Short-Term Federal Budget Restores VA Benefits and Services

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Resulting in part from DAV’s grassroots advocacy, President Obama has signed into law a temporary budget agreement that ends the partial government shutdown that disrupted, delayed and suspended critical services and benefits for the men and women who have served in uniform. Had this budget stalemate continued for another week or two, it would have been devastating to millions of veterans, their families and survivors, as benefit checks for disability compensation, pension and dependency and indemnity compensation would have been cut off due to a lack of appropriations. The measure also restores veterans’ access to Department of Veterans Affairs facilities, including DAV National Service Offices, many of which set up shop at alternative locations during the shutdown. DAV members and supporters who rallied to the call to action deserve to be recognized for their efforts and our thanks as well.

  • Boats-2

    Now how long will we have to wait to get back into full operation? VBMS claims were suppose to be faster and now i will bet this will be the excuese that they will take much longer now. Claims will take a hit now on completion dates and it will be back to the old way of doing things. We need to keep our eyes on them or in three months will be even further back logged.

  • yugiohfan89

    Support our troops.