National Commander expresses outrage in letter to President, House Speaker & Senate Majority Leader

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The Honorable Barack Obama

President of the United States

The White House

Washington, D.C.  20500


The Honorable John A. Boehner

Speaker of the House of Representatives

H-232 Capitol Building

Washington, D.C.  20515-6501


The Honorable Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader

S-221 Capitol Building

Washington, D.C.  20510-7020


Dear President Obama, Speaker Boehner, and Majority Leader Reid:

As National Commander of DAV and on behalf of our 1.2 million members, I am writing to express our rising outrage over the partisan politics preventing the federal government from fulfilling many basic obligations owed its citizenry, including sacred obligations to the men and women who have served and are serving to defend our nation.

The failure by all parties to reach agreement on fiscal year 2014 funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Defense (DOD) and other federal agencies that directly or indirectly support veterans, and the effects of the government shutdown, are increasingly causing serious harm to our nation’s heroes.  The recent news about DOD’s apparent inability to provide mandatory death gratuities to the families of fallen Marines, or to even fly them to Dover Air Force Base for arrival ceremonies while the government shutdown continues, is a new low point and a violation of the trust we place in our elected officials.  Sadly, the damage to our veterans will continue to get worse until all of you, together with a sufficient majority of the House and Senate, reach agreement to end this crisis.

Unless you put aside partisan politics for the good of the nation, the harm to our veterans and service members will get worse.  If this stalemate continues for a couple more weeks, even mandatory obligations of the federal government, such as disability compensation and pension paid to veterans and their survivors, will be suspended.  More than four million wounded, injured, ill and poor veterans rely on these payments; for some it is their primary or only source of income.  It is simply unacceptable that there is even the threat of default on these payments.

Mr. President, Mr. Speaker and Mr. Majority Leader, the time for posturing and playing politics with veterans must come to an end.  We call on all of you to reach agreement and expeditiously enact full fiscal year 2014 appropriations for all federal programs, services and benefits that directly or indirectly support America’s heroes, especially those wounded, injured and ill due to their service.

In addition, we call on you to enact legislation that extends advance appropriations to all VA discretionary and mandatory funding so that this sorry spectacle is never repeated.  There is already advance appropriations legislation pending in both the House and Senate, and with your support, it could be quickly amended and enacted to prevent this harm from recurring in the future.

Almost 150 years ago, during perhaps the most challenging time of crisis our nation has ever faced, President Abraham Lincoln carefully and eloquently laid out the most sacred obligation of our nation: “…to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and his orphan.”  We now call on all of you to live up to those words.





National Commander



All Members of the United States Senate

All Members of the United States House of Representatives

Secretary of Defense Charles Hagel

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki

401 Responses to “National Commander expresses outrage in letter to President, House Speaker & Senate Majority Leader”

  1. Holly Hamack DeWitt

    This letter is absolutely spot on. Thank you for putting into words some of the frustration and anger that my family and I along with other veterans are experiencing. My husband is 100% disabled from OIF/OEF and we depend on his disability compensation to support our small family. Right now, we’re worried about what’s going to happen to us and our 4 year old son if Washington doesn’t get it’s act together soon. We’ll be in pretty serious trouble….

    Thank you for working to protect us and other veterans. Your hard work and perseverance is very much appreciated.

    • Richard

      Holly, I feel your pain. I too am a disabled vet from OEF. My wife and I have 5 young kids, the youngest being 8 weeks old. Right now I am trying to finish up my degree on the GI Bill so that I can make a better life for my family. 99.9% of employers that I have interviewed with can care less if they are speaking to a veteran now days. If you don’t have that little piece of paper that says you spent a lot of time and money on a formal education, they don’t want you even if you already have the skills to get the job done. I lost my full time job a year ago due to no fault of my own and I haven’t been able to secure gainful employment since then. I have sent out hundreds of resumes and applications only to be shot down. The offers I did receive wouldn’t even cover the cost of gas to get to the job and back home. Without that compensation check on Nov. 1 my family won’t even be able to afford Ramen and grilled cheese, let alone paying our mortgage. We are told that we make “too much” money for food stamps because of my veterans benefits. I didn’t realize that the SNAP program hasn’t evolved past the 1920’s standards of living yet. This country has really gone to crap in the last 5 years and I’m sick of it. I often ask myself “Why the hell did I even serve this country?” The service of all veterans today is in vain. Politicians and corporations can care less about us and treat us like bastard children that don’t deserve a damn thing anymore. These three so called leaders in DC better get their crap together, and quick. I’ll be praying for your family.

      • Holly Hamack DeWitt

        Richard, I am so sorry for your situation. I can’t even imagine the kind of stress you’re feeling right now. My husband has often had the “Why did I even serve?” thought when dealing with the VA for health care and other services and ESPECIALLY now during the shut down. We don’t qualify for SNAP benefits either. This whole situation is such bull. We suffer while they continue to live in the lap of luxury. In my opinion, it’s not like they’ve really done or sacrificed anything for this country in comparison to our veterans and soldiers. They’re rolling in money and comps and we can barely pay our bills. It really drives home the fact that they are COMPLETELY out for themselves and couldn’t possibly care less about veterans, their families, and their sacrifice.

        Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. You and your family will be in my thoughts. Hopefully we’ll all make it out relatively unscathed.

        • Ollie

          I served 10 yrs. in the USAF and have lost 90% of my hearing witch started while serving. Now my wife and I live on SSD only witch is less than $21000.00 a yr. The VA has turned down my claim and I have had it in for 3 yrs. I do get health care through the VA.
          I cannot receive any assistance through the state or local gov. I feel all your pain. Good luck and I hope the congress gets this shut down over with. May God Bless you all. In God and Country.

          • rmorris

            You know as a disabled veteran, I wonder what would result if all the veterans of the entire U.S. band together an went to the Nation’s Capitol. Surrounded the White House, The Senate, The House, While they as our government were in session, Refused to let these leaders return to their luxury homes an families, until they could resolve these issues. Remind them who it is they really work for, for the people by the people. Lock them down in their work place until the job is done. Of course they would want to call the National Guard to disband the millions of Vets. but , sorry no National Guard Servicemen to show due to lack of Funds. Now Wouldn’t that get their attention. We got rid of Richard NIxon, but none sense, Hope they don’t think we have forgotten how to evict them from their offices..

          • Dave Hartung

            Only problem is they are all afraid of Obama since he is not of the white race.

          • Chas

            I disagree with you. What is Obama doing that is so bad? Everything he ever put out was for the good of all Americans instead of the few the repubs and probably you want him to. And for the record they are not afraid of Obama because he’s not white they are afraid of him because he’s smarter than all of them combined.

          • LaTasha Carroway-Quarles

            Now R. Morris that’s a good idea! If we surrounded the White House and not let them go to their luxury homes would be great!!…there would be no National Guard/Reserves to the Rescue cause we will all be protesting for our rights as soldiers and veterans!! This situation is a mess and it’s like they just don’t care anything about us or what we have done for our country and that’s what saddens me!

          • Larry Holman

            They would probably use that as an excuse to declare Martial Law.

          • Donald Miller

            Ollie, don’t give up. get someone to help you fight the VA, VFW, American Legion, DAV. it took me what felt like forever to get my first check. but it had back pay from the date I filed …….. so get with one of these outfits and trust them ……….. they will help.

      • topcat

        Richard – Why did you report your VA Disability income to anyone. According to Title 38 VA disability is not taxable or reportable to anyone. Even the IRS does not know or care what you get. It’s your own fault if you told the state (food stamp people) about it.

        • Holly Hamack DeWitt

          When we went in to apply, they specifically asked if my husband got VA disability. They said they had to count ALL invome and that we could go to jail for fraud if we didn’t count it.

        • william wolf

          even though the monies you get is none taxable they still take it into account for qualifying for food stamps etc. which is totally wrong but that is how it works happened to me also

  2. Richard

    Commander Johnston, Thank you for being a positive voice for veterans. I am a disabled veteran and without my compensation payment I have no other way to feed my children or pay my mortgage. I served this country so that my 8 week old son, as well as my other children, would not have to live in a country that shuts down the government to fight over nonsense. This situation has gone too far and I will not sit back and watch this happen. Peacefully or not, I will not put up with these shenanigans. If Congress, Senate, and the White House can’t do their jobs and uphold their oaths, then by God I will show them that I haven’t forgot my oath. I swore to defend this country against enemies both foreign and domestic. What we have here are domestic enemies who obviously care less about America’s veterans who paid the price for this nations freedom. Apparently it’s all just some damn game to these politicians.

  3. Exponential6Potential

    Aristocracy has become a problem in the USA. Who is still being paid? Congressional members.

    Ask the wealthy if they really believe that congressional membership is equivalent to military service.

    • Ron Hawkins

      I too am a pre 911 Vet. 23 years service Vietnam and Gulf War era. I am a victim of the Toxic Coctail! Every year my health declines. I believe our government really has forgotten us.

      • Exponential6Potential

        Ron Hawkins, I believe much of our Government, VA especially, has stone-walled us. I do think they know that we exist. The VA Just doesn’t want to compensate us.

        Quote: “Hickey “was concerned that changing the name from CMI to GWI might imply a causal link between service in the Gulf and poor health which could necessitate legislation for disability compensation for veterans who served in the Gulf,” according to the email.”[1]


        [1] Kime, Patricia. Top VA official questions use of term ‘Gulf War Illness’: Undersecretary for benefits said name change would be ‘limiting.’, Apr. 22, 2014. military[online]. 2014. Available from:

  4. christina

    Thank you so much for being our voices to our so called leadership. I bet you all of our paychecks that if the shoe were on the other foot, and they were having to live off of what we get paid, they’d knock off their shit and fix the mess they’ve made out of this country.

  5. Vet.

    Well said Commander, It is now time for them to take action today !! If they don,t, then all the American people need to start taking action. We need to ask Mr. Obama and the other 2 men to step down from their office. It is time to impeach them all !!! Mr. Obama is no different than the President that killed his people with gas,Only Obama is using money as his weapon.

    • Larry Holman

      Those with the backing of the super-rich, large corporations, and Wall Street don’t seem to fear the backlash from the voters because they believe they can rig the elections and control the outcome no matter how outraged the public has become.

  6. Don

    I can’t even call or email my representatives because of the shutdown. I am 100 percent disabled, my income is via SSDI and VA Disability/Navy Pension. If our politicians keep this up will they pay my mortgage/bills next month, buy my food and put gas in my car? Congress and the President may think that my meager 35K a year is a lot, and I do get by, but let them try living on it….I NEED MY MONTHLY CHECKS!!!!

    • Don

      Same Boat here too,,, Thanks Don for bring this up and Go Navy!!

      • Ken

        My wife and I are also completely dependent on my VA Disability, half of my earned retirement, due to an ex-wife receiving the other half, and Social Security Disability that started last month. I was forced into early retirement due to illness from a well paying civilian job in March. We are living from check to check like so many others. This debacle could not have happened at a worst time for us. The constant bickering in congress over the budget and using the military, active duty and retired, is disgraceful! I compare this shameful conduct and treatment to the welcome home (NOT) we received during the Vietnam War!

        • Sandi

          My Husband and I are in the same boat as the rest of you 100% disabled, and SS that’s it. We just moved to an area where prices are better, but sleep is less wondering what will we do if we get nothing. I am going to college for my BA in Psychology through the VA but who knows they might even stop that.

    • John Brown

      Well Said! Your not alone in this, and it’s a disgrace to all Vets, to have to beg for what was guaranteed by our
      Government for our Voluntary Service, those of us that have no other source of income will be devastated by this
      inability to work together for the common good of all,

    • Bob

      Same here, Don. I’m waiting for something to happen to break the gridlock before the middle of October!

    • Laura

      My husband is also 100% disabled too. We are in the same situation as you + many others. There was a Republican congressman who said the same as you did. He put this bill through to not stop any hold up on any disability checks….but guess what?? Reid turned it down.. Wish they would get RID of REID!!!!!!! he is one of the problems in our government.

      • Chas

        I also served over 20 years in the military. And one thing they taught me was not to be selfish. With that said I have to DISAGREE with you in regards to Harry Reid turning down bills. Especially when you are spewing out half truths. Yes the republican did present a bill to help veterans (Piecemeal) but keep the govt closed thus hurting other TRUE Americans whom I protected for over 20 years. I get disability also but do I now just worry about myself because bills are introduced as they are highlighted by the media and people that spread half the story. Do you even know why the govt is shut down at this moment? If so then you are one up on the ones that closed it. We all need our checks but when you vote for people that warned you that they will shutdown the govt and actually do it you shouldn’t complain when they do it. You need to put the blame where it belongs and fact check what is being put out there.

    • drdick

      Also a 100% DAV (not I cry about it for myself) but feel worst for others than myself. Very much agree that your need is more than real. This is NOT a political matter. It is life or not life for many less fortunate veterans. Sadly, I do expect that those in DC will be responsible for some veteran deaths if this continues. Regretfully those richly paid in DC will not even be affected by any of this as our veterans will be. 🙁

      • upset in san diego

        I’m also 100%disable and home bound, I depend on my Navy retired pay, VA compensation, Civil Service retired pay and Social Security to support my family, which has sacrificed much during my military career and are still sacrificing daily to tend to me. The only thing I have to look forward to, is the fact that I’m able to pay the mortgage, the household bills, and feed my family. Now a minority of our representatives, who have never had to live from paycheck to paycheck, have taken that away.

    • Phil Doc Stern

      I’m also a 100% disabled Veteran. I’m a lower leg amputee. If my rent payment comes up and I can’t pay the rent, who from the Government is going to call my Landlord and tell him he’ll just have to wait. No one! They can’t because the Government has ceased to function. Thank Mr. President, Speaker of the House, and Senate Majority Leader for putting me and all Veterans on hold while you guys fight like kids in the school yard. Fellow DAV members… Keep track of the incumbents in office today, and see if they are on your side, if not… remember this at the next election.

  7. Debbie Nicholson

    I’m living on a reduced military retirement, and VA disability, which equals 24,000 a year.

  8. Stephanie McNeal

    THANK YOU FOR STANDING UP FOR US. I am a disabled vet and I do not know what I am going to do if I dont get paid that is my income. Im disgusted and saddened over this

    • Randolph Johnson

      Next time you vote, think about who and what you are voting for. The platform of the republican right is smaller government, fewer entitlements, and weening Americans off the government. If you voted for the right this is exactly what you voted for. It is their platform, and like it or not our pension, and disability checks are entitlements, one more reason they refuse to say what entitlements they want to cut…But you don’t have to believe me research it for yourself…This is why I can’t understand how anyone who has less than 5 mill can vote republican on a national level. In local town or city elections, yes there are some good republicans, but on the national level you have to understand what the party platform is…
      I voted for one right here in Texas in the last election and felt as if he would be a LEADER, and when he won, he shrunk to the back of the line and has not once stepped up and lead his party to do what would be best for the people…

      Obamacare is nothing more than what we receive when it comes to VA health care. Government run medicine to help Americans who can’t help themselves…

      Please vote but know what you are voting for…

  9. Stephanie McNeal

    This entire mess should never even have affected the VA or veterans,
    families etc. Shame on them for this. I have enough problems. And now
    with the the thought looming over head we will not get our paychecks
    disgusts me. We already paid the ultimate price. MR. PRESIDENT do you
    not think we have hurt enough.? This is sad and should never ever ever
    ever be a thought that our benefits should be halted.

    DAV thank you for standing up for us. After all my calls to my
    representatives and posts on facebook I am glad that you support us.

  10. M.C.Thompson

    I would have been even more strongly critical and added this “If even one Veteran or other Citizen of our Country dies because none of our “leaders” are able to agree to fund our Government and put aside all personal agenda’s for how and just pass a Clean Resolution to do so – you will be the responsible parties for that death. Every day -according to the US Veterans Administration, there are 65 veterans who die by suicide. Is this what you all want– for us to just die – so we’re not a burden to you anymore? If so– you don’t deserve to be in those Seats and our Nations Veterans will remind you of that next Election–and if you expect our current Military to forget how you treated us – you can forget that too. “

  11. Esperance Dawson

    Thank you so much for being our voice, As a member of the national guard who is also a wounded warrior. I can’t work because of 5 surgeries in the past 18 months. I am still waiting on my VA compensation rating. And drill for the month of Oct has been cancelled.

  12. Ollie

    DAV Thank you for your concern on our behalf. I hope all the congress men and women will pay the ultimate price come election time by losing their jobs. They seem to have forgotten that they work for us. Thank you again DAV for being our voice.

  13. Crazy-Dee

    They shut down my disability for all i did, then I shut down to life.

  14. Jerry L Disabled Vietnam Vet

    Thank You for voicing the opinion of all veterans an active duty personel. If Congress and the President don’t come together ina a few days We should al go to DC to the Capital Building and let our legislators know that next election all these Congresspeople will be out of a job, from the Speaker on down.

  15. Laura Schmidt

    Thank you!! I’ve tried calling and e-mailing, but got no answer. Is the President still getting paid? Is Congress still getting paid?

  16. gary rhodes

    Thank you for standing up for us. The DAV must keep the pressure on Obama and Reid as they are the ones standing against us.

  17. Pam S.

    Very well put, thank you. Now that these politicians have truly show who and what they are made of, it is on us as voters to see that we do our level best to vote them out. I know that is not helpful at this extreme time, so I will continue to pray that they listen to the people that they represent. God bless us all.

  18. celia bonavita

    Thank you very much for this. However, I have not noticed any mention of the continual attacks on the gentle-person’s agreement that military members signed up for….the Congress & President keep attacking military benefits, military retirement, military hospitals, military healthcare, military education, etc.
    While I do not like them doing that for future military, I think it is especially loathsome to it to people who already served and scarified time with family & friends, and offered (or did) give up life & limb. Many of whom are suffering PTSD and many other illnesses.

    Military life is a hard life, a honorable life, and a worthy life…but, it is arduous and to last long enough to earn a retirement without being harassed and made to feel like you are an “entitlement”. Retired & disabled veterans are NOT an ENTITLEMENT…just to make these disconnected stuffed-shirts in D.C. feel less guilty for not serving.

    Veterans are not a burden, they are what make this country great…showing other citizens what true patriotism is. D.C. uses this same heroism against VETS, because they feel that we will not protest…that its not in our psyche….which is one of government servant. Vets should NOT be subject to a bombardment of rhetoric and posturing that makes them feel unappreciated & a national burden.

