National Convention Highlights

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Get the latest “news releases“, watch the latest “videos”  and get the latest “speeches” from our 2013 National Convention!




  • Danielle K

    DAV is unbiased Lynn, so whether you agree with me or not look up the constitution and bylaws. DAV doesn’t choose sides. if you don’t like the President or his wife don’t watch it then. You have that ability. Page 6 Section 2.1

    • Rick

      Amen Danielle, President Obama has to be one of the most disrespected Presidents in our history. Like him or not he is our President! Maybe when the Republican Party gets its act together and starts choosing more moderate candidates they can pull more people to there side.

  • David Lawson

    Any and all Veterans Organizations should be “A” political, We (should) support those who supports our Veterans and we (should) actively work to get rid of thoes who don’t support us. We are the ones who fight to preserve our Country, we should make damn sure that those in office have the same “Values”. David “Dee” Lawson USMC RVN 65-66

  • Michael Goldberg

    It was a very good convention. It is a very elite group. Who all have served their country.

  • wxc101049

    I am very disapointed and ashamed to be associated with an Organization that have members who would call The President of the United States of America, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, and the First Lady of America, such evil, hateful and disrespectful names. Have you no shame? Have you no honor? I joined the Disabled American Veterans in 1973 because it was an Organization of Honorale Veterans helping Veterans. I fought long and hard and wrote many letter to Congressmen/Senators to pass legislation for many of the service-connected benefits we have today. I served my country with honor even when it did not afford me the same rights as a white Americans. I did not agree with President Nixion when I joined the Marines in 1968, but I respected the office and did not give “aid and comfort” to the enemy or disloyal by disrespecting the President of the United States of America. There is no honor in disrespect no matter who the person is, you only shame yourself and allow others to see just how unintelligent you are.

    • MG

      wxc , Whoever you are. I agree with you. Your a good man.

    • Carl/CombatDisabled/USMC

      You are correct, and it is nice to see someone behavior is honorable and respectful. President Obama is the Commander-In-Chief, and I respect his actions since he took office. It is sad to see how many veterans are ignorant of all the things President Obama, and his wife Michelle, have done for combat disabled veterans. Since I draw 100% VA Compensation (2 gunshot & 2 Chi-com grenade hits), and Social Security Disability, know how General Shinseki (), whom President Obama appointed, has improved the VA Hospitals, and President Obama has increased our disability and social security pay each year possible. These silly clowns are even blaming President Obama for the government shut-down when only the House of Representatives has the power to shut down the government.




      The Repukelicans in the Republican Party will not help him create jobs for veterans, or the Middle class.


      And it goes on and on, but these whining cry babies are too lazy to do research, but just want to run their mouths telling misinformation and lies.

      Semper Fi. Do or Die, wxc101049