DAV Responds to Release of Final IG Report on Phoenix VA Hospital

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oig-sealWASHINGTON — The VA Inspector General’s office announced today the final report addressing allegations of wrongful patient deaths, resource mismanagement and criminal misconduct at the Phoenix VA Health Care System.

Among its findings, the IG reported finding no conclusive evidence that delays in access to care caused the death of 40 veterans, as was alleged by a whistleblower in February. The report also includes 24 recommendations for immediate corrective action, which VA Secretary Robert McDonald has backed.

“We’re pleased Secretary McDonald will institute immediate and substantive changes,” said DAV Washington Headquarters Executive Director Garry J. Augustine. “We applaud the Secretary’s swift decisiveness and willingness to take corrective actions, and to maintain accountability going forward.”

The OIG did conclude veterans “frequently encountered obstacles when patients or their providers attempted to establish care, when they needed outpatient appointments after hospitalizations or emergency department visits, and when seeking care while traveling or temporarily living in Phoenix.” This includes 1,400 veterans waiting to receive primary care appointments who were logged on the Phoenix VA Health Care System Electronic Wait List as well as an additional 3,500 veterans who were included on unofficial wait lists. The IG reports these veterans were “at risk of never obtaining their requested or necessary appointments.”

“With the final results of the investigation in hand, VA leaders must now remain true to their pledge for action in holding those responsible fully accountable,” said Augustine. “Veterans were failed, without question, but it is time to move forward and begin strengthening the VA health care system and restoring the trust of its patients.”

Following the allegations at the Phoenix facility, the VA OIG opened investigations at 93 other sites in response to concerns of wait time manipulations. The IG is currently in coordination with the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate these additional claims.


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  • Melanie

    So not one vet died because he could not get an appointment he needed? Color me skeptical.

    • William Snapp

      The Dept of Vet Affairs is using the same tactics they have always used. Drag everything out as long as they can and eventually chronic veteran abuse cover up by anti veteran VA employees [who need to go to jail because they are cashing taxpayer checks under false pretense when they deviate from their job description (unless lying to,stealing from and cheating veterans by Dir Szabo’s administration VA west pal beach fl is in their job description-all UPS doc. delivered) documented by the Dept Vet Affairs] will just fade into the sunset. We veterans were expendable on the battlefield and we are expendable in VA hospitals until anti veteran VA employees start going to JAIL. Veteran abuse cover up started when a corrupt VA employee abused a veteran and another VA employee saw it and covered it up dacades and decades ago.

  • Nita Moser

    This is just more political correctness done in the fear of loosing funding. It is just pitiful to say they are sure it didn’t contribute to their deaths when they didn’t bother to see them in the first place. As a service connected vet, I’m really disappointed in the new Secretary’s report, but I’m even more disappointed in your response.

    • Joe

      This report was released by the VA’s Inspector General’s Office, which is independent of the VA Secretary. What part of DAV’s response are you disappointed in? Are you displeased with DAV’s support of the VA”s new promises to make immediate and substantive changes? Or is DAV’s call for the VA to hold accountable those responsible for this debacle?

      • Nita Moser

        “Veterans were failed, without question, but it is time to move forward
        and begin strengthening the VA health care system and restoring the
        trust of its patients.” This response shows a complete lack of advocacy on behalf of veterans. Perhaps none of those who died were members of the DAV and they don’t feel they have any responsibility toward these families. However, in order to restore trust all the way around these institutions need to show a little more patient centered care to the people they serve. Promises are just that.

        • thedav

          To say that there is a complete lack of advocacy on behalf of veterans is misguided. Here are some recent campaigns that DAV has worked on and will continue to work on behalf of veterans: https://www.dav.org/keepthepromise/ or http://standup4vets.org/ or https://www.dav.org/learn-more/legislation/join-action-network-take-action/ or https://www.dav.org/can/?vvsrc=%2fcampaigns.