    Please make DoD, VA, Congress, & the President understand that military benefits, retirement, Tricare, education, & disability is ALREADY EARNED. As it was, they changed it before we retired…so we got less than half of what we signed up for.

    Veteran benefits are NOT an entitlement. Please ask them to take it out of appropriations and make it a mandatory spend – like social security, medicaid, medicare – all of which should not be part of the budgetary process either…since that was an investment made by those citizens – and is earned, as well.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

      • SSgt Jessmer

        I’m a disabled veteran of the Vietnam era and served over twenty years. I never thought our Government and President Obama would turn his back on the men and women that gave of themselves for months,years and away from family. I’m so sad that our men and women serve for a President and congress that is so ungrateful. If the President wants OBAMA CARE than ALL even Congress must be under the Same Medical care as everybody. If not good for all then Congress needs to Stop OBAMACARE.

        • Conrad Gabbard

          You apparently haven’t checked the background of our POTUS, Jessmer. Those who have, aren’t surprised.

    • mama moo3

      I have decided not only to follow Jesus but also to follow my heart. The military was hard and unfair. Americans citiZens totally disrespect veterans and the ultimate service. Look how illegals were allowed in the mall and veterans not. As a statement I suggest all veterans apply for immigration to a place iceland or new zealand…this would a powerful message if million veterans applied to leave. A silent but effective protest…

      • George Baker

        Mama Moo3
        if we did as you ask we would lose all bennifits due to do longer being an American

    • Richard Bostelmann

      This is all true. Me as a medically retired vet. Now don’t get any retirement pay cause the law was changed to twenty years of service now. I served 18 years and then was medically retired. And had it all taken away from me.

      • Brandon W. Monday

        Richard you should go back and try again. I also am a medically retired veteran with less than 20 years, but I am collecting my pay I don’t get full pay but it pays my bills

        • stormbringer77

          I’m in the same boat with you.I’ve got a 60% Disability with less than 20 years but am collecting it to pay my bills. I’ve met so many Vets with higher disabilities than me that aren’t getting a penny and this needs to be taken care of. I don’t think Obama is going to look as hard as any Commander in Chief should about this since He got the Big Chair and is obviously lacking in Conscience for those who have served,willing to sacrifice Life & Limbs for our Great Country.

          • Raygurn

            It’s the republicans in congress that have created this crisis not the president.

          • Justus Freedom

            @Raygurn Don’t blame the republicans for an arrogant, narcissistic president who’s acting like a spoiled brat!

          • Conrad Gabbard

            Now we know how far Affirmative Action can take an incompetent Marxist.

          • Fergy

            No it i the Marxist in the White House who created this one.

          • Michael W. Hylton

            you need to quit listening to the Dem stations and reading the Dem newspapers! As a matter of fact, listen/read what Dr. Thomas Sowell said on CNN the other day.He’s a black man and avid supporter of Obama and he says the Pres and Dem’s are very wrong. Read your constitution!!!!

          • Conrad Gabbard

            Michael, you might consider spelling that Dim, or Dim-wits. No, Thomas Sowell is NOT an Obama supporter.

          • Michael W. Hylton

            I beg your pardon, but he did vote for him both times! Gee, I wonder if it was because he’s black and wanted to be a part of history! Just saying!

          • Gunny

            Republicans in congress HAVE tried to compromise! It is Harry Reid and King Obama that say they want EVERYTHING their way and there is NO negotiations. Obama wants to be a dictator and if anyone stands up to him he resorts to name calling and blaming others for his incompetency as a leader. For the first two years he had the House and Senate ran by the Dems. Couldn’t get things done because it was Bush’s fault. Now it’s the Tea Party’s fault. What ever happen to I’M the leader, I’M responsible for what goes on during MY watch, the buck stops here? Tell the spoiled little brat to go back to playing with his dolls and quit making speeches using his teleprompter.

          • Conrad Gabbard

            You’re right, Raygurn! If those darned Republicans just did everything Obama wanted, when he wanted it, like he wanted it, and did not honor their DUTY to keep the Administration from overreaching and abusing its power, there’s be no problem – except perhaps provoking a civil war with Obama’s constant agitation. Have you not noticed that DHS and FEMA are preparing for a civil war? What do they know that you don’t?

          • Conrad Gabbard

            In 1973 I was sent on TDY to report to a Two-star General who slid two pieces of paper across his desk, laid a pen between them and said “sign one.” They were a reenlistment contract and a medical waiver. I told him I’d sign either one if he would call in a witness and repeat his order so there’d be no confusion. I was reassigned to Wm Beaumont Medical Center in El Paso the day before my enlistment expired. Three months later: 80% LoD permanent disability. I had a Marine brother in law who signed a waiver and he can’t even trade his Silver Star for VA treatment. From what I’ve heard, we are not unusual cases.

      • kty

        if you have served at least 18 months your entitled is my understanding

    • smf2213

      Yep I agree- I am retired w/ 23 years and 5 combat deployments.
      I think we have an ungrateful nation.

      • Alan Mills

        It’s not the populace, it’s the President, the Senate and the House of Representatives that are showing their disrespect to the current military member and our veterans.

        • Sam Beckett

          They’ve forgotten that they All serve at the pleasure of the people. They All need to play nice together or get the hell out of my yard!

        • smf2213

          This falls directly on the feet of the Commander in Chief, no matter which one. But at this time it is Barak Obama! he choose this position. He is responsible for making sure their are funds to bury our war dead!

          • celia bonavita

            SMF2213 – I thought that was true too, until I worked here in D.C. I have since found out…& heard on T.V. from the treasonous GOP that they control the money….a letter signed by 80 GOP demanded that the House SHUTDOWN, until the President agreed to defund the Affordable Care Act (Law)…through an improper manner – because they were holding VETS & the rest of America hostage.

            As you can see from this link… The HOUSE CHANGED the rules of the HOUSE so that the ONLY the Speaker can present bills to the body….which is NOT NORMAL process…where anyone can present bills.


            That act alone is to me a treasonous attempt by 80 Reps to silence the will of the people to commit the shutdown that they demanded in a letter to the Speaker to shutdown the government.


            This was done to silence not only the Democrats in the House, but also the moderate (non-tea party or non-Evangelistic) GOP many noted in link below:


            Most, if NOT ALL, of the 80 Reps on the defund letter above (which I think is treason – or at least sedition) know that VETS and elderly and military and the wounded or dead (in war) – in addition to the poor, National Parks, WIC, etc – would be tragically impacted by this subversive & perverted manipulation of our legislative process. If you see your Rep on that letter, I would write them directly….EVEN if they are not write them and tell them that you are taking this VERY personal. Express to them your outrage. Of course we do not want to seem like we are trying to also commit treason to correct treason.

            I want you to remember ALSO, past all the propaganda you hear from the GOP (they know you mostly vote GOP..and use your honor & loyalty against you – this is a game to them…as you can see from the letter)…Obama said he would sign their clean CR…cutting down HIS BUDGET (to fully support VETs, Social Security, etc) of $1.6 Trillion…down BELOW GOP Ryan’s $1 Trillion to approve $986M. Everyone agrees that the amount that Obama approved carte blanche is going to cause serious stress on our citizens, but he was being help hostage…since he DID NOT want to shutdown at all. His party – and voters – told him to stand strong. That if the GOP can circumvent the legislative process this time, the future of our Democracy is at stake.


            Please remember Obama loves the constitution, he is supposed to be a constitutional lawyer.

            I know that learning that people we trusted have been playing and lying to us all along…but, its true.

          • Fergy

            Celia-What are you smoking. Obama is a marxist, race baiter. Girl you have drank the koolaid. Obama does not respect the constitution. When does the debt stop? 18 trillion.

            Come on get off the liberal boat

          • drcliffk

            Where was you concern about national debt when Bush conducted two unfunded wars?

          • Conrad Gabbard

            The World Trade Center necessitated our overturning the Afghan government; Saddham invaded an ally and was funding terrorism. Our foolish expenses came from trying to create democratic states with people whose very god forbids them from having any kind of government other than the kind left by Mohammed. Congress funded both those “wars” (with borrowed money).

          • Mickey

            Conrad, you are correct. Our government does not care what other countries do. Only when they threaten the existence of our country, our allies, or are members of the U.N. agreements and they violate those agreements does our country become involved. Irregardless of which past president spent money on wars, like Vietnam, and weather or not it was popular, It, along with both World Trade Center bombings and the attacks on our embasseies, is a threat to the United States of America. Situations like these are a necessity for us to get involved. I am a veteran of the vietnam War, even though it was called a police action, of 1968-69, and a 20+ year retiree. I also have disabilities as a result of that war and my income consists of my retirement, compensations and help from the VA hospital.

          • A Veteran & Military defender

            Mickey, thank you sir, for your service and I want to tell you WELCOME HOME. I grew up during that time and saw first hand how you young men were treated when you came home, got into fights with some of them that were disrespecting you all and I am a woman. I could fight like any man back then. Even today, I will not see anyone disrespecting a Veteran or current military person. My body might not let me fight them, but I can turn the air blue in your defense, trust me there.

          • William Garner II

            Who’s Nation Interest? the wealthy 1% i’m sure…
            Wake up man please!!

            600,000 dead poor people lead by southern terrorist who wanted to continue to enslave a people who were determined to be free…

          • celia bonavita

            Wow. Your arguments & your facts are stunning.

            As a reminder, much of the debt was directly from Bush/Cheney or latent effects of their terms (many effects see results year or more later – like business closure & layoffs). Sadly, Bush/Cheney lost all the ground that Clinton made on the debt…and…destroyed our economy – car companies, small to middle banks (big banks propped up by Bush/Cheney), mortgage lending, real estate purchasing (huge income with taxes & closing costs), huge unemployment, small business failures…you name it.

            Your innuendos and name calling are not unusual since that is GOP SOP – even against their own….look at poor John McCain, an American hero.

            Your insults demean you, not me. I know you will refrain from these tactics when you know that name calling is only resorted to out of fear, inferiority in some way, or because you have no other response.

            Your recitation of the GOP talking points shows brainwashing that Tea Party & Evangelistic GOP have been perpetrating against their own? What facts do you have that he is a marxist or race baiter? When has Obama ever espouse these ideologies? He has ONLY stood up for the legislative process not subverted it as the House did before the shutdown.



            I believe in American Citizens, Democracy, & the Constitution. I believe in honoring the dead who died for these same things & those that would have done so, if the opportunity arose. That is NOT done by hijacking the legislative process. They did not do it for you…their voter, they did it for big business..and they silence dissenters.

            To blame it these actions on the Christian religion & my savior Jesus Christ is a travesty.

            For example Corinthians (13, 4-7) says:

            “4 Love is always patient and kind; love is never jealous; love is not boastful or conceited,

            5 it is never rude and never seeks its own advantage, it does not take offence or store up grievances.

            6 Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but finds its joy in the truth.

            7 It is always ready to make allowances, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes.” (





            Irrantional Hatred of Obama



            Hitler (even insulting innocent Federal Workers)



            Even hating each other


            It seems to be a party SOP since Minnesota is experiencing the same thing.


            Proof is in ACTION. Your party colluded with Koch Bros & big business against the small voter. They have planned this shutdown to subvert the WILL OF THE PEOPLE who voted – for President Obama (twice) & for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) (thrice – including this shutdown – read the polls) – for years.

            That, Sir, appears to incorporate sedition & treason in weakening the U.S. economy & endangering our standing internationally.

          • Joe B NAVY

            Fergie You are mis-guided, The President won an election by the people in 2008, put this new health care system in (I don’t like) The Republicans challenged it in Congress and lost, then they challenged it again in the Supreme court and lost. Through out this process The President won another election by the people. Unfortunately the Obama Care is law.
            The republican plan should be
            (with a huge focus on health care) to win the next presidential election, not shut down the Government!!!

          • Conrad Gabbard

            Jpe B, Congress defunded Jim Crow and the Viet-Nam war. Obamacare is different only as Lenin explained: “Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state.” Who among us really want to go there?

          • Carl/CombatDisabled/USMC

            Social Security and Veterans Benefits are Socialist programs. Who wants to go there?

          • Disabled Vet

            Social Security and Veterans Benefits have nothing to do with “socialist” programs. They are earned, not given. Socialist programs are given whether or not they have been earned.

          • William Garner II

            Why you afraid of millions having to choose the coverage they want to be better protected by? You are one a hater man!!!

            and you probably call your self a so called Christian…

            Get a life, please…

          • WD Patriot

            Defunding items that the majority of persons do not want IS the duty of the Congress, actually the House. It is the way for our government to be able to stop unpopular laws/rules being enforced on the populace. To say anything other than that, is to reveal your ignorance. The Senate, the other part of the Congress is supposed to offer a compromise, instead of having the leader of our country say, “There will be no compromise until you pass a budget, without attacking MY favorite form of socialism. That is all.

          • Carl/CombatDisabled/USMC

            Wrong! It is not the duty of the House to defund laws passed by both houses of the legislature, and signed into law by the President.

            They can not defund that law anyway. They are just wasting time and taxpayer money. Funding is written into the law, and the only way they could defund it is to write a new law cancelling it, or replacing it, or gaining control of both house of government, and have the votes to override a Presidential veto. The people who understand the law and/or benefit from the law will not allow Obamacare to be cancelled, but only improved.

            You have to do more than wear a flag pin in your lapel to be a patriot. Go back to school.

            It is the duty of the Congress to pass a budget to fund government agencies, and to raise the debt limit so we do not default on our debt, throw the world economic system into collapse, and this country into a worse Depression than 1929.

            A passed law is nothing the President needs to negotiate on, every if the Congress “tries”to hold the passed law hostage with ransom demands and threat of default.

            Good job, Mr President. Your are a fine civilian Commander-In-Chief, and I am proud of you for standing up to the Repukelican temper tantrums, tizzy fits, ignorant behavior, and their rich and greedy supporters who have bought these politicians integrity and votes..

          • Conrad Gabbard

            Fergy, don’t forget the 90 Trillion in unfunded mandates. Seeing a Marxist called a liberal is irritating, as I looked the word up – and I am one, so was Thomas Jefferson.

          • Diane

            Fergy you had Better check the Facts and Stop watching Fox news ! Only Haters believe their Lies !! They are backed by the Koch brothers who want to destroy our country as we know it ! They want to take away All of the rights that we have fought for for yrs. ! So I would check the Facts before you start name calling ! That is the Very Reason that I do not watch Fox news..They Love to spread Lies !

          • William Garner II

            After taking office with a 11 trillion dollar deficit, 750,000 jobs loss per month. and the country off the fiscal cliff! I wonder why? in five years the Stock Market has never done better and money has been made and rising without the help of the Obstruction Tea/Republican Party of racist white people!!!

          • Jammer

            Please don’t speak of what you do not personally know as fact. Obama is nothing , and I didn’t give him the authority that he seems to think he has. You’ve heard the saying I’m sure about how ” if you sling enough shit against the fence you will get some on you”? Well your supreme leader is starting to stink real bad about now and I figure some day soon the mess will have to be cleaned up. Are YOU up for it? I think not simply from the tone of your attitude here. You Will be shamed, embarrassed and deprived because of the Obama crowd of monkeys in D.C. You’ve been to a Zoo now haven’t you? Well, I’m just sayin’……………………….. Go figure, the man is not even an American, much less a Constitutional Scholar. My little Dog is much smarter and likable. Sorry, but even I know it hurts to be wrong, even sometimes. Let’s not make this a habit!

          • Gunny

            Celia – What left wing nut job do you work for in D.C.? Harry Reid? They obviously got you brained washed good. How many bills have the House sent to Harry and he won’t allow them to come to the floor? At least four concerning the budget and the UnAffordable Care Act. That sounds to me like the House is at least trying to come to a compromise. It is the Dems in the Senate and King Obama that want EVERYTHING their way or they aren’t willing to negotiate. It’s the Republicans that want the memorials open and helped the WWII Vets tear down the barricades. Nancy Palosi and her Dems were to busy leading a protest for illegal immigrants to help a Vet.

            One of your last comments: “Please remember Obama loves the constitution, he is supposed to be a constitutional lawyer.” You should highlite and capitalize the SUPPOSED to be a constitutional lawyer. First of all King Obama and his wife both gave up being lawyers. Since the records are sealed no one can honestly say why they are no longer members of the bar. But, during their five years in office they have made it clear that the only thing they love about the constitution is using it for toilet paper.

            Then your last comment: “I know that learning that people we trusted have been playing and lying to us all along…but, its true.” Does that mean that you finally realize the King Obama has been playing and lying to the American people all along? Like during the debates when he LIED about calling Benghazi a terrorist attack and the narrator endorsed his LIE. If you go back and watch is speech in the Rose Garden you’ll discover that the only time he mentioned terrorist attack was at the end when he said terrorist attacks would not be tolerated. He was no longer talking about Benghazi. In fact if he did think Benghazi was a terrorist attack, then why did he allow Hillary and her Dept of State to continue to call it a result of some video? He stated that terrorist attacks would not be tolerated. Then why hasn’t he done anything about it?????

          • DJU333

            All you have to do is look at the links she provided…that is the proof in her pudding!

          • William Garner II

            Why not talk about the nearly five thousand American Service Men and Women slaughter in Iraq and 60 plus thousand maimed, wounded, and the mentally shattered and there families!!! and the nearly 2 Trillion Dollars spent and for what!

            The Republicans was wanting to keep the Military in Iraq for 100 years because there was the wealthy “who will never pick up a weapon and defend America” was standing in line to continue making the Billion$ of dollars off your misery! And the Republicans are the top puppets money can buy!!

            WAKEUP PEOPLE…!!!

          • thejudy64

            Republicans are responsible for this !! Obama needs to get a backbone and stop giving in to the Republicans !! They only care about the Rich and the Corporations, not the middle class and the soldiers. They have been lying ever since Obama has been in office and they need to be voted out in order to get anything good done !! Don’t watch fox news, they are the Worst for true facts !! You have to investigate what you hear and you will learn the truth !! That is what I have done. I don’t like to be lied to and played for a fool !! If you do keep listening to fox news and other lies that are out there !!

          • Conrad Gabbard

            It appears you missed some civics classes, celia. The House was given the power of the purse to control Administration overreach – which Obamacare clearly is! The House has passed bills to fund every aspect of the government – sans Obamacare – Harry Read will not bring the bills to the Senate floor for debate or a vote. The threats of government shutdown and default are coming from the Oval Office – and the Democrat-controlled Senate refuses to settle for anything that does not fully fund the law that’s already destroying our 40-hour work week and much of the best medical system in the world.

