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One of the most vital components to successful membership outreach in this day and age is a digital media outreach. “As many of you know, DAV enjoyed record  success in this area during the past year, which makes us enormously proud,” said National Membership Director Tony Baskerville.

“While more traditional methods of outreach contributed to all Departments meeting or exceeding our goals, we must thank the efforts carried out online for this year’s  numbers,” he said.

Under the banner of DAV’s new branding and logo, we launched a digital membership campaign specifically aimed at urging veterans to join DAV. The organization charted more than 39 million views across the span of our digital media outlets, and our membership campaign contributed tens of thousands of views to the “Join DAV” webpage.

The use of a digital campaign enables DAV to better track progress and analyze viewership trends, Baskerville said. By understanding the viewing trends of prospective members, DAV could adjust the campaign to best suit their needs and communicate with them more effectively.

For example, DAV learned that visitors spend an average of two minutes on its membership page. This is actually a fair amount of time when compared to the average of eight seconds viewers spend on any given webpage on the Internet.

DAV finished the membership year with 197,920 trial members, 212,685 partial life members and 823,449 full life members for a grand total of 1,248,150. This gives us 14,096 members beyond our goal. “Our Chapters, Departments and all of our individual members have contributed to these numbers, and I want to thank them for their stellar recruiting efforts,” Baskerville said.

Additionally, DAV National Service Officers and Transition Service Officers are on the front lines of service and membership. We could not have met our goals without their continued efforts.

Under the leadership of then-National Service Director Garry Augustine and his staff, these Service Officers exceeded their goals and recruited 11,584 partial and full life members.

DAV anticipates another great membership year under its new National Service Director, Jim Marszalek. The work of his dedicated staff, paired with the lessons learned from the digital campaign, is solid groundwork for the year ahead.

“I look forward to the challenge, and I know we will be successful,” said Marszalek.


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    I, Richard A. McCall, CW3, RA (Retired) am a lifetime member, as well as a 100% Disabled Veteran, but I do not know my DAV Membership number to login. Can you help? My email is:

    Personal Information for upgrading my membership records:

    Richard Alexander McCall, CW3, RA, (Retired)
    10 Palo Duro Court
    Trophy Club, TX 76262
    (Home) 817-567-3501
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    DOB: 11/21/1944