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It cannot be overstated just how vital our Chapter and Department service programs are to the fulfillment of DAV’s overall mission of service to veterans. So many veterans, family members and survivors rely on our Chapter and Department Service Officers for help with claims and benefits.

No one has more impact on our organization’s ability to meet our primary mission. No one has more impact on our organization’s stellar reputation. I believe no one has a tougher task than those of you representing veterans and their families with claims for benefits from the government.

In addition to the long hours, often frustrating circumstances and tedious tasks, a service officer must have a solid understanding of the claims process in its complex entirety. The National Service Program wants to help ensure every service officer has the knowledge and resources necessary to fulfill that.

In the face of dramatically increasing workloads, a growing inventory, and a backlog that affects veterans of all eras—and both first-time filers and veterans coming back to VA for a supplementary claim—it is as important as ever that we assist veterans in filing first-rate, timely claims.

To achieve the goals for improving the delivery of benefits to veterans, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Veterans Benefits Administration built a “Transformation Plan” that includes initiatives to streamline its business processes and build and implement new technology solutions. VBA included DAV in developing that plan, so we are knowledgeable of the new system’s intricacies.

From the new Veterans Benefits Management System, to the expanded use of eBenefits, to Disability Benefits Questionnaires, to Fully Developed Claims, there is much to learn and master within the VA’s new system.

The National Service Program is prepared to assist service officers at every level through our revamped Department & Chapter Service Officer Certification Program. The program is designed to enhance the knowledge and professionalism of the non-accredited Department and Chapter Service Officer. Claims work is covered in detail, explaining the adjudication process from start to finish, providing the knowledge necessary to creating a successful and quick claim. It also covers benefits, entitlements, compensation, pensions, and several other imperative topics. In short, it will make you an effective service officer and an asset to your community.

I feel strongly that every single service officer in the entire organization should complete this annual certification program.

Clearly, we are in a rapidly transforming time. You need to be up to date if you want to uphold DAV’s traditions of providing the finest claims assistance available anywhere.


  • dennis king

    Where does it say that a aux member with no military service but a spouse of one, can not become a service officer………………….thank you