          • Carl/CombatDisabled/USMC

            Celia is right on, and tells it like it is. Think it is you who missed some classes Conrad, and think your also missing some of the lights in your chandelier. Obamacare, which contains much of the (Counterfeit) Romney health plan, which is working fine in MA, is the law, and its funding is also written into that law. The Repukes can not defund it as long as there is a Dem controlled Senate, or they can not override a Presidential veto. They are wasting millions of dollars, time, and effort, in their grandstanding and petty bickering, passing bills that have no chance of ever being law. The American voter is fed up with them, and can see through their bigot and racist view, and political oppression toward the President policies to move this country to the Recovery and Prosperity Phases of business.

          • thejudy64

            I so Agree with you Carl !! If people would Check their facts before talking, they would Know what is the Truth, and what is a Lie !! I am looking for Celias’ post, and for some reason it has disappeared from my page ? She is also Right on, and Knows what she is talking about, not listening to Fox news, which Loves to spread Lies and propaganda to our citizens who do not realize what it is !! It should Not be allowed ??!! I still do not understand Why is other then the Billionaire Koch brothers run Fox news , and would Love to ruin our country. The Republicans are tying to take away All of the rights, and things that we have All worked so hard to pass ! Common sense People, don’t we all want safe food and water? Regulations for the companies that are polluting ? Rights for Women ?! Rights for all People to vote, not just while people? The Republicans could care Less about the middle class, the veterans, etc. they only care about themselves, and the Top 1% ! They don’t care about the poor people in other countries ? they don’t even care about their own poor here in the U.S. !! They just Love War becaue they Profit from it Period ! War makes them Money, and Hurts the rest of us, because we are the ones that have to foot the Bill ! They don’t ! Now the Republicans will Not raise the billionaires taxes back to what they were before Bush gave them the tax break ! Which was a Dumb idea in the 1st place !! It was not supposed to be a forever tax break ! They would rather take social security, medicare, etc. away from the people, and they call it Welfare !! We have worked for these so called entitlements and they Have the money, but if they take from the Middle class, they will not have to raise taxes on the Rich ! Democrats care about People, More then Money !! Republicans (Politicians) care More about Money then People! That is why I will Not vote for a party that does not care about my own well being, instead of only the Top 1% ! I could go on and on.. If you want to Hear the Real facts and Truth, watch MSNBC instead ! My dad is a WWII vet, he is 90 yrs old and failing. He is not well at all, but he knows who is on our side, and it is Not the Republicans anymore. At one time, but they haven’t been for yrs.! Every time a Republican has been in office the economy has gone Down ! And when a Democrat is in it goes Up ! Just a fact !! Check it out before you go calling our Potus names , and believing all the lies they are telling about him. No one would be able to run for President without knowing their back ground etc.!! Just common sense ! Even McCain said that he is not a Muslim !! I could go on and on, but I won’t. Bless You All <3

          • Carl/CombatDisabled/USMC

            The president signs or vetoes the bills Congress and the Senate agree on, and send him. He can not authorize those funds to be paid, paid until the legislature sends him a bill to sign, which by the way he did today, after the House and Senate sent him a bill approving death benefits to be paid to the families of veterans.

          • William Garner II

            You are DEAR WRONG! This is the responsibility of the irresponsible U.S. House Of Representatives! in fact this entire reckless behavior falls squarely in the laps of the U.S. House of Representatives!!!

            The Republican Party has reacted in this fashion because of a Law that was passed by the Senate and House and certifed by the U.S. Surpreme Court to be the Law of The Land…!!! they have vowed to “defund” the Affordable Health Care Law which was never going to happen!

            Because of this, we find the Country at this moment in time once again. The U. S. House of Representatives make “All USA Laws” the “President” merely enforce the Laws that Congress make!!!

            Please Wakeup…!!!

      • SD

        I agree I think a vast majority of the US citizens are outraged over what is being done in Washington

        • OldNavySeniorChief

          Democrat, Republican. Tea Party, Conservative, Liberal … it really doesn’t matter. They all need to take care of the peoples business because that is what they were elected to do. I am so tired of all this finger pointing and name calling. Things are in a big mess and all of the politicians in Washington D.C. played a part in it.

          • Conrad Gabbard

            Sorry, Chief, that perspective is so yesterday. Most politicians’ prime directive is to get re-elected. Bureaucrats control the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the percentage of our earnings we can keep. Need more examples? Those bureaucrats are being paid twice what their non-governmental peers with the same credentials and experience take home – not to mention job security. Since they produce nothing of value, who works for who?

      • conlar

        I have known for a very long time that this nation is ungrateful to it’s veterans! When I came home after serving three tours in Viet Nam, 1967 through1969, I was spit on and called a baby killer at the San Fransisco airport.

        • smf2213

          Well- thank you for your service, a little late but I truly do appreciate you. Both of my parents are gone, but Mom was in Navy waves and Father was in Army. My father was in the Army units that liberated Nazi death camps outside Munich. He handed down pictures. I deployed 5 times to middle east.

        • Gary Cordeiro

          Shit, I thought I was the only one. My buddy was thrown in jail and I spent my leave visiting him. R& R to the max.

        • Rathwell

          I swear by all that’s Holy! I must be one of the very few “Nam” veterans who didn’t get spit on or called “baby killer” at the airport???? I went to Vietnam twice, came home in Uniform from overseas three times. Never had a problem till I got to my hometown! (Oberlin, Ohio, Just the college students not the people of the town) So I do know what you’re talking about but we can’t change what happened then but we can make a difference now! They work for the people! Not the other way around!! We stood together in Nam and ALL of us need to stand together NOW! As the old saying goes: If we’re not part of the solution = We’re part of the problem ! We’ve got to identify and vote out the jerks in both parties who have caused this mess. Then we have to explain to the remaining and the “replacements” They only Administrate the country! “We The People” run it!! My father always told me when I was a kid, “There’s no such thing as an honest politician, if that person was honest they wouldn’t be in politics!”

          • Conrad Gabbard

            Rathwell, I Landed at SF four times (once on leave to see my new baby) in uniform from RVN and nobody seemed to have a problem with me either. Colorado is going the “vote ’em out” solution one better: they’ve recalled two and are working on # 3.

        • Mickey

          I am with you Conlar. I too suffered the name callings, spit upon and downgraded everywhere I went, in the civilian populace, while wearing my uniform after returning from Vietnam. In the airports, in my own home town, and other public locations. It got to the point that if I was off duty I did not wear the proud uniform of the military.

      • Conrad Gabbard

        I’m retired w/16 years including three RVN tours and I disagree. We have a POTUS who was raised and mentored in communism and Islam (communism with a god-head). The full scope of his actions, “scandals,” failed attempts and leadership style do nothing to dispute that history. Much of our nation is ignorantly starstruck.

        • SSgt Jessmer

          We need a new Real Leader that believes in America and our Men and Women in our Services. He would’t be President if it wasn’t for our Military.

    • Danny, Cold War Vet USAF

      Thank you DAV for always being my battle buddy. I belong to many veterans groups in other countries and they are all asking me about the shutdown.
      Frankly, I have no answer for them. President Coolidge once said: ‘The nation that forgets its veterans will be forgotten.’ Are we getting to be like Rome at the end? I hope not.

    • Michele B

      Touchet on your thoughts! Our benefits are NOT entitlements but sacrifices we have done for the betterment of our nation. We are only 1% of the population that actually volunteers to defend our country yet 99% can’t or won’t volunteer. Look at the numbers of individuals in Congress that have served including our Executive and Judicial Branches. I say that it should be required to have served or have volunteered in the many non-profit organizations to be in these positions not just go to school, get a degree, and run for office. Do away with the summer breaks, have the public decide if you should get a raise, and no more than one term in office. They should recall that the early administrations went home to tend their crops, received little or no pay since it was a honor to represent your states, and the position was not permanent! Notice that no foreign aid programs have been cut but the very citizens monies are? If we don’t get paid, the elected officials should not get paid!

    • Larry Holman

      I don’t know why you object to the word “entitlement”. It is not a bad word. Veterans, military retirees, and social security recipients are, in fact, “entitled” to certain benefits as specified in law because those benefits have been earned in accordance with that legal agreement. Entitlements and welfare are two different things. What needs attention is the fact that the law can be changed upon the whim of Congress and the President. When Congress no longer needs to listen and respond to their constituents because their campaigns are funded by super-rich people who don’t even reside in their districts, then it no longer matters what the will of the citizens may be. I fear for the future of our beloved country.

      • Terra Long Ciurro

        Actually, welfare can be a type of entitlement, as well. I think we all can agree that all German Shepherds are dogs, but not all dogs are German Shepherds. In the same way, welfare is a type of entitlement, but not all entitlements are welfare.

    • William P

      Celia, It appears to me that Obama hates the Military, he should have to serve 4 years like the average GI Joe does then he would appreciate what the Military Person does. I think every dime spent on our Military-Defense System is a investment not a expense. Sure you have notice have Obama disrepects our Military. He needs to be sent packing.

      • celia bonavita

        William P,

        I always felt that way about all Presidents since we always seem to be suffering decreasing benefits and pay freezes. That said, the reason is because the DoD budget is more than half the budget or around $500B to $600B.

        The impression that Obama hates military may be just another propaganda tool. I do not think Obama hates the miltary. Most D.C. leaders do not have military experience, which I find weird, since that is a change from when I was younger.

        That said, cuts have to happen; U.S. cannot sustain such a huge military (with 40 to 60% civilians) without being in war…and we cannot afford that until our economy improves to support it. Spending money on war takes important & finite resources from the citizens and focuses it on supporting the war.

        While Bush/Cheney were good at planning profitability from the wars, they never planned for mass exodus and military to civilian transition, even though they pulled many reserves to go fight. Also, remember Bush/Cheney started the Iraq war for a personal vandetta loosely based on rumors (giving them benefit of doubt) of Nuclear capabilities which were later disclosed to be speculative at best – since no confirmation came before we started the war. To so casually throw away thousands of lives does not show a respect for military. Obama’s focused results-oriented conflicts would appear to be more respectful of life and limb.

        Information on Bush/Cheney motivations on Wars

        (2008) Veteran turned away from military hospital commits suicide

        GOP Cuts to military

        I believe it was Bush who started the paid Tricare for retirees and ‘dependents’ It may have happened in Clinton’s term, but it takes a year or so to get plans in action.

        The GOP (Ryan the Current GOP Budget guy) campaigned in 2012 to cut DoD & the benefits.

        Also in 2012 the GOP (Ryan’s budget) take huge heat for cutting military funding

        2014 Ryans budget (the GOP budget guy)

        “Mr. Ryan’s budget calls for $560.2 billion i”Mr. Ryan’s budget calls for $560.2 billion in defense spending in 2014”, DoD requested $615B (down from $645B (2012). Obama’s budget (which he knows GOP will counter – so uses it as a negotiation tool was $526 (discretionary, not sure if that is all). Bother Ryan & Obama have the military budget at 57% (Ryan) & 53% of the budget (Obama).

      • Randall 100%er

        If you have been reading your DAV magazine regularly you would know what President Obama accomplished for veterans his first 2 years in office. His hands have been tied by the tea party since the midterms. That is not liberal bias, those are the facts!

      • Conrad Gabbard

        Sheik Yermami: “No one with even the vaguest awareness of Obama’s background would be surprised to see him seize on his opportunity to destroy the American military.” Jan. 7, 2012 on Egyptian TV

    • Art

      It’s that Obamacare that is doing the damage. Plus the Republicans and Democrats don’t see eye to eye. Conservative people and liberal people don’t see eye to eye at all.

    • rickg USMC

      Thank You Celia You have said in just a few word what the so called leaders in DC Do not have the backbone to tell the big money boss’s who own them and then stand up and do (I guess it takes a little guts to tell the money your going to do what is right)

    • Ernest Hill

      Being a retired Marine, now disabled, With two disabled children. My pension was also took away. My oldest son who is now 14 is proud that his dad served his country in the marines, wishes some day he can join, but in reality it wont ever happen. I find it hard to try to explain to my teenage son about serving in the military because what it has done to my family now that I am losing everything. God help us all

    • Phil Bell


      • payless in wa


        I disagree with you. That is a nice thought, but eventual pay will ruin those of us that have no other income besides our government salaries and or VA benefits. Many people can not pay their bills this month if this is not fixed soon. Our combined incomes for 2 weeks was LESS than 25% of what it normally is. Our mortgage payment and other bills are not going to adjust because our income is impacted. We are tired of always being on the losing side of the Government decisions that do not impact them at all! The cuts should start with the elected officials losing their salaries, maybe even fine them for failure to work and accomplish things for the last 5 years.

      • william wolf

        active military along with veterans get little or no raises year to year but yet the leaders of our great nation get pay raises, paid for working how many wks a yr, great medical benefits and the list goes on. how about if they get the average pay of the average blue collar worker and only get paid for actual work hours plus get the same insurance (medicare) that most americans get. I bet they would get this hammered out faster than a bull in a china closet.

    • Mark Doster

      This is EXACTLY what I’ve been relaying to people, as to how ridiculous this all is. I only did 4 years but I did it with no trouble and got out honorably for school. I can’t survive without the benefits. It’s the dumbest thing that I have ever heard that the government remains paid for a job they can not do while I get screwed for a job that I DID DO!

    • bill lundy

      agree!!! As a retired veteran who was killed in Vietnam (agent orange) but has not died yet. I for one am sick and tired of the military and veterans being thrown under the bus, instead of the nations leaders living up to their responsibility to us .

    • Barbara B

      I’ve been reading these comments and chewing on this for two days. It was suggested on last night’s news that the parties involved are at least beginning to talk–mainly because of polls that indicate their credibility is in the gutter with the American people. Don’t you find that Interesting? Please don’t forget this turn of events. Maybe there is a little power left in the collective voice of the people and maybe it’s not too late to turn some things around in this country.

      What I’m saying is this: If they get the government moving again (probably by next Tuesday) please don’t get complacent again just because your immediate needs are met and the problem has “gone away.” That is what they count on. It’s still time to clean house in DC because they really could care less about the average joe but I just think they are becoming afraid of just how many of us are ready to show up on the Mall in Washington! Wouldn’t that be something to see folks!

      So even though they have it “cushy” down there and never seem to vote in term limits for themselves doesn’t mean we can’t enforce term limits from now on with our votes. One or two terms is plenty and if we keep voting them out after that, they’ll know there is no use in raising money for a third and fourth term…..;o)

      God Bless you all and thank you all for your service. I hope for all of us, they resolve this asap—just don’t ever forget they put us in this awful situation in the first place.

    • William Garner II

      The President is not the blame here! The President of the United States do not make the Laws!! All Laws are made by the U.S. Congress! It is the U.S. House of Representatives that is holding the country hostage!!! They have “obstructed” at every turn on any Bill sent to the House by the President!
      This reckless behavior fall squarely of the laps of the irresponsible U.S. House of Representatives.

      They have their “panties in a bunch” because they want to defund the Affordable Health care Law that they approved and certified by the U.S. Supreme Court to be the Law of the Land! Something that will never happen because this is a good law that will help millions of people who were at the mercy of one of the Republican “Puppet Masters” Medical Insurance Companies!

      Those cowards who have tried keeping the American Military in these useless wars for more than 12 years. The coward Republicans are “Racist War Hawk’s” who despise President Obama!! His promise to bring our troops home from war’s that have claimed hundreds of thousands human beings and depleted the U.S. Treasury!! The Military Weapons Complex want to keep the largely poor people at war so the wealthy can make money off you and your families backs!!!

      Please Wakeup!

    • Carl/CombatDisabled/USMC

      Thank you Celia for standing up for the truth with documented “Links,” even though many of these mental midgets who call themselves patriots ignored them, so they could run their, and show those in the know how stupid they really are.

      These people who do not research their comments about how the government works, and lie about our Commander-In-Chief – a respected Professor of Constitutional Law (see Google) – and lie and misinform about many other things too, are bad joke and only show their misinformed ignorance. The ignorant and inexperienced get there information from places like FalseNews, or haters like Rush Limbaugh, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, “Lyin” Ryan, “Counterfeit” Romney, or the other liars and control freaks of the “Repukelican Party.”

      It takes more than wearing a flag pin to be a patriot, as most elected politicians who do not support equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all American citizens like to do.

      Her is what the Repukelicans (i.e., members of the Republican Party who have sold their integrity and votes to the rich and greedy, and corrupt Corporations) got for their needless government shut-down, that had no chance of success, and cost the taxpayer billions of wasted dollars (24 billion wasted is the first estimate):

  19. SSG(R) Telesia Sobol

    Thank you for being our voices! For our voices have not been heard! Thank God my husband has the income to cover my disability compensation if I don’t receive it, but it will definitely put us in a bind! The VA clinics/hospitals in our small town can only do so much when it comes to my medical needs due to my tbi and with insurance the way it is now, I’m limited to the procedures I can receive a year. If our leaders could only walk in our shoes for a day and know the pain that we endure, they would think twice about their own selfish agendas. We are soldiers, not because of the pay because we don’t get paid nearly what we should. We are soldiers because we love our country…the red, white and blue! Some have died for those freedoms that we are being denied and others are paying a life sentence. If only our leaders loved this great Nation as much as we do, America would be a much better place! I am disgusted with our leadership…and I use that term lightly! As a non-commissioned officer in the United States Army, this is not what the NCO creed represents, nor the Soldier’s Creed! Shame on them for not having morals and values! Thank you again for fighting this losing battle for us!

  20. Dawn Marie Hadden

    As both Veterans and VA Employees… my husband and I thank you for taking the time to write such a compassionate letter detailing the effects of this shutdown, and how it affects all of us. I hope your letter will reach our leaders and allow them to come to an agreement soon, before it’s too late. Thank you again!

  21. Bernadette Wire

    My husband and myself have been together for 36 years…I have seen all the problems that over the years have bestowed on my husband. Vietnam has left him mentally unable to be the man he used to be..PTSD has left him a shell…We depend on his disability checks because we live from one month to the next. This war between Democrats and Republicans must stop. We all realize you are exempt, but my hubby wasn’t he was drafted at 17 and deserves his comp check

  22. Dave Hartung

    I pay for my own VA Disability money as they take it out of my Military Retirement and then send me a check. WTF Why do I have to pay for my own Disability?

  23. Julio A Barrios Lemole

    Thank you DAV for taking a stance for us all!!!

  24. Spicelynn

    Thank you for writing this! As a veteran, I solely depend on the VA for my care and mental health welfare “PTSD”, in light of everything that is happening in our country at this moment, and having a rough month financially, to help a close family member to get through brain surgery, it has left me so strapped, I don’t even have enough groceries for the month. I don’t know about others, but suicide has been a option running through my head, not that I would act on it at this moment, but if things get worse, who knows what some of us will do!!

