Government Shutdown May Halt Claims Processing

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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs employees who process veterans’ compensation, pension and insurance claims would likely be furloughed if Congress is unable to avert a federal government shutdown by Tuesday. But 80 percent of the VA’s workforce would remain on the job, providing health care to about 9 million veterans across the United States.

A department-wide memo from the VA’s chief of staff Monday stated some 62,000 VA workers would be sidelined in the event of a shutdown. Roughly 20,000 of those employees furloughed process claims and administer life insurance policies for nearly 7 million veterans and family members. VA says how that would impact veterans is still unclear.

The VA medical care would continue uninterrupted because it is now under advance appropriations, meaning VA health care funding for this year was approved last year.

DAV will continue to monitor the situation on Capitol Hill and is urging Congress to provide VA funding in a timely manner. Check back often for updates.