          DAV has to work within the rules, guidelines, policies and procedures set by members of Congress. We have been warning of the VA crisis for years through our own independent reports and advocacy. Unfortunately, it has fallen on deaf ears and only brought up for use as a political football. Of course we are upset about the situation, but it is the American people who vote that makes changes for proper funding and oversight. We advocate outside of Capitol Hill and across the United States and make recommendations inside of Capitol Hill in front of the Veterans Affairs committee.

          • William Snapp

            Hey Nita I would like to add the DAV I know has advocated for decades for well deserving veterans. Nita you are not only misguided your attempt to shift anti veteran corruption by VA employees inside VA hospitals is a slap in the face of all veterans,

        • William Snapp

          NO NO NO NO Since you are a combat veteran Nita Moser I am sure you will agree with me and a lot of veterans that there are VA employees who need to go to JAIL for a long long time. If you are not a combat veteran and have not suffered from anti veteran VA employee abuse then you are on the outside looking in, us vets are on the inside looking out. We veterans fought America’s enemies in far off countries returning home twisted mentally and physically just so you, Nita, can live the American way of life when buying your next big screen TV. And yet the modern day enemies of todays veterans are not in some far off country but are VA employees who abuse veterans and cover it up because VA employees protect VA employees who abuse and commit crime against veterans sacrificing the veteran in the process. Veterans need to put names of anti veteran VA employees who actively work against veterans on the internet (because the internet is the only level playing field we have) for ever also the names of VA employees who go the extra mile for us vets. I have been black mailed by Dir Szabo’s administration, I have been the target of West Palm Beach Police who Dir Szabo uses as her city paid mercenaries to shut me up from exposing her own corruption, and I have been threatened by VA employee in VA hospital west palm beach VA on the internet. That threating email and 1800 page document in Dir Szabo’s office(titled Dir. Szabo corruption report 1) documenting chronc veteran abuse cover up (she is suppressing 6000 pages total) is going on the internet through “vamcwpbszabocorruption.com” once Szabo’s corruption is downloadable I am going to conduct a Youtube lecture series on each of the 17 anti veteran VA employees who are suppressing 25,000 pages (all UPS documented delivery) (less 6000 pages that Szabo has in her office) of chronc veteran abuse documentation. VA employees protecting VA employees who ( don’t give a damn about veterans) abuse veterans sacrificing the veteran in the process. Nita you sound like a politician when you talk about lack of advocacy. Anti veteran VA employees need to go to JAIL PERIOD. We veterans were expendable on the battle field and we veterans are expendable in VA hospitals. 58,000 men and women did not die in Vietnam just so a bunch of ungratefull (in the minority) VA employee ingrates can protect each other when they abuse America’s Warriors.

      • William Snapp

        I am disappointed in VAOIG telling me to send 1700 page document ( on chronic veteran abuse cover up in VA west palm beach fl) to intergrated services Bay Pines Fl and they refusing a written or verbal confermation so I sent a second copy and it disappeared also. OIG Bay Pnes is suppressing 3400 pages of chronic veteran abuse cover up n VA hospital west palm each fl. Director Szabo VA west palm beach fl is suppressing 25,000 pages of chronc veteran abuse documentation because VA employees protect VA employees who abuse and commit crimes against veterans sacrificing the veteran in the process. When VA employees protect veteran abusing VA employees they not only sh*t on America’s warriors they SH*T on America. I did not go to VIETNAM and 58,000 men and women did not die in Vietnam so a bunch of ungrateful VA employee ingrates can protect VA employee who abuse us being paid to help Veteran health needs and instead cover up veteran abusing VA employee. VA employees have a job because of us veterans and DON’T FORGET IT. VA employees are temporary and they are just passing through. VA employees are going to die off, retire, and move away while us vets are here until our last breath. So it is imperative that us vets make sure VA employees do the least amount of damage to us before they move on. If a VA employee gives any LIP or ATTITUDE to any VETERAN reading this JUST SAY BACK TO THE UNGRATEFULL VA EMPLOYEE “YOUR WECOME” when you see confusion on the VA employee face the veteran then says outloud OH EXCUSE ME I THOUGHT I HEARD YOU SAY “THANK YOU FOR PROVIDING US VA EMPLOYEES WITH A JOB”. I have puchesed 3 domain names (THROUGH GODDDY.COM) in the name of the three most corrupt VA employees at VA hospital west palm beach fl and going on line with vamcwpbszabocorruption.com, vamcwpbbraxtoncorruption.com and vamcwpbhdakcorruption. The internet is the only level playing field we vets have and the names of VA employees who really help us vets and name of anti veteran VA employees should go on the net for ever. 17 anti veteran VA employee in VA hospital west palm beach fl are suppressing 25,000 pags of chronic veteran abuse documentation (Dir Szabo suppressing 6000 pages in her office. VA employees protecting VA employees who abuse veterans sacrificing the veteran in the process.