  25. burtie

    thank you Mr. president, I was drafted and went to Viet Nam. I have the effects of agent orange, and now you are taking away my paycheck . Well done.

  26. Vaughn Smith Jr

    Truly disgusted. 3 combat tours, and Im a wounded warrior. You”re all fired! Pack your gear and get moving. OUT, get out of my country, take your shameful actions with you. I will not tolerate you or your parties any more. You successfully disrupted this country to the point of no return. You have made more Americans feel alienated than any other public figure EVER! You and all of the reps in washington need to be let go. You have failed your mission miserably. Americans are doers! Not a bunch of little girls whining over “their” budget. Your time is over. I would like to thank you for making normal folks pissed off enough to do something about you and your friends up there in DC. Yamamoto said he was afraid they had awoken a sleeping giant. The giant is right under your nose and hes had enough. You all need to do the honorable thing (LOL Honor) if you can remember what that might be. I am one of many who feel so strongly about this, you have forced our hand. No more excuses, no more affirmative action. I will not sit by idle and watch you destroy my country. I took an oath for over 22 years to defend the constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. You cant have our guns, there was a time when every Christian was required to carry a loaded gun to church. You might know some of this if you did some homework instead of paying your way through college. The America I know and love has had it with you and our government. So whatever plans you have you may want to be real careful as I believe there are enough red blooded Americans who wholeheartedly agree with me, you might find yourself out of a job. Were watching….

  27. Sgt. Pru

    I loved it, because I’m a disabled U.S. Army vet. And I need my benefits, as that is all I have to live on.

  28. Brenda Twomey Leigh

    Thank you for carrying on the work of the DAV. My Dad was a life member before he died. He attended all conventions, and helped many servicemen on the local level. These soldiers have to have an advocate!!!!!!

  29. Sandy McPhee

    Thank you. This letter was well written. I believe you spoke for all veterans however we need to back this up and also send letters so they see how serious we are. I for one am a veteran who depend on my VA benefits to survive. This lockdown has to come to an end!

  30. Michael N

    Thank you for your letter, It seems like our voices are never heard. If we lose our military benefits we will lose everything. Our house, our cars and be so behind in bills we will not know what to do. We have 5 children and will have no way to care for them.

  31. LaTasha Carroway-Quarles

    Thank you so much for this letter!! Very well written!!….especially the part where this is some of the Veterans ONLY income and that Abraham Lincoln wrote the importance of taking care of “the borne battle, widow and the orphan”…

  32. Greg Perry

    If we lose our benefit checks, for those of us who cannot work due to our disabilities, who will pay our bills? buy our food? If someone loses their home or car because of this, will they be willing to buy them one or do the vets end up homeless ??

    • Ken

      If it comes to the point we cannot pay our bills due to non-receipt of our EARNED compensation, I plan to send a list of my bills to my senators. I will divide them equally between my two Senators, as not to place any undue hardship on either one of them. They do not need copies of my bills, because thanks to the NSA, they already have access to the information. What a mess!

  33. Sonny

    As a Vietnam veteran I think that it is unfair to all the military what you are doing to us. We fought for this country in a war we did not want to be involved in the first place. Now you want to take benefits from us, do you pay your own insurance and medical. No the people of this country support you and you treat us like dirt, remember elections are coming around real soon and we will not forget what you are doing.

  34. John Sanders

    Good wording. Plenty of blame to go around up there.It seems that there is ALWAYS some crisis or another that keeps us all in turmoil. Been like that for a while. Gets old. John Sanders, Tennessee

  35. Undertaker

    All I can say is thank you very much for this letter….

  36. mama moo3

    Silent protest for veterans…group effort to show our feelings are hurt…lets all apply for visa to move to iceland or new zealand. If million veterans show effort toemmigrate it show clearly we are hurt by them

  37. mama moo3

    Lets all go to iceland land of the brave vikings! Emmigrate or at least show them veterans will leave.

  38. joe

    The message needs to be,impeachment for President Obama/Comanander in Chief, which he is not qualified for either. He has spit in the faces of every veteran, military member and American on a regular basis since being in office.He is not going to stop until he is out of office and destroys the integrity , ,security and monetary values of the country we fought and sacrificed life and limb for, so our country could remain free and prosperous.

  39. David Garcia

    Thank you, Commander for the strong voice and message you have sent to our elected government…You are a true leader of men…your leadership as commander of the Disabled American Veterans has brought superb credit as our voice to the brothers and sisters veterans who served and continue to serve this great nation protecting it’s freedoms and returning home injuried from battle…Many promises have been broken from our government leadership…Who can we really trust…Its commander like your self …that your wounded soldiers look up to for representation and depend on for help…And with your experience as a leader of soldier…Your voice has been heard…and I also, commend the commanders of the veteran organization for a strong voice representing their organization…This show strength and a powerful message to our government…Working together” WE WILL PREVAIL”…

  40. Christine Doucette

    thank you so much for someone finally standing up for all of us military personel and veterans. I myself only have the VA to rely on for income. I agree our forefathers said specific things concerning not only veterans but americans in general, and often wonder if they are rolling over in their graves going why did we bother. They even gave us the right to bear arms. yet that is steadily being attacked now also.

  41. Veteran.

    And This is what I “Defended My Country” For. Thank You.

  42. Charles Patterson

    Thank you so much for voicing the concerns what all of us veterans are now feeling. Once more, we are called upon to bear the battle and endure the hardship of just the threat from our elected officials that our benefits will be affected by this foolish political drama. As a 80% disabled AF veteran of the Vietnam War, I am completely disgusted by this generation of so called “leaders”. All Americans are being put in serious jeopardy by the current administration. I risked my life many times, and willingly because I believed in who we are, an America worth fighting for.

  43. Greg Garner

    I’m willing to sacrifice a little to force the Democrats to get to a balanced budget and to avoid Socialism that is here with Obamacare – something we fought in World War 1 and 2. They will pay for these benefits – let’s not let the Democrats shirk from their responsibility to be fiscally responsible and hide under a rock for another year!

  44. Steven

    The truth about this matter is it up-setting about what’s going and shut-down, people not working and I’m not letting anything come out my mouth saying the wrong thing, both party need to work together as one. When George Washington became the first President he intent for people to do great things for the people and by the people, I’m a veteran that serve 20 years in the navy and I don’t to lose my pension and with all do respect stop bullshitting and work at a team, I just had surgery on my knee in June and another surgery next year and I don’t my money stop, However, do the right thing for the people and by the people.~~~~~

  45. Ned

    I think we should send the President and all of congress to Afganistan with nothing but bb guns for their protection. Let them trade paychecks with us, and learn what combat is all about!

  46. AD

    Thank you, but as always our letters from DAV members and other disabled veterans to our elected leaders will again fall on deaf ears. As long as they have their raises, can smile for the cameras and look important they will always snub their noses to the commoner who barely survived another attack in the middle of the night. All I have to say to the House and Senate is “Do what is right.” I know that is a lot for some, but some do have a heart……huh Harry?

  47. smf2213

    Well I will say, this would not have happened under Carter, Reagan, Bush, clinton or Bush- Obama hates GI’s- he is a marxist.

    • terry208

      Yeah! kill all the niggers, pope lovers and Christ killers we stand with you smf2213 God bless you smf2213 and God bless his white America.

  48. Jason

    Thank you for all the DAV does for me and my family of military men and women who have freely gone to the front lines
    for our nation. It saddens me to see this might nation put on hold over selfishness in political gain. My prayers are with each family that have lost loved ones in Afghanistan that have not seen any restitution for their loss. I pray for those family’s that are out of work due to the shutdown and cannot pay their bills. I pray for every Vet and military person past and present that they may still be looked up to and help by caring brothers and sisters as our government has turned their backs on us. Thank you DAV for your continuous support and flow of information you share each day.

  49. Audrey Green

    I appreciate DAV for this, the President and those in congress need to hear how those that are affected by this foolishness really feel. You all are still getting paid and those that really need their paychecks are left blowing in the wind on whether or not our bills will get paid or we will be able to buy food. If you all can not get this together then the best thing that you can do right now is sign over your paychecks to keep the government going, pack you bags and go home and stay there cause you are not working for the people who voted you in office you say you represent. My faith in God helps me get through all that you all have torn down and you continue to make a mess out of everything that you do. Veterans as myself what we are afforded not just from serving our country, but everything else that we have endured through what ever illness or injury we may have. Get this country back to some stabilization so that we can continue our treatments and paid our bills like you are doing. Maybe if you all had paid checks in the amounts that we have this might help you see and feel the way that we do in the matter. Enough of the childish behavior get it done now.

    • BillyQ 9th Inf Div, 68/69

      Audrey, the major problem is that Obama and those in Congress just don’t care how this is affecting people. Obama doesn’t make monthly mortgage payments, the white house chef will have plenty of food on Obama’s table regardless of what is happening in the rest of the country. Personally, I am just waiting for Obama’s statement to be made public where he says, “Let ’em eat cake!”

      • Audrey Green

        I agree, what needs to happen is that we as veterans get together and protest to get them all out of office and get some people who really care about what’s happening to the people they represent

  50. Carl

    Am a combat disabled Marine, and life member of the DAV, MOPH, and VVA:


    Cpl/United States Marine Corps

    Combat Disabled – TET Offensive – Vietnam – 1968

    Combined Action Platoon (CAP – Foxtrot 2)/Combined Action Group (CAG – HQ)

    “Hit” in TET 1968, South of Da Nang at firefight to relieve Echo 4 at the Battle of Lo Giang.” See: CAP Echo 4: A Different Look at Tet 1968 (mentioned on pages 21, 22, & 23)

    President Obama, and his wife Michelle and Joe & Dr Jill Biden, have done more for veterans than many of the past Presidents combined.

    These are the facts. The House of Representatives is trying to manipulate the defunding of a law that was passed by both houses of the of the lesgislature, signed by the President, and approved by a ruling of the Supreme Court. It is their job to see that government agencies are funded (Continuing Resolution), and the countries bills they have ran-up are paid (Budget). President Obama can not do anything until the House and Senate send him something to sign or veto. This is not the President’s fault. He will not allow the House to manipulate and use threats to shut down a law that was legally passed.

    Listen for yourself:

    Semper Fi. Do or Die.

    • Bragar

      Much more to it than that pal. Seems like your a democrat plant to me. This nonsense in on obama-period. HE’s the President. He said “I WILL NOT NEGOTIATE”. obamacare is wildly unpopular. Republicans are simply representing those that elected them. That is their duty sir.

      • Social warrior

        You sir sound like a Tea Party plant pal! The Congress has an obligation to pay the bills and fund government. If you don’t like the law of the land, the Affordable Care Act, that was found Constitutional by a conservative United States Supreme Court, there are legislative ways to deal with it. You don’t resort to a burnt Earth policy that helps no one. I am looking forward to rational and honorable opposition from the Republican party, the party of Lincoln, that will not sacrifice our economy in order to win a point and safe face. After the government is reopened, and all it takes is for the Republican leadership to bring a clean CR to the flour for an up or down vote, as a disabled veteran and a Democrat, I would support negotiations on the Affordable Care Act that would improve it. Of course the President can not set a precedent by negotiating issues regarding the full faith and credit of the greatest nation on Earth with a gun to his head. This situation is much more than opposition of the Affordable Care Act, this is opposition to Obama-Care. Let’s not mince words here and call it what it is. This is an attempt to derail the President and weaken any accomplishments that may become his legacy. I am waiting for the first Tea Party republican to man-up or woman-up and admit it!

      • terry208

        He doesn’t have to negotiate, both houses passed the bill that he signed into law, the high court with the vote of the super conservative Chief Justice declared it to be constitutional, and it was debated thru-out the presidential election, it’s over, it’s the law stop crying and move on.

    • A disabled retired SSG

      I’m disabled from the effects of breathing Agent Orange laden dust thru-out 1970 while providing interbase communications for you grunts to receive your air & artillery support, etc.
      The house has passed bills to fund parts of the government including our benefits, but the Democrat controlled Senate at the direction of King Obama have refused to pass any of them. I call Obama king because that is the way he is acting, like is word & what HE wants is it, rather than what the majority of the people want. Which at this point according to most polls, to delay most of Obamacare long enough for congress to work together to make a better, more workable system which won’t break the economy that most people will actually be able to afford.
      What is being shutdown shows the vincdictinouss and meaness of the Presidents and the Democrats. An example is closing the National Parks, likeThe Blue Ridge Parkway, which is open but with attached government-run campgrounds & visitor centers closed, FORCED NON-GOVERNMENT RUN businesses, with non-government employees, to close. Like in the case of The Pisgah Inn which was booked solid for the Fall Color Season, ARMED PARKWAY RANGERS blocked the entrance to their parking lot, forcing guests with reservations to leave and not allowing any to enter. This was ordered by the Democrats. It’s the President and the Democrats who are refusing to talk and pass spending bills, not the Republicans. Obama is the FIRST President who has REFUSED to TALK to work out differences! And you blame the Republicans? Take off your blinders.

      • dennis

        We should blame ourselves
        We act like lambs to the slaughter.

    • George-USMC

      Carl, Name some if not any of the things Pres. Obama & VP Biden have done for the military. I believe that Pres Obama stated that the military member should have to use their own medicaalcal plans if they are wounded or hurt during wartime, that they knew the risks. The house did offer to fund for the veterans diasability pay and the $100,000.00 death benefit. the President refused. I too am a disabled Viet Nam veteran 1966.

      • Carl

        I research night and day, and know who talks the talk, but does not walk the walk like “Boner,” Cantor, “Lyin” Ryan, and the rest of those “traitors” in the House of Representatives who have sold their vote and integrity to the rich and greedy, and corrupt Corporations. They have money to weather the Depression they are trying to create, so they can further destroy the middle class, and create even more economic slaves existing from paycheck to paycheck.

        I should not have to do another adults research for them, but here are just a couple to get you started. You want to know the truth, and not sound like some of this ignorant clowns and clueless civilian guppies on here, who obviously get their “facts” from the lying FauxNews ( then Google, “President Obama for veterans” Google “Michelle Obama for veterans” Google, “Vice President Biden for veterans” Google, “Dr Jill Biden for veterans


    • Larry Holman

      Well said and thanks for saying it! However, can we “handle the truth”?

  51. Zach

    I think a lot of it is purposeful choosing to inflict pain on the people. How is it we will have our earned monies delayed, but they called back all civilian professors to teach at the military war colleges? Most of them teach electives. How is it more important to pay a humanities professor to teach an elective course in “The American Revolution” to State Dep, CIA, Foreign National militaries and O-5/6s something they should have learned in a basic community college course?
    I find this event nothing more than a manipulation by those in charge to say “see I told you this was going to hurt!” All those benefits that truly help the avg American are going to stop…just to “show you!” However, there is a mild shower in the gulf coast that we can “make believe” will cause a catastrophe and bring back all those helpless gov’t employees from FEMA who were furloughed.
    What a joke. Next year vote every incumbent out of office.


    Thank you for standing up for Veterans. As a Vietnam veteran, I’m Disgusted with the situation in Washington, From Obama on Down. I Live on SSD & VA Compensation of 100% Due to wounds to my legs & PTSD. I’ve often said, to serve the PRICE TAG WAS MUCH TO HIGH. I was spit on at san Fransisco airport upon returning home, by War protesters. And it took the VA, 20 years to grant Compensation. To Deny Insurance Burial benifits to recent Vets who Paid the ultimiate PRICE In Afganistan, IS A NATIONAL DISGRACE. Let OBAMA, BOEHNER, & REID, Pick-up a rifle, and go fight the dam War Themselves.
    Thanks Again.

  53. Bruce

    Really is time for a million veteran march on Washington; everybody else does it to get what they want or have earned. Where are the protests for the retired/disabled.

    • Daryl

      I’m retired and working for a civilian company now and i couldn’t help but notice taxes are still being taken out of my paycheck. guess it only works one way. military or not it’s the people who suffer not the politician.

  54. Stefanie

    We depend on va pension to feed our kids. We want the president out of office. He does not like America. Please let’s get him out . This is not about black or white, it is about wrong versus right. Pass it along Jesus be with us all!!!

  55. Charlie Smith

    This is a sad day when this country cannot taker of those who have taken care of this wonderful country. I fell so sorry for those who depend on there disability checks. So if anyone politician may be reading this at leased get the check flowing to these vet’s that are in need.

  56. Ashamed of Washington,

    We live on SS and VA disibility. We get by but will not if we do not get our pay. My husband served his country proud, but right now I’m ashamed of our government. Arguing like a bunch of 2year olds. Why is it the seniors and veterans who have to do without? I say lock them all in a room take their pay, give it to va and seniors give them peanut butter and crackers till they start to act like the adults we elected. The American people need to band together get new people in Washington, they are not working for the people only for their own pride, not the way this country was founded. Our country is vulnerable if government workers are not at their jobs. They have their big pay checks, mansions. Plenty of fancy food, while American people live day to day, some homeless, no food, no checks , that we have worked for all our liven and service family’s have given up so much for. Grow up people, doesn’t matter who gets their pride hurt. It’s not abut o, it’s about the American people. This is a great country that needs its pride back. Get the government open! Work together, something taught in kindergarten.

  57. Francis Corrigan

    Thank You Commander Johnston, I pray to God that the “Leaders” of this country come to realize what the Veterans of this country have given for this country, and that they take You seriously. I am beginning to feel that none of them care about any of us that have served for our freedom. May God help us all.

  58. Moshe Bradford

    I dare any member of congress or any member of the house to walk into a VA hospital and come out the same way they walked in with. What really irks me is that they are exempt from any kind of loss being finances, medical or retirement funds. Not only that but their families get all this free medical, free college funds and many other entitlements that no one else in the United States are receiving. Yet they get paid no matter what happens.

  59. BillyQ 9th Inf Div, 68/69

    One question that needs to be raised here, is why has there been no outrage registered by the almost 130 members of both Houses of Congress who are Veterans? We here in Arizona are pretty used to dealing with John McCain and his lack of concern for any veterans’ affairs but his own, but isn’t it time for the rest of those politicians to wake up and take a stand? Or do they just feel that now that they have a guaranteed income for life, with all the perks that entails, they no longer need to worry about Veterans problems?

    • Larry Holman

      That is the problem with party politics and with the rules of both houses of Congress. The party bosses control everything and any elected official must toe the party line if he/she wants to have a long political career.

