VA?

      • Donald Price

        Yes, and to Doug Lamborn (my congressman R-Co) and no one has helped. Wish I knew a lawyer that would sue the doctors/nurses/clinic manager et. al. as they are content to sit by and watch me suffer……

      • Donald Price

        That’s all they are doing in my case, haven’t even been contacted. Will never send another $ to DAV.

  • Leana

    I am an RN at the Minneapolis VA Healthcare center and feel a knot in my gut when I hear these stories about the VA system. I know that my colleagues and I feel very passionate about giving the best care to the veterans. A large percentage of our employees are veterans themselves. I hear many stories of gratitude from the patients that I encounter every day, however, I understand not all VAs operate with the standards that Minneapolis has established. As employees, we certainly feel the push of budget cuts, being asked to do more with less. The country needs to fund the VA appropriately, to be able to staff doctors and nurses accurately for the patient load, and also to compete for quality employees with the surrounding hospitals and clinics. My wage has been frozen for 5years and I could make $10,000 more a year if I went to a different hospital in the area, but I don’t and won’t because I love taking care of America’s heroes. My co-workers yearly raise money for local and private veteran services that try to fill in the holes the VA has for our vets. We are good, dedicated, loving people, and I feel have been burned by the media for those few who h have done wrong. I hope and pray that through the inspector generals investigation, improvement will come. In the mean time, please contact your senators and congressmen if you cannot find the care you deserve at the VA. In the meantime, thank u to the DAV for their wonderful work, and I will continue to support your effort through donations.

    Thank you to our Vets this memorial day, I enjoy my freedom everyday because of you.

    • thedav

      Thank you for the kind words, Leana.

  • cjboutt

    All Veterans if need of care should go to the nearest emergency room and the hospital should send the bill to VA. This problem could be fixed today.