DAV Reaches Membership Goal in Record Time

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DAV’s National Membership’s goal for 2013-2014 has been reached at the fastest rate in our organization’s history.

National Membership Director Tony Baskerville credits the hard work of DAV’s National Service Officers as well as active Department and Chapter recruiters.

“We can’t reach our goals without the steadfast dedication of the lifeblood of DAV – our members,” said Baskerville. “This demonstrates the value of our services and camaraderie we provide as we, thankfully, begin to bring more service members home after more than a decade of war.”

Baskerville says while he’s very pleased that DAV has reached its goal so quickly, there is more work to be done.

“I’m very proud of this accomplishment our members have made possible,” he said. “But now’s not the time to sit on our laurels. There are many veterans out there who aren’t aware of the level of assistance we can provide them and their families.

“More than half of our 53 Departments and about a quarter of our more than 1,300 Chapters have met their respective goals, so there’s still much to do. I am extremely confident we can do it with the sustained efforts of our NSOs and dedicated recruiters.”

Baskerville recommends members of our organization seek out those who may have returned home years ago, as well as the current generation of veterans and tell them about DAV.

“We serve veterans and their families of all generations,” Baskerville said. “Our members out there on the front lines are the best people to contact veterans of all eras about what we do.”

Baskerville said “the promise” in DAV’s tagline resonates with him as he hopes it does with all DAV members.

“Our NSOs and recruiters on the front lines of their communities have so much to offer their fellow veterans,” said Baskerville. “Many veterans and their families have benefits they’ve absolutely earned through sacrifice and they may be unaware of them.

“No veteran should have to go it alone, and DAV’s members ensure they don’t have to.”

DAV’s senior leadership said numbers like this reflect the need for DAV’s free services.

“When our servicemen and women come home, the transition is often a challenging one,” said National Adjutant Marc Burgess. “DAV will continue to serve veterans of all eras regardless of individual circumstances to receive the benefits they have earned through service.

“Our NSOs and TSOs are highly trained and I invite every veteran and family member to contact DAV to take advantage of the many programs we have to offer,” he said.

Baskerville said the tip of the spear of all Departments and Chapters reaching membership goals starts with members who have boots on the ground.

“Achieving all of our goals before June 30 starts with our members, and I hope they seek out fellow patriots who need our help, comradeship and who would be interested in joining our 1.2 million member family,” Baskerville said.