  60. Earle a Vietnam Vet

    Just goes to show you that a promise is not a promise. Those who neglect our poor, retirees, Military and Veterans are in my opinon two faced and should not be in an office that does not live up to it’s preset obiligations and pay the bill. We have all our adult life so what’s the problem Congress? If we all just decided to boycott their decisions and we all just stayed home one day just think about how the impact to the Feds on missing out on the taxes that they will not collect. Just a thought? Maybe if they did not get paid they would act a little faster so they would get their paycheck. Why hold America hostage for their personal gratification to prove what? A point? Many people’s livelyhood are at stake here. The people we pay bills too want their money no matter what. So why can’t they meet the darn deadline and be happy that they live in the USA! Oh, and by the way what has happened to 28th Admendment? Does it not apply and who said that we could just do away with it for the selected few? Is there no fairness anymore and where did it go?

  61. Chris

    Why do Obama’s body guards continue to work for him if they are not getting paid? Why is Obama and all of our government officials still receiving pay? This is a great letter and what our government is doing is disgusting and they should all lose their jobs like we would be dishonorably discharged if we did not complete our obligations as soldiers.

  62. Larry L. Cravens

    I am a DAV life member, and in all my years thus far ,I have never seen such childish behavior. Eminating from governmental high places not only degrades the persons, but the offices they occupy. Our forefathers must be turning over in their resting places in shame. God has already blessed America as all the bumper stickers request, but now might be having regrets because of what we have done with those blessings.

  63. Donald A Helms

    What happened to our 14th Amendment section 4? These debates, over not have a budget, or not raising debt ceiling raising, should never take place, according to the 14th Amendment. Why is no one talking about this? In my eyes during a time of war to even think or plan to default on the United States of America we should start impeachment process on all parties involved. This is against the law and we the people are letting the get away with this… Those members of GOP / Tea Party that is holding the American people hostages. Those members of congress that are holding up the budget and debt ceiling should be impeached, and then face charges in court.
    This is what the 14th amendment says:
    Section. 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.
    ** Everyone that votes should remember those names that have brought our country to this for a 2nd time in two years. As with anything, they are getting better and getting closer to a total USA “financial melt down” according to Warren Buffet. Let’s not vote these clowns back into power or they just might do it one day.

  64. GeorgiaPeach

    Thank you for speaking for disabled veterans and their families. As each day passes, I am getting more and more scared about what happens if veterans benefits aren’t re-instated. My husband is 100% disabled Vietnam vet–his disability income and a small Social Security check is what we live on and without it, we can’t pay our mortgage or our other bills. I stay at home with him and provide the care he needs, so that’s it. I worry about the snowball effect–we can’t pay our mortgage, so we accrue late fees and penalties which we can’t catch up on. We have a VA loan, but that won’t stop our mortgage company from foreclosing–and we’ve never been a minute late on a payment. The excellent credit rating we’ve built will be gone–not our fault, but nothing we can do about it. Now they are talking about kicking the Debt Limit down the road six weeks, but keeping the government shut down while the Senate refuses to vote on the appropriation–holding veterans and their families hostage for political gain is wrong.

  65. Marcia

    I am married to a retired disabled veteran and must say if he could, he would put his uniform on again to fight as he believes in our country. Our Congress is a disagrace to the men and women in uniform.

  66. Danny Medders

    4 years in the Corps, 22 years in the US Army and 10 years in the USPS and between my father, my Son, my Grandson and myself, we have “Honorably” served 74 years total active federal service and have fought in every war since 1943. I don’t owe this country, this nation, this republic a damned thing, “they owe me”. I am an American and I am fed up. Fed up to the gills with having to abide by annal laws that nullify everything we have sacrificed for the past 250 years. Don’t ever believe that we are the great nation we once were! In just 5 years we have sat on our asses and allowed this government to tear the very heart and soul out of our Constitution and turn a blind eye to th Bill Of Rights. We have NO one to blame but ourselves. As long as we set idily by and do nothing, nothing will change and we will suffer. A day will come (very shortly) when the sleeping giant will once again awake and we will reestablish democracy. There is another storm brewing on Americas horizon, be prepared once again to join forces with our fore fathers and reclaim America!

  67. Doug

    Thank you for your support. Thanks for all the comments as well. It is a sad day for all of us veterans, soldiers, and their families. I belong to no political party. I am an American. We the people for the people by the people. If all politicians were just Americans and really cared about Americans instead of their own personal agendas we would all be better off. I read one persons comment on here that pointed the finger at certain politicians. That’s the problem right there. To think all this is because of one side is silly. Here is just one way it works starting from the top. Lets say I’m the president. Then I tell you what is going to be. There are people that don’t agree. I say lets talk about it but really not willing to hear your side because I don’t want to compromise. Since you don’t want to do exactly what I want, we can’t come to an agreement and it is all your fault. The rich run this country. The rich do not want to do anything that may cost them money. The poor have no money. The guy in the middle gets hammered. There are some rich people that pay their fair share, but most use every write off available so they don’t have to pay taxes. There was a man not long ago in my area that owed a lot in taxes. Instead of just paying them he went out and bought the most valuable bull dozer money can buy for a write off. He did not even know how to start it. It’s called loop holes for the rich. There has only been one politician that has talked about getting rid of a bunch of those loop holes. No one listened to him, especially the rich. The blame game doesn’t help Americans. It puts us right where we are. If things don’t change, they will get rid of the middle. Then they will either have to take more from the poor or start on the lower in their class. I saw a comment about schooling. It is a shame when a honorable discharge has no weight at all, but a diploma does. I know lots of people with diplomas that could not lead rats to cheese in a cheese factory. Again, there are those however, that took school serious and are assets. I have read about entitlements. Is a paycheck an entitlement? If not, then all the things promised to soldiers as part of their payment for serving is not an entitlement. I don’t want to turn this into a book. Any soldier or veteran has the right to their opinion. We fought for it. All soldiers and veterans should get what they earned. I am a disabled veteran, grandfather, father, brother, uncle, nephew, son. I am family. I am a friend. I am an American.

    • AnotherNamVet

      About half the members of Congress are millionaires while the other half are doing six digits well. Too bad we can’t say the same about the average American.

      • Doug

        I hear you. Too many people don’t want to hear the truth. This country is heading down a bad road. Too many don’t care because it isn’t affecting them. Too many don’t care because they just live in the now and want to have fun and don’t care about morals. Too many don’t care because they in reality are not pro America.

  68. Nancy Minchin, MSgt Ret, USAF

    Thank you Commander Johnston for supporting all of us and your efforts to awaken all those who cannot understand what it’s like to give up your life for your country and for some, returning home in a wooden box. I know that when I enlisted in the United States Air Force 40 years ago, it was for a good reason and it was for God, family and country. I love my country and feel safe in knowing that there are still young men and women who have the same reasons I did for joining this great military of ours: fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters of American citizens, who want to make a difference, who want a better life than what they’ve had or those who just want to be part of something bigger than themselves. These are the brave men and women who have stepped beyond their comfort zones and joined the forces of the United States military. Some think it is just another job and we get everything free so we should be thankful. Well, I am thankful for what the Air Force has allowed me and given me and my family, because we all gave up part of ourselves for the Air Force and the United States of America. It is not too much to ask that after serving any amount of time that we receive the benefit of knowing that we are secure in our lives. Look at all the letters steadily flowing in that are filled with worry. Worry that we might not see a check November 1st, worry that we won’t be able to pay our mortgages, feed our families, and just live as much a normal life as we can with the disabilities that we have suffered through our personal sacrifices for our country. I am not saying that my country owes me anything but honor. Honor the promises made to us when we signed that contract for 4 or 6 years and every reenlistment to stay and continuing serving. I cannot speak for other veterans but I do know that my comrades in arms ask only for what we have all earned. We don’t deserve to be cast aside every time something needs to be cut. Commander Johnston hit it right on the nail when he quoted Abraham Lincoln. The obligation to care for the men and women who sacrificed for this country and the family members who were always there to support them will always exist and I too call upon every elected official to live up to their obligations to us as citizens of this great country! Playing politics with all of us as citizens and veterans of this country has to end! We trusted enough to vote for and elect those representatives to be our voice(s) in government. Now, prove to all of us here in the United States of America, that you deserve to keep your place. Work together to reach an agreement and stop all the nonsense going on in Washington….Please listen to us!

  69. David

    Thanks! I’m tired of being treated like a dead-beat 2nd class citizen. It’s time to fire everyone in congress. They’re not interested in working anyhow.

  70. 0802 USMC

    Thirty eight years of service, insuring your troops are fed, paid, kept healthy, even aimed at liberty is an ingrained habit called leadership. If you don’t got it your dead! Many of your readers have been with me in Korea and in Viet Nam, know the frightening feeling of life slipping away from a fellow warrior. The Nations finest do not seem to get it; there is a dedicated conspiracy to overthrow the decent population of the U.S. and I its place; place a hollow, out of control, criminal, antichrist, crooked system, dominated by the cowardly ACLU and special interest mongers. DOD, VA and the Government should be dissolved and the function turned over to Costco, Amazon or Walmart! Proven successes. We would see our postal service return, our pride in the Military regained, The failing Social Security operating and Leadership restored! I am a holder of three Purple Hearts, 100% disabled, have applications into VA for assistance and depend on my disability award, for life itself and all we get is the ass! Thanks DAV for the fight!

  71. Linda Hobbs Oakley

    Thank you DAV for writing this letter and for fighting for our Veterans…as a wife a a disabled Veteran we depend on this income to live on…I am on disability also for cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, without this income we will not be able to pay our mortgage and bills! Ths is a disgrace to our Vets for all of this especially the ones who are fighting as of this time for our freedom! To deny them and their families death benefits because a bunch of beauracrats can’t make their minds up is PATHETIC! Thank you DAV for all the work you are doing for all of the Vets..God Bless you and God Help our Country!

  72. Roj

    First of all coming from a 20 year retired Navy Combat Veteran, thanks for the letter National Commander! The true and simple reason for this shut down is that the politicians do not want to fall under Obama care!! Enough said, the politicians all need to put aside their egos and get back to work. That is what the politicians were elected to do is WORK!!!! Closing opinion: Government EPIC FAILURE!!!



  74. Sad and ashamed in Alaska

    I am truly ashamed of my elected representatives, YES ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, NOT EMPLOYEE’S! They are suppose to be our voice and represent the will of the people and to do no harm to the people, to take care of our veterans and service people. Instead they have passed life time pay and benefits for themselves and enacted laws to ensure that their pay and benefits are not affected by government shutdown or an other reason. This is all about partisan politics, shame, shame, shame…… When a Party becomes more important that the People it is suppose to serve, our Country in great danger….. Enough said…….

  75. Brad Morgan 100% Navy vet

    The commander is 100% correct, many veterans, myself included; rely on the disability payments we fought for & earned. Besides the fact that claims are slow enough, now they are halted due to furloughs. Yet members of congress receive their pay like clockwork, save the independently wealthy ones who “are going to donate their pay to charity”, what a joke. This shutdown could be stopped if they would get their head out of their ass! I hope this ends soon, because if this lags a week longer, ( the 17th of October) this country will be in default; and chaos will follow. God bless America.

  76. E.L. Anderson

    Thank you for the input. It is time that the President and down through the congress have their paychecks stopped. Shut the electricity off to the White House. Ground Air Force one and put all other modes of transportation in storage. It is time that these in D.C. “feel the pain”.
    One other item, if the federal government cannot manage the VA medical and paper work for the few vets, how do they even THINK they can manage the same for 300,000,000 U.S. citizens and millions of sponging illegals?

  77. Alex

    Personally, I do not like it when a veterans’ organization pretends not to take sides politically then goes on to insult the President of the United States without really placing blame on the culprits that shut the government down. The Republicans and the Tea Party franchise are responsible for shutting down the government and they seem to want us to go into chaos by not agreeing to raise the debt ceiling until 12/2014. The Constitution gave the responsibility for paying our debts to the House of Representatives, plain and simple, and it is the House of Representatives that is refusing to release the money to pay our debts. The Senate and the President act under the Constitution as a balance of power thereby preventing a take over of the government by a minority of demagogues. So to me not to place the blame where it belongs is disingenuous and insulting to the Commander IN Chief. Lets go one more step and say that it is disingenuous for a veterans’ organization not to support the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) when at the same time it assists veterans in facilitating the free health care they receive through the VA. Allowing the rest of America access to affordable medicare does not detract one iota from our own free health care so let it be implemented and please stay out of politics because frankly you are a not-for-profit organization and you jeopardize your tax free IRS status. So Mr, Johnston please do not disrespect your President. By the way I also find your statement inciting, angry, and hateful.

  78. Patriotic American

    Thank you very much for a well worded letter.

    My husband and I are both retired military. I completed 27 years as an Army Nurse. My husband completed 30 years as an Army Pharmacist. I was medically retired and am now unable to work. My husband, who still feels a
    sense of duty to our wounded warriors, works as a civilian at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Over the summer he was affected by sequestration. He is now deemed “essential” personnel and is working without pay. Our patriotism and sense of duty to the our country has now taught me a valuable lesson – DON”T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET. With the debt ceiling reached, the government shutdown, and sequestration – we are so worried about receiving ANY pay (retirement, disability, and federal civilian). I love our military and cherish my military service. The current government budget situation, however, is causing us an incredible amount of stress. I have cancelled my son’s occupational therapy and speech therapy appointments because TRICARE is not processing claims and right now, we have no money coming in – until this situation is resolved. Please encourage the President to put the PRIDE back into America.

  79. Jerry Williams

    My wife is from Thailand and we have a home there. We travel there to see her family every other year. I am 100% disabled! and 100% fed up with this country. If things were like this when I served, I would probably been Canadian now. I’m headed back to Thailand in November to stay. I can live under a monarchy with no problem after the way things have become here.

  80. David Strand

    As a 100% disabled VET I totally concure with all prior statements from my brother and sister VET. I enlisted in good faith to serve my country. I now am very embarrassed and angered to be represented by this partisan politic bickering. Not only does it interfere with the operation of the United States as whole but is a national embarrassment.

  81. D. Hoover

    Thank you for your never ending support. I pray that the citizens of this country, especially all those who have been and will be harmed by the shutdown and potential default on raising the debt limit, not only vote but pay attention the next time they vote. I pray that the citizens of this country demand that the members of congress and the senate have to live by the same laws that they impose on everyone else. If the money that is being wasted every hour is not a concern to those who have caused this shutdown then add to the compensation paid to disabled vets! We are NOT paid at a level that insures a good quality of life. If only we could give ourselves raises. STOP THE MADNESS !!

  82. walter r fry

    Why don’t you act as adults and not children. The people are just as much to blame for electing you over and over again. My goal is to get new people who has passion to get the job done right with out all the non work that gets done now.

  83. jim

    I have a heart disability caused by agent orange that I got when I was in viet-nam. and I live off my disability payments, if the government does not stop this shut down and I don’t get my check on November 1st I’ll be out on the street. The members of congress are out to hurt the president and this country, they don’t like a black president who is trying to clean up there mess from a former president. They need to get up off there butts and go back to work for the people of this country.

  84. John from Denver

    AS a 100% disabled American Veteran of Viet Nam, I whole-heartedly agree with the sentiments expressed by the DAV commander and others on this page. President Obama must be insane to even threaten us with withholding our disability checks Nov. 1. To deny any benefits, including money for those who have lost family members in combat, is the height of callousness and reeks of political opportunism. The negative political consequences will be catastrophic for this administration and for Democratic Senators and Congress people who have not yet leaped immediately to the aid of all veterans. We are a huge bloc of informed voters who will not be ignored.

  85. sad

    I am disabled at the 100%n rate and would like to say I depend on my checks. Without them no bills including my house payment does not get paid.We have 3 months of savings after that we move out and start selling stuff off to get money for an apartment.I suffer from depression and anxiety and I have noticed an increase.I have been doubleing up on meds.

  86. larry reberry

    As a vietnam disabled vetaran my life ftom vietnam has been one of tremidence pain! My body hurts from the war and what happen to me! I spent half my life in hospitals! MrPresident obama,House of Represenatives.Senators.secretary of Defense.secretary of veterans affairs.I served my country and came back disabled” Do not make us beg for are compensation! We need are pay to feed are families and pay are bills! In the name of all disabled vetarans we ask that please come to a decision and just think of all of us!

  87. David Freet Sr

    Military service has been and will be a honored service. The honor bestowed up on the military has been earned by blood, sweat and death, not by being elected to an office. In the present crisis, I do not believe that all of the political parties or politicians are earning that honorarium. Get your act together and learn how to work together as we who fought and ied for this country.

  88. morals1929

    Served 34yrs 11mos 29das 15mins, during Korea, Vietnam and Persian Gulf wars, now disabled and unemployable, we depend on our disability payments and benefits. We gave it all to earn those rights, now being taken away by the same people whom send us to war in the first place. We never refused, we went when told to do so. Or face penalties under the UCMJ.. We need congress to excempt veterans from this mess, Remember men are still dying in Afghanistan, Iraq and other parts of the world in return for an IOU?, What if the soldier is not there to collect? What do you tell the families? If killed in combat? Why do I need permission to get burried? CONGRESS NEEDS TO PROVIDE VETERANS, WILL ALL IS DUE TO THEM… PAY, MEDICAL CARE, BENEFITS THAT THEY HAVE RIGHTFULLY EARNED. ON LIKE WE RESPONDED WHEN CALLED TO DUTY… WE NEED YOU TO COME TO APPROVE ANY BILL TO FUND THE VA.

  89. Red One

    No deal if they want to make cuts to Social Security and the chained CPI in order for us veterans to get our benefits on time.

  90. Charly L. Wells, Sr.

    Your message is on point and I am sure all of he veterans affected by this fiasco feels the same. I am facing losing my home and not being able to feed my family because of the shut down and I find this behavior from our elected officials deplorable.

    Please make DoD, VA, Congress, & the President understand that military benefits, retirement, Tricare, education, & disability is ALREADY EARNED. As it was, they changed it before we retired…so we got less than half of what we signed up for.

    Veteran benefits are NOT an entitlement. Please ask them to take it out of appropriations and make it a mandatory spend – like social security, medicaid, medicare – all of which should not be part of the budgetary process either…since that was an investment made by those citizens – and is earned, as well.

    Thank you for listening now do the right thing!!

  91. Alkan B. Cote

    Let’s vote out all incumbents and let the new guys know they had damned
    well better follow the wishes of their constituents and not follow
    in the foot steps of their predecessors.

