VA Explains Effects of Short-Term Shutdown

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The Department of Veterans Affairs has issued a field guide for how a short-term lapse in appropriations would affect veterans health care and benefits programs and services. However, it is unclear how a protracted government shutdown would impact veterans.

Download Field Guide

  • cate

    I am a disabled 100% vet receiving compensation…we are covered for 01OCT13 but what about November and December? Many of us have a mortgage, insurance premiums, etc. and this makes things tense

    • mark higgins

      Hey,go to c-span,the house is debating house resolution #72,this will be connected to vet pay( Nov 1) 2pm et Mark H

      • USMarine

        The House FINALLY passed it with 35 Democrats voting for it but HARRY REID won’t even consider it so here we are getting our lives messed up AGAIN because everyone wants to play politics when it comes to paying us for our disabilities. How is this fair??? The DAV is planning on holding a Golf Game for the President in the middle of the month? What is it with the DAV??? They are siding with someone who doesn’t even care about ANY veteran!

        I too am a 100% Disabled Vet and I’m already having my ex freaking out on me because she won’t get her child support payments from me if this goes out.

        THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE???? What a JOKE! And most of these Democrats that voted against this bill voted with Veterans from DAV, VFW, & American Legion Hats on. Tell you that they are so blinded that they will support the very people who don’t care about any Veteran!

  • BUD

    I am a 100% Disabled Veteran and housebound. I have been waiting over 2 years for a Responce , a letter, or a call to know where my Status is for a my request for a Special housing Grant. I have to use a walker, Cane and a Trapeez Just to get out of bed !! im on 23 diffrent medications to help with pain and fibromygia as well as other medical issues. I have been a life member since 1993. After this Request I am changing my POA ! all DAV and VFW first page is asking for money ! So tired of calling with no Responce !!! Still Waiting ! Now have too worry about my Disability Pay ! Thats why we become Homeless ans lose all faith in the System that I volenteered to Serve.

  • Papa

    The World War II monument is an open air attraction visited by many Honor Flights of veterans of the Second World War. I got an E mail saying that they have erected barriers to prevent visits to the memorial. ?????

    • Jonesy

      Just saw on Fox News that a group of Vets from Mississippi broke the police line and got into the museum and to the WWII memorial.

      • Papa

        OMG i cannot believe that the administration would wall off an open air monument and hurt these old veterans at the very end of their lives. May God bless the veterans who were hurt and may God forgive those who walled the World war II memorial off.

        The only good news is that the DAV os still around to try to make live better for us all.

        As a believer I must pray for both but we all know on whose side we are.

    • BUD

      I Agree, Our brothers in arms may not be around much longer, this is their Memorial. not the Goverments !!! They earned the right to be in the monument more then anyone. TAKE DOWN THE BARRIERS TO OUR VETERANS !!!!!

    • Mickey

      Thank you Papa. Yes the open air memorials were shut down to the public. However, they were opened only to those illegal immigrants, who were marching in D.C. and to the Muslims.

      • Papa

        You are right.

  • mark higgins

    Hey go to C-Span the house is working on HR 72 this affects vet pay,it failed last pm and will be voted again today GOD BLESS 10-02 245pm

  • Combat Medic

    Bud…welcome home brother.100% disabled service connected vet.Vietnam ’69.Combat Medic.You just wrote my story.Been waiting for A&A for 2 years.Guess all entitlement programs will be safe.We are not that high on the priority list.Can not say anymore cause NSA will visit.Hang in there brother. God Bless….Doc

    • Combat Medic

      Bud… Hope all is well with you and that your A&A issue has been awarded.
      Contact me when you can.We must speak.
      Peace Bro,

  • R Jelinek

    Please GET THEM TO RAISE debt limit as Veterans should not have to go without checks Nov 01.

  • Jen

    Just to be clear, the Field Guide ONLY says who will still be orking and in which offices. It does NOT say anything about payments

  • Papa

    Watched book TV who had a panel at the Southern Festival of the Book regarding Disabled Veterans with PTSD. On the average 22 veterans a day commit suicide while 1 active duty a day does so.

    On average every time the minute hand on your watch and clock hits 12 another one of us leaves this world.

    That is the “thank you for your service” from the administration.