      • William Snapp

        Just how serious is the DAV? When there was a secret waiting list and VA employees knew it and veterans died because of it in any other world these VA employees would be charged with murder in the second degree. Somebody in the VA system needs to go to JAIL.

    • William Snapp

      I just ran into a female veteran that the DAV worked for 18 years before she got her benefits.

  • Leonard C. Smith

    President Obama called me cynical, no, I am disbelieving.

    • William Snapp

      I contacted the White House about Apr or May2012 about antiveteran abuse cover up in VA hospital west palm beach fl and received a real nice thank you note and Dir Szabo (VA hospital west palm beach fl) administration knew it and her administration still suppressed thousands of pages of chronic veteran abuse documents. I have identified 17 anti veteran VA employees in VA west palm beach fl hospital who (documented UPS delivery) are suppressing about 19,000 pages of chronic veteran abuse because they think that by just letting my veteran abuse documentation pile up in their offices that Dr. Mary Stone and Dr. Carracher are going to be protected and no one will learn bout their veteran abuse. All my documentation is UPS documented delivery and if anyone has a problem with this article or any of my enclosed articles and decide to move against me (administratively speaking) YOU HAD BETTER HAVE PERFECT FRIGING PAPPER WORK WHEN YOU DO.

  • PJ Stevens

    Mr. Snapp, Is the Dr. Mary Stone that you reference actually Mary Stone, ARNP, in the PTSD/Mental Health area? I’m curiious, since I will be submitting a complaint about her.

    • William Snapp

      Mr. Stevens, Yes the Mary Stone I reference is the same Mary Stone in PTSD/Mental health VAMCWPB. Stone denied me medicine and medical treatment when I was in an acute anxiety crisis (when begging her for help on Mar. 8 2012) turning me away from the PTSD clinic for the third time (when also in an acute anxiety crisis). A week later Mar 15 2012 in Dr. Carracher’s combat group I go off into another acute anxiety crisis (in PTSD clinic) and Carracher escorts me out of group and assaults me because I exposed the fact that Dr. Bosarge was filling vet appointment for vets in crisis with normal vet appointments. I call the Dept of Vet Affairs they say stay in house and go up chain of command in VA system with my veteran abuse documentation. Starting May 8 2012 to Nov. 2014 I have 99% UPS delivered 38,800 to 54,000 pages of chronic veteran abuse documentation to Dept of Vet ffairs all suppressed. Of the 38,800 pages Dir. Szabo admin is suppressing 25,000 to 31,000 pages and Dir. Szabo is suppressing 4200 to 6000 pages of veteran abuse cover up in her office as you read this. Everybody has my chronic veteran abuse cover up documentation: Rep. Lois Frankel-3000 pages, Sen. Marco Rubio-1700 pages, Palm Beach Post-1100 pages,(larua green), Channel 12-1100 pages, Channel 5 channel25, Rep. Jeff Miller-the chairman of the house committee on veteran affairs that is on TV grilling the VA has 1800 pages in Pensacola fl offce.. I was on internet radio Sep 13 2014 naming names of who worked against veterans in VAMCWPB. Contact me niki669butch@yahoo.com because what ever I can do to help you just ask.