  92. C Mac

    I am 100% disabled with PTSD for my service in Iraq. I have two children and am a single parent. My disability check is my source of income. I rely it to provide for my children and pay my bills. Who is going to feed, shelter, and clothe my children when we lose our house because there is NO money???

  93. fatmababy105

    It is my firm and honest belief. that President Obama’s intentions are to destroy the USA. He has shown he does not favor the military personnel at all. His actions are disgraceful and harmful to our country. He has divided America more than any former president, in my 80 years. It is a sad situation that we are in.

    • Larry Holman

      If the president is trying to destroy the country, then the right wing is playing right into his hands.

  94. Jack Carter

    I strongly support this well written and articulated letter. It is sad that congress will not do what the mass of the people want done, but what politically serves them. They are self serving, evil, disrespectful, and morally corrupt soles who choose to make rules for the citizens and then exempt themselves. Satin has a strong hold over the leaders and elected officials of our nation. It is disgusting at best. While I pray for them to soften and have a change of hart, I hold little hope that will occur. Sad, Sad, Sad…

  95. Michael Ott

    I remember the reception we Vietnam veterans received when we returned from in country. I’m wondering if todays service men and woman are starting to feel something similar right about now. I wonder if our enemies are sitting back with their feet up, drink in hand, hoping that the United States does something they’ve been unable to do-self destruct.

  96. Don Marquis

    These nit-whitts were elected by us , the people of these United States, they were elected “by the people, for the people, for the good of this nation.”
    If these nit-whills can’t put aside they personal differences for the good of the people, for the good of the country, we should elect another NEW house and congress ! Maybe another president too. Listen up you jerks,, this isn’t about YOUR male ego, that I’ m right and your wrong, it’s about MY ego! Mine and every other U.S. PERSON who elected you to do the right thing, to run this country for the good of the people, for the good of this nation; you were elected to serve and protect. Get off your asses and do your job ! Come on people of this great nation, let’s rise up and tell these nit-whitts to clean up this mess; if they don’t, lets get them to hit the road.

  97. George L.Skypeck, Artist& DAV

    Commander..thanks for the email letter to the President and Congress,but I personally feel as a combat wounded and disabled Vietnam Veteran and Life Member of DAV that your words will fall on deaf ears and arrogant attitudes by all of our 3 Constitutionally created branches of they did during the Vietnam Veteran the DAV and I know when we joined forces, using my combat art and famous poem “SOLDIER” (attached) to get the Vietnam Veterans Readjustment & Counseling Act(which created the VET CENTER program and rated PTSD in the DSM III). We had my art show on Capitol Hill and did a 1979-80 DAV calendar of the art. so that it would make an honest favorable impression on Government and Public of we did. I just heard on FOX TV that the president feels he will veto the just passed house and senate bill to the death benefits and vets’benefits! He feels the Fisher House is a federal contractor!….does that affect its tax exempt status and our donations to it because of being a federal contractor? What B.S.! There is NO Leadership in this government except at the levels of every “GRUNT deployed everywhere.!” Now there’s leadership. On the day the government hut down, my wife(also a service disabled veteran) and I were at the Alamo in San Antonio,TX, and say a platoon of young army troops with guidon and in combat uniforms with NCOs and officers and flag, conduct a re-enlistment ceremony for these troops! Did they ask to be paid first before raising their hand and taking the oath again to defend the US Constitution against “all enemies, foreign and domestic..?” NO!Now that’s patriotism! It’s time for a massive campaign for and by veterans expressing WHAT WE WANT TO SEE IN OUR GOVERNMENT…Action and Leadership again. “De Oppresso Liber”…”SKY”( artist & DAV life member)(GEORGE L.SKYPECK,

  98. Independent voter

    I’m a 100% Disabled Vietnam Vet. I’m also a registered independent voter. From everything that I have read on different media I have come to the conclusion that the republican tea party idiots are the ones to place all of the blame for this nonsense. The day the Obama was sworn into office, nine of the leading republican congressional members met that evening for dinner and vowed to block and stop any and all of Obama’s legislation. This was an outrageous vow against the majority will of the people. They put their selfish views ahead of the country’s welfare. These idiots filled the news media of lies about death panels, socialized medicine, sky rocketing insurance costs, and how Obamacare would bring the country down. Really? Then these same people called Obama an illegal citizen, Marxist, Socialist, and Muslim traitor!!! The SCOTUS upheld Obamacare. The majority of Americans voted to keep Obama in office. The republican party is being hijacked by a bunch of lunatics that are being backed by big money robber barons. These robber barons want the country to return to the days of masters and slaves. Wake up folks. These lunatics don’t care about you. They only care about their billionaire benefactors. Enough is enough.

  99. Arnold Cooper

    Arnold Cooper President of AFGE Local 1938 is with you till the end brother and sisters and our Whole union M

  100. Jim Bean

    If we keep up like this the nation will have no military to fall back on. As Veteran’s we all assumed we would have the backing of the Government in our actions and for our retirement or if we were disabled through your service. By even threatening to withhold benefits the Government is telling us “you don’t matter” as much as illegal immigrants. Jim Bean USA, ret

  101. MSG Retired V

    Well Said, however I wonder if it just gets filed away like all the other things we have tried to do. We took an oath: To defend this country from ALL enemies, Foreign or DOMESTIC!!!! Harry Reid, a wold in wolf clothing pretend he is with us, he’s not, Boneheader, and the all those non military members in the house and senate that truly despised us. They do not serve our country they use our country for personal gain. If we got half of what they get as ones that put our lives on the line for this country, not because there is any money in it. We get paid less than the some that work in fast food restaurants and get less than thanks for doing it. I was living in New York when many of our service men came back from Vietnam. It was their love for the country that helped me make my decision to join the Army. The country treated them like doodoo and yet in spite of they still loved this country. All the ones I knew was drafted. They had to go or go to jail. I knew a lot of them, and they didn’t go ROTC (Run Over To Canada and many was told too) they went on, one that I knew told me that having a jail record was much worse and would hurt for life. Die for country was honor
    able and the family would have something to be proud of. Boy was he wrong, he came back hooked on drugs, half his leg and arm got blown. I asked him was it worth it. He said: “Life is hard but fair, hard because it’s living and fair because it’s life.” He wasn’t bitter, angry or unhappy. He wrapped his half leg with a US flag and had a matching headband. He was 26 years old went I graduated high school and joined the Army, when I told him and his buddies, they cried, shook their heads. However the day I actually left, he held me real name and told me he was proud of me and go be the best soldier ever. The slogan then was: “Join the people that joined the Army!” 26 and a half years later, counting Deployments and missed birthdays and other holidays with my children, I’m still here, proud to have donned the uniform, something that most of those in the congress and Senate have never done! Thank all you that service our country with your lives, and thank your family for standing with you!

  102. Harold Dooley ( Viet Nam )

    Than you Mr Johnston & DAV National Leader for your letter. I think you were very accurate for the most part but I must concurr to a very large degree with the comments made by Celia Bonavita that I am pasting in my comments and echoing her comments except for a few words. I will say it is time for the VA to also stop their posturing and delay tactics and that our VA leader Mr Shensheski to wake up and get the tons of claims filed by many Veterans who earned the disability they have file claims for,but never get anything but more delay tactic answers every time they inquire about their claim status. The process is a joke and our so called leaders do not give a flip about getting it done and provide Veterans the compensation and othe benefits they fought for and deserve. We only become a burden to the so called leadership rich and uncaring turkeys they try to lead and govern our country. It’s time you did what you are supposed to do and make sure benefits earned are made available to deserving Veterans.

    Veterans are not a burden, they are what make this country great…showing other citizens what true patriotism is. D.C. uses this same heroism against VETS. Vets should NOT be subject to a bombardment of rhetoric and posturing that makes them feel unappreciated & a national burden.Please make DoD, VA, Congress, & the President understand that military benefits, retirement, Tricare, education, & disability is ALREADY EARNED.

  103. Combatman

    Great letter Joe, this is more than a mouth full, I hope that they listen & unchoke this nation for the sake of all of us.

  104. HOB

    I agree with all that’s been said, i.e., veterans are burdens to this country, rather without the sacrifices that many of us made, and many for periods in excess of the before required years of service required under the draft, the county must uphold the agreement that has been promised and immediately act to make sure that disabled veterans, retiree’s, homeless veterans and members of their families received the benefits/compensation that they have earned. There should be no holding up of payments due.

    I personally resent any member of congress or the senate acting to serve their self interest at the expense of those presently serving on active duty as members of our armed forces, the civilian force that are employed to provide support to them, as well as those who have served in the past, i.e., veterans.

    Let’s mass in numbers and travel to Washington to show that we are not a silent force, rather one that will make their voices heard in large numbers in the months to come as well as when those currently serving in elected positions seek relection, lets resolve to turn them out.

    Along with others, I echo that we must make officials in DoD, the VA, Congress, the Senate and the President understand that military benefits, retirement, Tricare, education, & disability is ALREADY EARNED.

    Veteran benefits are NOT an entitlement – those of us that have served for extended periods of time have earned the benefits authorized by law, act to ensure that we suffer no harm during the shut down, and take whatever action deemed necessary to ensure that payments continue notwithstanding the claimed default.


    Chief Warrant Officer US Army Retired

  105. outOfactor

    Why in the hell are not Veterans Benefits in protected status mandatorily and permanently? Also stop sending billions to foreign countries who later turn on us and stop these perpetual wars of the last 20 years. Its going to bankrupt this country. U.S corporations must be required to keep profits in America’s banks and these corp. must start paying their taxes. If my wife and I don’t receive our checks we will be in dire straits. My wife is in her second year of college using dependency education benefits (VA). I mean please leaders do the right thing, that would be righteous if you all did.

  106. outOfactor

    Why in the hell are not Veterans Benefits in protected status mandatorily and permanently? Also stop sending billions to foreign countries who later turn on us and stop these perpetual wars of the last 20 years. Its going to bankrupt this country. U.S corporations must be required to keep profits in America’s banks and these corp. must start paying their taxes. If my wife and I don’t receive our checks we will be in dire straits. My wife is in her second year of college using dependency education benefits (VA). I mean please leaders do the right thing, that would be righteous if you all did.

  107. fastertrucks

    We have an ungrateful POTUS, the temper tantrum of not caring for our fallen soldiers is Obama’s and Obama’s alone.

  108. William P


    • Chas

      To call yourself an MSG is an insult to all MSGs. Was any of your statements fact checked never mind I know the answer.

  109. M. Moody

    Washington has broken our hearts, we served to protect, and now they serve to reject what we earned.

  110. Chas

    It’s going to be hard to break the impasse because some of the NEW Congressmen doesn’t believe that the debt limit is a problem and should be breached to proud their point. They also believe the govt doesn’t do anything and low and behold they are finding out the govt does a lot for all people. They (Repubs)were giddy with shutting down the Gov’t (manufactured crisis). Then as money run out of each program they want to plug the hole so that they group of individuals will be quiet. Some of you on the thread has fallen for their shenanigans. We have deceased brothers and sisters coming home from the war zone and their families are held hostage by a group that had no idea what they signed on for. So to act like they are running into brick walls they try to plug that hole. All of a sudden our brave WWII Brothers go to the one place to remember the sacrifice they gave as well as the ultimate sacrifice their friends gave and they are almost turned away. And what do the people TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for the shutdown do???? Make it a photo op and blame the other side, Chastise park rangers for doing their job. Luckily there was a true American besides the Park ranger that put that camera hog in his place. Then they want to talk about sick children not getting cancer treatment so what do they do try to plug that hole. Mind you all these plug attempts are just that PLUGS. What about the 800,000 workers that make this country run, All I ask is this if you are going to bash be honest with your assessment. And for the record although I receive disability for my over 20 years of military service. I hope the president stick to his guns and not negotiate for a half ass shutdown effort that will keep brave Americans out of work. Anyone with half a brain ought to know this was a farce from the beginning. This was all about the ACA that would be implemented with or without a shutdown so what did the GOP Gain by shutting down the govt??? I’m waiting??

  111. CRR, Disable Vet, USAF

    It seems members of Congress are afraid to piss Obama off. Right now, they get to keep the good insurance, they are still getting paid (way too much), and are pretty much safe from his wrath. If you were in that position, thinking of your family, would you want to rock the boat? Some will stand up to him but most will not.

  112. vet wife

    It is absolutely uncomprehensible that our veterans have had so much taken away from them. First they willingly went into harms way to defend our country so everyone could remain free, then medical coverage was taken away and we had to learn to pay for this. Not mentioning that wives, children and husbands were taken away from their families and everyone understood why. And now you are causing families who are morning their family member not to be able to get the assistance they deserve and need. Does any so called educated politician in Washington understand that they are going to make things worse for millions in this country by vets not being able to get their monthly checks to live. Not get wealthy just to survive from month to month. No veteran is getting enough money to compensate for what they have been through in the past or present. Get your act together and don’t do this to all concerned every few months because everyone wants to be the winner. We are all Americans so you all need to act like are proud to be a citizen of the United States of America.

  113. EDWARD C.

    I am 100% VA disabled and can not work. Neither can my wife of 41 years. We rely entierly on my VA and SSDI. If these payments are stopped We will lose every thing…….our home, our car, every thing!! We have no back up. We do not make enough to have been able save any amount of money. We might be able to survive for maybe two months if our checks are stopped. I am 65 and my wife is 75….what recourse do we have?
    Please, everyone try to talk to your representives so that we can get this mess straightened out.

    • daniel

      Edward, I just wrote a scathing letter to all of my reps. I, too depend on my VA check to live on. And there are millions of others who do also. The outrage I, and millions of other vets are feeling toward this sorry excuse for a president and his administration is beginning to spill over into pure hatred for him. Sadly, you don’t have much recourse, except to contact your reps, and support your veterans’ organizations. Good luck.

  114. Joseph B Campbell

    Thank You for saying eloquently what has been troubling my mind, lately.

  115. BH


  116. Ken Santiago

    Thank you DAV for supporting our Vets, however I don’t see or hear anything mention about the passing of bill HR 411 Ft. McClellan Health Registry Act that was introduce in January 2013 and has been put on hold for ten months by the House Committee while many vets and soldiers that served and were stationed at Ft. McClellan are dying and thousands are contaminated by these toxic chemicals. As you know between 1933 and 1999 Ft. McClellan was constantly exposed to major biochemical health hazards, including ionizing radiation, PCB, depleted uranium, sarin gas, mustard gas, nerve and chemical agents, other bacterial through the air, drinking water, soil and wildlife for 66 years. Military personnel stationed at that base were never notified or warned of the toxic contamination by military officials. But Monsanto who supplied all those toxic chemicals, stored all those toxic chemicals at Ft. McClellan, dumped many of these toxic chemicals in the drinking water, rivers, creeks of the town of Anniston where the base was at, knew about it and hide it for 40 years. In 2003 the city of Anniston sued Monsanto for $700 million to help care for exposed residents. However veterans stationed at Ft. McClellan were never told about the toxic contamination at the base and never were told about the law suit, Veterans stationed at that base never got a penny from that law suit. We were excluded as the department of veterans affairs said they would be responsible for medical care and disability for the vets exposed to the chemical exposure. The problem here is that never happen. The VA refuse to step up to the plate and take responsibility for their actions along with Monsanto. To this date, the department of veterans affairs has NOT notify any veterans that were stationed at Ft. McClellan during the toxic contamination dates. To this date, the department of veterans affairs refuse to go public to notify all military personnel that was stationed at Ft. McClellan of the chemical exposure. To this date, the department of veterans affairs refuse to tell all the vets what will they do, how, and when? I want to know who is more corrupted or got paid more to stall these bills and to keep it quite, lawmakers, the department of veterans affairs or both? In May 2011 Congressional representatives reintroduced (Again) H.R. 2052 the Ft. McClellan Health Registry Act. This bill would require the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to create and maintain a registry of veterans that were stationed at Ft. McClellan and provide them with updates, medical care, and give a presumption of service connection for disability claims as a result of the chemical/toxic exposure. To this date, they refuse to introduce this bill again! So with all due respect DAV, we need your support to help pass this H.R. 411 & H.R. 2052 through congress and the department of veterans affairs to take action NOW!

  117. Michell Lytle

    Wonderfully written. Thank you for expressing exactly what I would have said.

  118. Mike


  119. Lee

    I am a former SOG member and team leader in covert operations and have dispatched people from the Earth in several different countries for the political swine that call themselves our congressional leaders. Like a Roman Centurion who wrote the corrupt leaders of his time:

    “Make haste to reassure me, I beg you, and tell me that
    our fellow leaders understand us, support us and protect us as we ourselves
    are protecting the glory of the Empire. If it should be otherwise, if we should
    have to leave our bleached bones on these desert sands in vain, then beware of
    the anger of the legions.”

    Lee Burkins author of ‘Soldier’s Heart: An Inquiry of War’

  120. David Blache

    1. No Tenure / No Pension
    A Congressman/woman collects
    a salary while in office and receives no pay when they’re out of office.
    2. Congress (past, present
    & future) participates in Social Security
    All funds in the
    Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system
    immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and
    Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any
    other purpose.
    3. Congress can purchase
    their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do
    4. Congress will no longer
    vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of
    CPI or 3%.
    5. Congress loses their
    current health care system and participates in the same health care system
    as the American people.
    6. Congress must equally
    abide by all laws they impose on the American people
    7. All contracts with past
    and present Congressmen/women are void effective 12/1/13. The American
    people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women.
    Congress made all these
    contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career.
    The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve
    their term(s), then go home and back to work.
    this is what i would like to see brought up and pass

    • Barbara B

      Agree 100%. I would like to thank ALL of you for your service to our country. My husband is a Vietnam vet; sprayed directly with Agent Orange 2x in one week. Marched to a valley, sprayed, sat, drank the water, sprayed again the next day, sat, drank the water, marched back to base without ever encountering the enemy (at least not the one he was expecting to fight) and has fought for over 40 years to get some help). He’s now been waiting more than two years for a decision on appeal regarding his benefits. It’s the same old story even though they tell you “this is a new VA, we’re better now.”

      Anyway, I have been reading all of these comments and it is glaringly apparent to me that we are ALL fed up. Personally, I don’t care if they’re Dem or Rep, we need to send them ALL packing because they haven’t been working for us–just their fat-cat contributors.

      Don’t you agree it’s time for a THIRD PARTY in this country???? Term limits for sure; re-enact the Glass-Steigall Act; re-enact the usury laws they did away with that let the banks go nuts with interest rates, and overturn every anti-middle America law and every law they’ve enacted to put more money and benefits in their own pockets in the past 30 years (at least…maybe even longer)? Get Monsanto out of the food growing business.

      I would love to see us all descend on DC but Larry Holman is probably right about the fact that they’d use it as an excuse to enact Martial Law.
      God Bless us and God Bless America and help us to get it back!!!

      “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

      Read more at:

  121. Lloyd Revalee

    We appreciate you efforts on behalf of military veterans. It is quite obvious that the President has nothing but contempt and disrespect for the military personnel of the United States, and is more concerned with the welfare of our Muslim enemies than he is in the welfare of our wounded veterans. I am a 91 year old 100% disabled veteran of the United States Air Force, having served a little over 21 years, beginning in WWII. My three brothers, all deceased, also served during WWII, two in the Army and one in the Navy. We all felt proud of our service, and felt that we were doing a great service to our fellow Americans. Now I am not so sure, for our own government has turned its back on us at the time of our greatest need. We depend on my retired pay, and that is not being paid during the government shutdown.

  122. lee

    Yes, when things start to fall apart take it out on the men, women, and their families, who served and die for this nation. That the way it looking like from my perspective . And my compensation is the only income my family and I have coming in. It time to stop acting like children and be the men that this country rely on in this hard time.

  123. Milton Overlock

    We need to support our troops and veterans. They gave their all and our Congress takes it all.

  124. Gaylene Slair

    No military person should be forgotten about in any way, after all they have given there life for our country. The families of these servicemen/women need to know this country and all of use are very proud of the sacrifice there love ones made so we can have our freedom.They deserve respect and I’m ashamed to hear that our leaders of this wonderful country would do this. Shame on them. God Bless the military and all the veterans.

  125. Bob

    As a retire/disabled Marine, that has served at the pleasure of the President, in five different combat zones, I am appalled at the way this President acts> His policy of unless you surrender and do it my way , we will not discuss anything. Well, Mr. President, you hold the disscussion before passing the laws not after. You are a complete disgrace to the United States of America and what it stands for.You have lived a life with little to no hardship, while I attended the college of hard knocks as a combat Marine sniper. I would love to meet you and show you just what you have missed in life. You act like a punk, a play-ground bully, but I guess the is the Chicago politics and the socialist background from which you come. The nation is not ungrateful but the politians are. Let first suspend their pay, Prosecute for deriliction of duty, violating the Constitution. Yes the Constitution , the thing that saw any law in the US applies to ALL, not just to those without you excemptions> All mean just that.

  126. David Dance

    I would like to have a mandatory requirement passed that states you have to have served in the Military in order to run
    for the office of the President. Obama does not know what sacrifice means nor most of our elected officials.

  127. UnhappyVoter

    There is no leadership in this administration. It’s a shame that we elected a president who never had the opprotunity to learn one of the primary aspects of leadership: Take care of your people. This disgraceful episode will be remembered during the coming elections, and will be remembered by history as the true legacy of this president.

  128. Michael A. Stefano

    I concur completely with Joseph Johnston to eliminate this childish ploy by our elected officials. Grow up people it’s our lives you are playing with and we don’t like it.

  129. bones13

    As a Vietnam vet I am totally ashamed of how our President, Senate and House are actin. Thank you for your letter. Hopefully it will do some good. If every vet in this country would send a letter, it might get their attention.

  130. Leroy

    It is apparent our government officials do not care or are not willing to show compassion for the very people that put them in office, Democrat or Republican. It is apparent to me that “We the people, by the people, for the people” no longer applies to our officials. Democrat or Republican. Democrats and Republicans have failed us as Americans. Democrats and Republicans must be forced to forge a united decision for the betterment of our nation and it’s people. It is not about being a Democrat or being Republican, we are all AMERICANS in this mess together. If we use this common denominator that WE ALL are a part of. We can begin to progress. My fellow veterans and Americans, all we have to do is look to each other, seek each other, hold each other accountable as ONE NATION. For if we still want to strive to be the greatest nation in the world, we have to fix this fiasco. No one else is going to do it for us. I challenge our nation’s people to demand candidates, in the next election, that will serve the people and not serve themselves. We the people have the authority to be heard as ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  131. jim

    Ditto!!!!!!!!!!! disabled Vet W/over 20 yrs. and highly disappointed in our Govt. By the way, I VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Jim Sanders

    You failed to mention the closing of all the Veterans Memorials but Obama allowing the illegals to rally on the Mall.

  133. navigator

    8 years and 50% disability, suck it up folks, maybe something good will come from all this. I wish they would default on the debt, then the politicians would have to balance the budget for once and all.

  134. jeff

    As a disabled veteran even after i got out of the military, i have supported the troops by working on post and deploying overseas to Afghanistan to support our troops even more, but little did i know that the contract would end and i find myself being unemployed for 6 months and have spent every penny that i was able to save. i filed for the VRAp program and was suppose to have my appointment on 15oct, I got a phone call stating that my appointment was canceled because of the shutdown. Talk about being slapped in the face. I am almost to the point of telling the Government to F-off they have done more hurt than good. I as a American who has fought for the constitution, so that people could live free and have there right preserved. I feel Angry and disgruntled that the President and the Everyone that sits in Congress can not come together and do whats right. If the Veterans of the UNITED STATES DO RALLY and i hope they do, then maybe just maybe they will see how much they have hurt this country by there petty differences.

  135. Ralph

    I fully agree with this letter. I have a disability of 100 percent and I do not like congress playing loose withy money and more importantly with service members who came back from the war wounded. We have not had the best president we should have and his health care plan that will do more harm to the finances of this country.

  136. Alex

    I do not like it when a veterans’ organization pretends not to take
    sides politically then goes on to insult the President of the United
    States without really placing blame on the culprits that shut the
    government down. The Republicans and the Tea Party franchise are
    responsible for shutting down the government and they seem to want us to
    go into chaos by not agreeing to raise the debt ceiling through
    12/2014. The Constitution gave the responsibility for paying our debts
    to the House of Representatives, plain and simple, and it is the House
    of Representatives that is refusing to release the money to pay our
    debts. The Senate and the President act under the Constitution as a
    balance of power thereby preventing a take over of the government by a
    minority of demagogues. So to me not to place the blame where it belongs
    is disingenuous and insulting to the Commander in Chief. Lets go one
    more step and say that it is disingenuous for a veterans’ organization
    not to support the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) when at the
    same time it assists veterans in facilitating the free health care they
    receive through the VA. Allowing the rest of America access to
    affordable medicare does not detract one iota from our own free health
    care so let it be implemented and please stay out of politics because
    frankly you are a not-for-profit organization and you jeopardize your
    tax free IRS status. So Mr, Johnston please do not disrespect your
    President. By the way I also find your statement inciting, angry, and

  137. Alan Davidson

    need to put an ability up to share this through various social media applications. once again we vets are being used as a football (why am i not surprised) and the more attention that gets drawn to this the better. little to no media coverage about veterans issues combined with the death benefits situation has put us on the back burner. now that the latter has been taken care of, we need to put it back on the front burner, period

    • Alan Davidson

      and….i just found the share button…..whoops

    • thedav

      Alan – We are currently working on doing just that. In the meantime you can share this page using the social media icons in the right column of this page or copy the url and paste in in your browser to share to the social network of your choice. Thank you for your support.

  138. Chris

    We should vote all of these officials out and elect a new government that can keep a budget, reduce the deficit and follow the constitution by the people for the people not by the senate or by the house just do your job including the president. Stop messing with vet’s and the military we have sacrificed for our country.

  139. James August

    Viet Nam veteran, I have received a disability since 1971. I still do receive it, along with my Social Security disability. The President is fear mongering and saying the veterans and retired people will not get their money. Don’t worry brothers and sisters, you will get what is owed you. It took a Congressman from Pennsylvania to get in touch with a private organization to pay the money due the families of our fallen service members. The House had already passed and the President signed a bill to make sure the military was taken care of but it took a hand full of Administration lawyers to read into it and decide that was not the case. The President and his minions are looking for ways to make the American citizen hurt to get his way, instead of looking for ways to make the government work for the people.

  140. sueintexas

    want our government to reign in on spending. If I run out of money, the government or its people will not give me more to spend. I think we, our government, should pay its bill, provide care for our veterans, and pay death benefits to the heroes, whom are fighting for a country . I have yet to understand how Congress is so much more important than the men and woman fighting for our country. Why is that so hard for Congress to understand. The fighting service man and women get my vote to be paid first. Put a gun in the hands of our Congressional leaders and send them into the war zone, and let’s see how many come back unscaved. I support the Republicans on stop spending money we don’t have. It is not your money anyway. We all know you don’t have a limited source of money. You travel , eat out, take your family on vacations on the taxpayers, and many other things. If someone would listen to the taxpayers, we can tell you where to cut down on wasteful spending. We see it all the time. But by all means, we don’t count once you are elected to office. Your hands are so greased with money it makes me sick to think of what GOD will do with the dishonest government employees and law-makers. May GOD be your friend and not your enemy. God Bless you all. Stop spending.

  141. Col. Korn

    Ditch the VA and transfer their resources to SS, Medicare and Medicare, that way us Veterans will at least have the same care and respect that is being given to drug addicts, prisoners and ex-offenders! The VA stinks to high heaven and is a failure on all fronts. It spends millions trying to refuse Veterans their benefits. They have lost my records and tried the “Catch 22” ploy, saying that they cant do anything without my records and yet they are the ones that lost my records! Ditch them, Gut them, put them out of the veterans business and give us a level playing field like everyone else who needs help has!

    Your Obt. Svt,
    Col. Korn.

  142. Miguel g. Salinas

    Miguel g. Salinas ; I am in agreement with your commentary commander Johnston. I believe that politics should be put aside and they should come to an agreement. As veterans we gave of ourselves to serve our country and now I believe we as veterans should be helped to heal our physical and mental wounds.

  143. vietnam veteran

    wow I just don’t understand the reasoning in shutting down the government just because the republicans can get what they want and listening to cruz his a traitor to this country. I bet he never served his country. A lot of those republicans never served. They just don’t get it. Its like if your in combat and then you say I quit no more. We cant say you quit because your considered a traitor and then a court marshall. why cant we do the same to these people in congress and senate. Im republican but now no more, I don’t want to be part of their party anymore. they are losers.

  144. zep usmc

    very nicely written. i am a vietnam veteran, and this nonsense makes me feel like when i came home. being screwed by
    goverment. something must be done soon. because it’s not only the vets, it’s all of us. and i believe this country is
    in grave danger. by letting all these people go we are leaving ourselves wide open. just be ready

  145. Halftrack

    Two years ago the Tea Party said it wanted to ” SHUT THE GOVERNMENT DOWN.” The Tea Party, and anarchist have something in common, they hate governments. Well we are all paying the price now.

  146. Kent Rosborough

    A superb letter. Concise and to the tip of the spear. In the US we have a process for election. Even for impeachment. We also have the process to un-elect those who have demonstrated not to represent the needs of veterans and family members by casting our votes in another direction when elections come about. All this is called freedom. That men and women have died for.

  147. Bill Phillips

    Thank you for taking these important steps to fight back for all of us veterans. We all risked our lives and sacrificed real life and time with our families because we love this country. Not the way it is now,but the way it should be, and was before Our president and Congress sold America for nothing but politics. I am a 100% disabled veteran and what will I live on if my benefits are cancelled. Come on man. You folks in Congress are getting paid to protect us. Come on Mr president. Do your job and quit using politics against the republicans to try and make your self look good when you are doing nothing!

  148. Richard Smith PFC

    Thank you! I am so tired of the games these guys and ALL the governments members, I am about out of my meds which I get from the VA and this people are NOT thinking of us the American people, They have their own agenda!! I watch them on the news every night Lie-ing with a straight face standing in front of the American flags it disgusts me..They have done it so long they believe the filth that leave their mouth. I believe everyone of them are PIGS wallowing in the blood of the American people.

  149. Frank Carlton

    I rely on this compensation for my daily living, providing for me and my spouse. My spouse and I have many health problems, we are both 100% disabled and will suffer even more greatly without your support. Please act expediently on these matters and resolve them without further delay.

    My son also who is a Vet is surviving with  the monthly support for housing and school, he has no means to advance at this time to support himself, He relies on this for his food shelter and necessities which without he will be homeless and it would make life itself deteriorate very quickly.

    I hope you don’t want this for your Vets.

    I pray GOD  bless and grant you wisdom to do what is right. May you seek His will and not your own, for He put you in this position for the high calling for His people.

    I hope you believe in God for He is the one who blesses this nation. Don’t be like The King Herod.

    May GOD bless you to do the right thing for this country and the Veterans in it.

    God Bless


    This country is sick enough with its abortion and you know the other matters that go against GOD’S word, He will destroy this country unless things change!!

    Make it happen!! Just do it!!

  150. Jennifer

    Thank you for the making this letter “inclusive” as ALL parties on BOTH sides are, in my opinion, responsible.

  151. Bill T

    I don’t think we have an ungrateful nation, we have an ungrateful president, commander in chief. He is not my president– a disabled Viet Nam vet

  152. Harry Powell

    I think that congress and the senate should be a shame of themselfs for LIEING to all the veterans and their families. I think they should get down on their knees and think GOD for letting them live in a country as this one and give this country back to GOD and everything will work its self out.Think You GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  153. 2fishandhunt

    Why can’t we stop pointing the blame finger and solve the problem? The fiasco in DC reminds me of young children fighting over something. The elected officials need to serve the people, not strive for their re-election or power. This reminds me, we need to limit the terms of office and eliminate the professional politician. Regardless of the cost, I fear we will have the “affordable care act” for years, until it fails or can be revised to a workable option. Many political careers will be ended in the near future and many will be formed, depending upon how they act.

  154. Gary Cordeiro

    Don’t blame the Commander In Chief, respect the chain of command. The political climate is like the weather condition that we have to complete our mission. There is still the enemy that we must control, neutralize or eliminate. It is time for leaders to step up and lead.

  155. Tomas Adorno Montes

    Times are hard and societies change.America has been a lighthouse for the world althought It has not been perfect but i have experianced the rest of the world.Yes i believe that if our national leaders can get toghether and come to a common resolution where we can all be happy with.I pray that the same spirit that inspired our forefathers can inspire our present leaders in uniting for the good of the nation .Thank you for this opportunity to espress myself.Iam a Vietnam Era Marine and i know our leaders will come to an agreement soon .GOD BLEST AMERICA

  156. John F. Butler, Colonel (ret)


  157. Leslie A .Brooker

    I am a disabled vet and I think they would work harder at settling this budget problem if their benefits and salaries where the first thing to be interrupted instead of the poor vets that they say they care so much about, or the senior citizens on
    social security that need their checks to survive. maybe we should show them how we really feel when it comes time to vote them back into office by replacing them with someone else and tell them our intentions now if they don’t get it settled now.

  158. springer

    i’m a Vietnam vet with 2 tours ,my ptsd has not stopped , but this shutdown just makes my ptsd anger level soar, because the way gov. is treating vets and current military today .its like living the 70’s all over again with no thanks to us combat vets………………….jerry

  159. Luci D'Mari

    I think the letter was too kind. There is no excuse for this despicable behavior on the part of this administration. They are bullys, plain and simple. They are a National disgrace.

  160. Felix Fisher

    Felix Fisher 26 years veteran and still waiting for my final decision on my 90 percent disability after spending 2 years on The warrior Transition Unit .I retired in May this year and now with all this shut down who knows how long I will have to wait.The government can’t run Social security or the VA. and now they want to run the whole country Health insurance. where is our country leadership?where is Mr. Hagel? who is running our country? God help our current military heroes. They still signing in to service after all this.Thank God for the “One percent”

  161. Lawrence Rice

    To All Members of Congress and The Executive Office

    Never would I believe until now that you, as government
    officials, would stoop so low as to use the citizens of this country that have
    served in our nation’s defense even when ask to serve in conflicts that we
    may have agreed with or not. We did our duty and now you think that
    doing your duty for us is to sit on you asses and do nothing because
    “Johnny doesn’t want to play with me” attitudes. All of
    you sicken me to know that your partisan politics is a foreshadowing of
    things to come. I thought that it would be impossible for a ‘coupe’ to
    take place in my country but this does not bode well for any of us. If
    you think a ‘coupe’ is impossible, all I can say is get your head out
    of your backsides. You are instigating conditions rift with sobering
    ‘call to arms’ from many militia people. I see riots and chaos resulting
    from your inaction. I took an oath to love, honor, respect, and protect
    my country and I thought you did so too. So; what is your excuses for burning
    bridges behind you? Just what is your

    To me I am overcome with such anger at you Secretary
    Shinseki, you members of the United States Senate, you members of the United
    States House of Representatives, and especially you President
    Obama. Regardless of whether I am a donkey or elephant is such a
    trifle in comparison to the damage you are about to unleash on this country. Honestly,
    I think that all of you should be removed from office, and please don’t play
    the ‘we need experienced legislators’ card. Even I can read and
    understand the flyers and such that you float around in Congress and use
    to play at being legislators. Do you think that the public is total
    idiots? Guess again.

    Someone told me once to put my hand in a bucket of
    water; then pull it out quickly. The hole I leave is how
    important I am to the overall design of the creator. I’m not
    saying that I am not important to the God of my understanding, I am saying
    that I am one of many which, now correct me if I am wrong, is our national
    motto, ‘United We Stand’. The complement to that proverb is ‘Divided We
    Fall’. Gentle ladies and gentlemen we are in a free fall and I
    really don’t like how it makes me feel.

    Looking at our situation,
    I feel like many people must have felt when Rome was burning. Regardless of whom started the fire damage is
    being done both to our people and to our country’s
    structure. Whether Nero started the fire is unimportant because he
    rebuilt the city. We are blessed not to have a dictator; but we will not fare
    as well as the Romans because you Legislators have tasted the forbidden fruit
    of implacability. You have conspired against the rules too many times to mold
    them to your liken and now you are caught in your own snare. If you weren’t caught in your snare, you have
    fallen into the pit you dug for your enemies.
    Regrettable, but true that hate for each other has blinded you to the
    real purpose you were mandated to do, govern.
    I have seen with my own eyes thru CSPAN the contempt that you have for
    each other.

    Mr. President, I respect
    you even if I don’t like your health care plan.
    Why, I have not had one person tell me how the plan can be implemented
    as is, from people of both parties. I
    understand your stance; but, don’t you think that denying the benefits to the
    people that earned them is way out of line?
    Allow our benefits to be paid, please.
    All of my income comes from benefits that I earned through government
    programs and retirements. What do you think
    I should do when my house payment is due, or when my car payment is due? I don’t know!
    I can’t do anything about it but you and Congress can.

    I am patriotic; however,
    being a patriot does not mean I should allow me or anyone else to be abused
    this way. As I said before, I really
    think all of you in Congress should be removed from office. I do know that I will remember this during
    every election year to come and believe me neither party nor candidate will be
    immune to my scrutiny. I’m not going to
    vote for anyone that doesn’t do his/her job and I will work towards making this
    an issue in every election.


    Lawrence Arlen Rice,
    Vietnam Veteran and Patriot

  162. Rick

    I blame Mr. Obama and Mr. Reid for this problem. They should have seen this coming and yet they don’t care about us average Americans. They still get to live their cushy lifestyle while we have to suffer. And all of this over some stupid healthcare plan that is probably going to fail!

  163. john caia

    we have 3 anti America scums one Socialist lying in chief one Psychotic bitch and a Moron dirt bag in charge of our country. they shoved Obama care down our throats and take themselves out from Obama care.if Obama care is so good then why they are not in it. they never served they country and they don’t like the military. they mace over one hundred thousand w/very good benefits and three months vacation plus per year we in the military make less then 50% they make 30 day vacation fight ready to die to keep them free.

  164. Jeff Stone

    They should change the name to’ Obama Doesn’t Care plan’,and put all the suits in Basic training and teach Them how to work as team for the good of U.S.!!!
    WE did!!! God bless the Vets!!

  165. Gerard R Chevalier

    You needed me at one time now we need you Open the Gov thank You

  166. Natalie Leath

    Hello, I’m a disable veteran. What would this country do if the men and women in the military decide the want to shut down where would we do then. Those of us who served or is serving deserve what is owed to us!!!! Think about it what if all service men and women walked out right now!!!!

  167. John Barry Stufflet

    Veteran disability is not an entitlement it is an obligation earned by those who chose to serve. How dare the House try to make a deal to pay off our debt obligations first and leave disabled veterans hanging in the wind..

  168. tmcusn retired

    I’m sure the lettter you all sent is sincerely appreciated by all vets, their families,active duty and serving military and their families, I now I do. The politicians should know what’s right to do, but instead are only concerned with their “agendas”.Why is it that when the government wants to “save money”, they all look at the military as an answer to where we can cut? “They” all say “we” should pay what we owe and have agreed to obligate funds for. Haven’t those who have served and those who are serving earned what they are promised. The military, past and present are who insures the politicians safety and well being and does so for a salary far from what the politicians are paid.
    Our benefits are on the line and subject to being cut and/or reduced; and have all ready been earned. What about the living (past) presidents, past cabinet members, retired elected Congress and Senate and their families benefits? Are their benefits and retirement checks being “delayed or effected? The funds for “them” amount to a far greater amount then military/vets dollars and cents.
    Who is addressing and assessing whether they get paid; “they” are.

  169. Edmond Landry

    Disgusting…it saddens me that our government has reached an all-time low! Why is our government sending millions of dollars to foreign nations instead of taking care of their Veterans & fellow Americans???????????? When there is a shortage of money to distribute, charity should always begin at home! The welfare of our people should be top priority!

  170. JD

    Celia you did a very good job with your comment.
    We all need to keep pushing our government!
    What if we decided not to give them entitlement!!!
    They need nothing, not even their paycheck, let
    them figure out how they are going to live and get paid!
    What do they really do anyway? Spend money!!!

  171. desktopcad

    Thank you. I agree with SSgt Jessmer. If the health insurance reform is so great than why aren’t the entire government on that plan.

  172. James Raschke

    I hope that oboma will re act to this and give back to our veterans that provided security to our country. many of us vets rely on our va. checks for support. we all did our oath for our country, now its time that you do the same. just always remember I help provide for you pillow and bed that you sleep on.

  173. LaOnna

    First off I would like to say thanks For Your Service to all my fellow brothers and sisters of the military branches from both past and present. I’m a 100% disabled veteran who is also a single mother of two children. I get no child support help from my ex so I rely solely on my benefits to keep a roof over our head, food on the table, and my other bills paid. I try very hard to take care of my family with what little I have. With this inexcusable crap our government is pulling my kids and I are going to wind up losing our home and living in our vehicle. I can’t go to family for help because they too are veterans and will be having to find a way to support themselves. As our government you need to get it together or you are going to have a lot of ticked off people sitting on your doorstep demanding you step down and let someone else in who actually cares about the American population.

  174. Maynard

    I totally agree with our National Commanders comments, as a disabled veteran, we too have obligations that have to be met.I believed my country would take care of me and my family if i went and did my duty no matter the dangers. Now in this time, I find that my trust may have been misplaced.

  175. MSgt.

    21 years in the Marines, Desert Storm, 100% disabled, housebound, and this it the thanks we get.
    This is why I’m a Life Member of DAV. They’re all we have standing up for us against this govt.
    Thank you DAV. Hope I don’t have to tell my wife we’re gonna be homeless because of all this.

  176. Don

    Dear Members of Congress,
    As a former Marine who served during the Viet Nam war and as a survivor of the 1968 Tet Offensive I am outraged at the abandonment of our current military. We had a saying, “no one shall be left behind”, and we tried our hardest to keep it. Unfortunately and with deep regret we failed many times to bring all of our fallen comrades back. Despite the many failures of being unable to bring all of our fallen we all knew, and never had any doubts, that if for any reason we became the fallen we would not be a subject of debate, but every conceivable attempt(s) would be made to bring us home and safety. That meant a lot to all of us and was part of the glue that cemented and kept us together no matter what the circumstances may become. We knew we could depend upon our brothers in arms and would not deliberately be abandoned or forsaken.
    Now, yourselves, and every Congressional person have chosen to play games and risk the lives of every member of the military in danger. We all know how damaging it is to us when we are unable to maintain our focus on any task we are undertaking. Now take that misplaced focus and apply it to a life and death situation. How much less alert and attentive have you made our military due to your failures and lack of leadership. You can only cherish your day to day benefits because of the unquivering devotion and protection our military has provided you.
    I strongly urge you to put aside your political quarreling, grow up and do your job. At least try to do it as well as the military that you so selfishly abuse.

  177. Bob Lommel

    Republicans unfit to lead and manage the government; Democrats unfit to lead and manage the government. What can a citizen and veteran do? The act of approving to raise the national debt level has nothing to do with “spending” more money. Both parties in Congress already appropriated (spent) the money on its favorite programs, waste, wars, approved inefficiences, promises to the military and all. Now that the spending bill has come due, the Republicans claim the higher moral ground and blame the Democrats. What a joke? We haven’t officially had a budget since what year…2009?? I like Warren Buffet’s proposal, “”a law that says anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.”

  178. Jack Kniate

    Ms Bonavita; I stand up with your comments and second them because they resound my feelings exactly. Thank you for your fervor and service. I will add that I wish we had grown and mature people in our government and not a bunch of spoiled bratty children.

  179. Ray Ray of Clinton md

    Kick out all the crazy tea party nuts and its leading mouth Mr Cruz the problem Is solved regular bickering will return but agreeable.

    • matthew burney

      Yea look where that has got us. $18 trillion in debt that will never be paid back. Maybe it is time somebody stands up and says enough is enough.

      Why are the tea party reps “nuts” because they see the end is near and want to stop us from going over it? Why are the libs not “nuts” for force feeding the people broken polices that can’t even get off the ground and have done nothing but harm the people? Open your eyes look at all of the parks and open air monuments that have been closed for no other reason than to make it hurt and to make you think you can’t live day to day without the government. Why spend money to block off open air monuments that don’t cost money to have open, so it hurts you that’s why. It all in an effort to make more people dependent on the government. It’s job security, “I give you money and things and you vote for me”. Well what happens when there is no more money to give? The government doesn’t make money, they take money, from you and me and use it for the ” Good of the country “. When the mass of the people get there money from the government then where will the money come from. So go ahead and get rid of the people that are standing up for your rights and we will all ride this right to its fiery end.

  180. Jimmy Cooper

    Thank you Sir, I wish these politicians could see the outrage all younger generation Veterans felt when we seen our great WWII Vets kept out of their own memorial! This POTUS owes them a heart felt apology!!

  181. Jamie H.

    Well. one word “honorable”. He may be president and I have respect for the position, this person is far from honorable.

  182. MADDOG


  183. jeff weitz

    I wish the president would stop threatening our benefits gauranteed to us by our service and sacrifices we have made I think its time to replace them all they do not care about us veterans or the American people its all about greed

  184. Jim Monk

    I find it interesting that folks are surprised that Veterans are treated poorly. We represent maybe 2 % of the population. Many were drafted. It is difficult for the general population to understand the stress of combat or the fear associated with making decisions that will get soldiers killed. The stress of continuous adrenalin rush 24 7 takes a heavy toll on those who are privileged to serve. It was a honor to be given the responsibility of defending my country. I can’t find fault with those who remain clueless. They are just to self absorbed to understand. You can’t fix stupid!!!!! Wish you well JIM

  185. Becky

    Well said, thank you! I’m 100% disabled vet and my nerves are shot over these despicable threats. May God be on our side during these trying times.

  186. Ray Segura

    If this kind of B.S. keeps up & going in the so-called “government”, our future is in Jeopardy / at risk.!! Why?!!? No American will want to volunteer/serve a country / government who can’t keep the promises of caring for their Soldiers, or any Military member, who serves his country & may give the “Ultimate Sacrifice”. Does anyone in the “government give a damn about the future and their children’s future!??! I wonder!!

  187. Lamay Darnel

    Thank you Sir,My husband may not receive his check in November, He is 100% disable, he is in a wheelchair just turned 65, I spoon feed him change His diaper It would coast the government over $9,000 a month if he was taken care of in a home where I live,at this time He receives less then $ 3000.a month for a saving of over $6,000. a month, So Why are we being punish, He was drafted He served He did not run away to Canada and come back afterwards, He was a combat medic Army engineers,contaminated with agent Orange he did not sue the government, even now that He can barely speak sometimes He still tell people that other solider need it more then him He has no other income and I have been unable to work because I care for him and I am a few yr.older then him, This republicans are not President Ike, Ronald Reagan, or even Bush Sr.Republicans ,They have no shame or Honor are they the children of the ones that turn tail and ran to Canada ?, If my husband where able we would be protesting at the white house and I am very conservative,The state that are for the ones keeping vet from getting paid should have their federal money witheld and their health insurance suspended, Oh I forgot they are the rich ones that never had to serve or will serve they can live off of their mama and daddy, they are not like today soliders that have to join because they can’t find jobs and that the only way they can get money for collage

  188. Duke1949

    The only ones to blame,for this mess,TED CRUZ,and the people that voted for him! And you thought that FIDeL CASTRO done!

  189. BackwoodsHermit

    Personally, as a Disabled U.S. Navy Veteran, I would like to know…….
    Does Washington realize it is ‘pitching a hissy’ over Veterans who are disabled, NOT, un-able!!!!……….
    Wake up, Washington, Who will watch the backs of America when you kick us to the curb???????….uhuh, that’s what I thought…..not one blessed ‘hero’ among you!!

    I watched this last election when our Oklahoma ‘electoral’ candidates, cast every one of our votes……….AGAINST THE ACTUAL VOTES OF THE PEOPLE….dancing and shouting…acting the fools………America is dying while we slump asleep at the wheel…….


  190. Barbara B

    I’ve been reading these comments and chewing on this for two days. It was suggested on last night’s news that the parties involved are at least beginning to talk–mainly because of polls that indicate their credibility is in the gutter with the American people. Don’t you find that Interesting? Please don’t forget this turn of events. Maybe there is a little power left in the collective voice of the people and maybe it’s not too late to turn some things around in this country.

    What I’m saying is this: If they get the government moving again (probably by next Tuesday) please don’t get complacent again just because your immediate needs are met and the problem has “gone away.” That is what they count on. It’s still time to clean house in DC because they really could care less about the average joe but I just think they are becoming afraid of just how many of us are ready to show up on the Mall in Washington! Wouldn’t that be something to see folks!

    So even though they have it “cushy” down there and never seem to vote in term limits for themselves doesn’t mean we can’t enforce term limits from now on with our votes. One or two terms is plenty and if we keep voting them out after that, they’ll know there is no use in raising money for a third and fourth term…..;o)

    God Bless you all and thank you all for your service. I hope for all of us, they resolve this asap—just don’t ever forget they put us in this awful situation in the first place.

  191. William Simpson

    this country cannot afford to keep up this over spending above our means, you cannot run abusiness or family this way , and is the reason our president and leadership of the senate has brought us to the idiotic treatment of our vets , who have served , bled , and died for our free way of life which is being eroded by the current presidentual administration, who anyone paying real attention can see is driving us to a socialist government, IE the working people paying for the non-working to live, please everyone wakup or help inform others , or treatment of vets and all citizens will get worse, case in point Obama Care which will and is destroying jobs and placing hardships on all americams. my suggestion is furlough all EPA employees permanently,this would save money and create a million or 2 jobs in one year. That would be a good start. Thanks

  192. Jerry Saunders

    The Buck stops directly with the President as Commander and Chief, as Harry Truman reminded us. Basic leadership training teaches us that a commander is responsible for every thing that his command does, be it good or bad. How much plainer can it be Mr. President?

  193. c.powell

    PLEASE take care of our in-service and post-service service men and women. They were promised certain benefits when they willingly signed up to defend our country. If they have served homorably, they deserve the benefits promised.
    This should have been excluded from the sequester and the government shutdown. We need these people and they need us to fulfill our promises to them.

  194. W. D. Maltzan

    You asked me to write my senators and representative about how the shut down was (would) affect me. I wrote and explained how both my VA compensation and Social Security was all my wife and I to live on. I managed to keep it peaceable and polite. I received a “form letter” from her basically saying, “Sorry, While the government is on shut down we are unable to read and answer your e-mail.” The other senator and the representative I never heard from. I’m glad you wrote this letter. Hopefully it will get read and help us.

  195. Conrad Gabbard

    Why are the families of our recent combat casualties being treated with such overt disrespect? Why are national parks and monuments being closed to the public, Americans turned from their own homes on government land by the Park Service while that “Service” produces Muslim propaganda films for U-Tube about enlightened Muslim women – when Islam’s prophet noted: “I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you. A cautious sensible man could be led astray by some of you.” (hadith Bukhari, vol. 1, book 2, no. 28). Why has government-funded PBS broadcast three hours of “The Life of Mohammed” – omitting the 80% of Mohammed’s most trusted biography “Sirat Rasul Allah” (The Way of the Apostle of Allah), by Ibn Ishaq, that outlines his deceitful and murderous dealings with all kafir/non-Muslims? Was NASA not tasked to provide information on Muslim contributions to the world? And what might those contributions be that can withstand critical examination? Consider:

    Sheik Yermami: “No one with even the vaguest awareness of Obama’s background would be surprised to see him seize on his opportunity to destroy the American military.” (Jan. 7, 2012) Why? A vibrant US military would be the biggest threat to a reborn worldwide Islamic caliphate – which the (Sunni) Muslim Brotherhood was formed to accomplish. Has Obama not been funding, training and arming Sunni Muslims while helping wipe out those Muslim leaders who might object to subordinating themselves to some yet-unnamed caliph?

    We might not be fully capable to pick up arms for our country, but we can study the dangers and spread the word. A good place to begin one’s education in the doctrine that effects you and me: . A good place to examine the realities of Musims in non-Muslim states:

  196. Dennis Bauer

    Fire them all and hire nothing but Veterans to run our Country.

  197. Gregory Campbell

    Thanks for giving me this opportunity to express my thoughts about the tragedy which is about to happen AGAIN. I said AGAIN, because the Veterans who fought so bravely during OUR CIVIL WAR were homeless and forgotten. The Veterans Administration was founded so that that tragedy would never be repeated. But here we are again, it’s about to happen.

    “The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten.” -Calvin Coolidge

  198. kerry

    While the military and it veterans have scarified more than you could imagine for this country. The fly by the seat of their pants sit in Congress/Senate, vote themselves pay raises, medical benefits, and education benefits for their family!!!! They are freely taken away our benefits without a though. Why is that? Shame on Congress, Senate, and all you lobbyist who spend money for other than this country. The money you have thrown for this and that to get your way could have built better roads, schools, an the best home land security equipment in the world. I guess there was no way to make your big bucks if you did just that

  199. A very angry bear

    I think we should listen carefully to what the National Commander’s letter said: “Unless you put aside partisan politics for the good of the nation, the harm to our veterans and service members will get worse.”
    Please DAV, do not pick sides, don’t align with politicians on either side. You represent all disabled veterans.
    I am embarrassed that the media is referring to the 11/12 protest in DC as a “veterans march.” I think most veterans respect the law.

  200. Peter Field

    This very well written letter says it all. There can be NO EXCUSE for failing to pay the monthly benefits to all veterans.

  201. G. R. Green

    Thank you for such an eloquent how we service members and veterans are asked again to “give it up, shut up and do your duty.” I have performed my duty, now Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Majority Leader, and members of both house for you to do yours.

  202. John Meyers

    Thank You! I myself am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran who highly depend on my VA Disability Comp each and every month. With out it I will loose everything that I have. Plus everyone else in our Great Nation.

  203. Heath

    I am a vet, and I so depend on my benefits to go to school and to pay some bills like rent, utilities, and car payment. With our congress acting like brats, children who have lost their way, and pocket stuffing scum, I give up my respect for this great nation. Not the nation its self, but the people who are TRYING to run it. We need trustworthy people in congress, not the people who are there now. I have more to say, but I will not because I do not want to offend anyone or look like a bad person.

  204. John W. Cassell

    thank you, sir. I am one of those whose disability check IS our income. I was homeless once before and the fear this is going to repeat is paralyzing these days. I hope every one of the legislators involved in these UNBELEIVEABLE attacks on us never serve another term milking the public.

  205. Todd

    Veterans Benefits should not be a pawn in any of the political games.

  206. KeeperOfHorses

    The whole system of the House needs a change, when John Bohnier can change the procedural aspects of how a motion is brought to the floor of the house, where he has the complete say so as to what is allowed, that provides for to much power in the hands of one person….that is NOT HOW DEMCRACY WORKS!!

  207. Retired USAF


  208. Kathy Robinson

    I totally agree with all said and would like to add a caution. This is the type of retoric that will cause our men and women in uniform to rethink joing the military. If the US Government will renig on its obligations to our service members then our service members may rethink their committment to this nation.