Government Shutdown May Delay Veterans’ Claims, DAV Still on the Job Offering Help to Vets

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WASHINGTON— DAV (Disabled American Veterans) knows that a government shutdown hurts veterans. And unless a resolution to the current situation is reached soon, the Department of Veterans Affairs says it may have to close its doors to veterans’ seeking VA benefits. This will have major consequences for veterans nationwide.

WHAT: Should the government shutdown that began at midnight on Monday result in veterans not having access to our professional advocates at Department of Veterans Affairs facilities, DAV is finalizing contingency plans to continue providing benefits counseling and claims assistance to veterans and their families. Those plans include deploying mobile services offices to strategic locations and setting up shop in secondary locations. Government shutdown or not, DAV is going to make sure veterans have access to the benefits they’ve earned.

WHO: Last year, DAV assisted with 300,000 claims. Many ill or injured veterans we help rely on VA funding to supplement their living expenses, and for some, it is their only income. DAV is the nationwide leader in representing veterans before the VA.

WHEN: DAV hopes VA funding is restored soon to avoid any interruptions in benefits our nation’s heroes have earned. Meanwhile, DAV has been working hard in Washington for weeks preparing support for a bill that would ensure compensation payments for veterans are protected from any future shutdown by funding the entire VA budget a year in advance. Advance appropriations have shielded VA health care from most of the harmful effects of the current government shutdown as well as prior continuing resolutions.  Approval of this legislation would provide the same protections to all remaining discretionary and mandatorily funded veterans programs, including disability compensation processing and payments.


DAV empowers veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity. It is dedicated to a single purpose: fulfilling our promises to the men and women who served. DAV does this by ensuring that veterans and their families can access the full range of benefits available to them; fighting for the interests of America’s injured heroes on Capitol Hill; and educating the public about the great sacrifices and needs of veterans transitioning back to civilian life. DAV, a non-profit organization with 1.2 million members, was founded in 1920 and chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1932. Learn more at



  • Marvin Richardson

    Please note that you fail to mention that on October 21st if the Government Shut-Down is still going on that ALL veterans who are receiving Disability Checks will “NOT” receive their checks on November 1st! This also goes for ALL veterans who are receiving Voc-Rehab Benefits as well! All participants in the VA’s Voc-Rehab program, or Chapter 31, will not receive payments to the schools that they are attending, forcing veterans to pay these fees out of their own pocket or they will be forced to drop-out of the program since the schools will not allow further participating with their education without payment!

    • Joe

      I am not only a 100% disabled veteran I am also a Native American. The truth is we have a bunch of crooks running our country. As a Native
      American I am used to the lies from our United States of America. Just in my tribe we have 26 treaties with the U.S.A. and they have not honored
      even one of them. The time has come to get rid of all of this bullshit in Washington and for the people to take back what is ours. May the Creator be with all of you.

  • Mccanless

    Its actually Oct 17 10 days left before some Vets will find out we have no home.

  • Sherry

    Has there been any updates to wheather or not we will continue to get compensation pay? I, like many others, rely on that to help keep roof over my head….I am a new DAV member and proud of what all you continue to do now and in the future.

  • colt38

    I sure would like to know what to tell my twin daughters on Chapter 35, and some relief in my own mind on whether I will receive my compensation in November. Maybe the DAV should push their agenda with the media a lot more.

  • Gina C

    I am scared and worried about the situation of this shutdown. As others in this blog section have expressed, I also rely on my VA pay and benefits for living. My daughters uses Chapter 35 benefits for education. She just has one year to go before she graduates. We, the veterans, need some more information about the impact and avenues of recourse to take. I wrote to my representative and have not yet received a reply. I am praying that all will be resolved and restored for us veterans.

  • Rhonda huffman

    What do we do my husband is 100% disabled I work full time we are going to loose are house if not paid we can’t do it what do I tell my kids that not only are in college but also the ones at home that we are not going to be able to feed this is the only benifit we get

  • Vietnam Vet

    I read this on the VA website: “Interments at National Cemeteries will be conducted on a reduced schedule.”.
    Do they expect us vets to die at a slower rate?
    If I don’t get my VA compensation on November 1st, I will be homeless.
    Just one more broken promise to vets.

    • Laurie Word

      I am with you homeless my dav is my , income.

    • G Perez Toney

      I am with you we depend on the disability check …if we don’t get paid this nov. we can’t pay our house and bills we just got this house 2 years ago…my goodness my husband dont need this additional stress he have a heart condition ….im worried with this thats the income we have i dont work i cant leave my husband by himself he got ICD inplanted on him if he get shock and cant be alone in the house…I have a son that goes to school.I try not to think about it but this is a serious matter.He is oif/.oef veteran and a wounded warrior.

  • Rich

    I am married and we have 3 kids. I depend on my disability money each month to help pay bills and also my BAH that helps pay our bills and my education. I am currently going to school full time and I pray the government fixes these issues because there are many veterans who need that money more than anything.

  • Scott W

    This is BS. I blame everyone on the hill for this. I am not singling anybody out. Like the reset of the DAV, I rely on my money also, I am also in Chapter 31, so that is a major hit for my family and me. That god my term began right before all of this so my school can get paid. I don’t know what I am going to do come the beginning of the month. I can’t live beyond my means like the government can. I can’t just make a phone call and say, hey, I need my debt ceiling raised. The bill companies still want my money. They don’t care.

  • Jody Spears

    I too will be without a house and a car and I’ll be homeless again! I am 100% SC and this is what I live on! All because a bunch of guys in Washington can’t get it together? Sigh

  • G Perez Toney

    i dont want to loose out house we need to get paid we have bills

  • Doyce Waddell

    I put my claim in a bit ago and still haven’t seen any results and now this!.. So my EXPEDITED claim due to my circumstances is going to be pushed back further because of this. I am a homeless vet living on a wish now. What kind of BS is this? Makes me upset.

    • fraylionsx3

      Your a Homeless Veteran? How then do you have access to a computer? Also just because its Expedited does not mean its going to be finished a timely manner. They will finish it when their good and ready. You might as well get use to the old saying hurry up and wait.

      • Lenny Watson

        Plenty of homeless people around here have access to computers fraylonsx3, don’t be a jerk. They have them at the library. Rescue missions, shelters and the VA here have computer access for people working to get back on their feet. I volunteer at a detox and residential treatment here in California and I see many homeless vets who are going through the process but were able to access computers.

  • Arnold Cooper

    Our union is with you till end.
    Arnold Cooper
    President AFGE Local 1938

  • Justin W

    I am 100% VA disabled and was discharged 4 months ago. Im living off food that my neighbors donate becasue of the burden this is placing on my mother. I lost my right arm and left leg in combat and why on gods green earth would they not give me the check I almost died to recive and is my single and only source of income. What do I do?

    • Jim Harvey

      Justin, I too am 100 disable, war time. Have you been rated by the va?

      • jim harvey

        I think one way to start is to vote these bastards out of office, enough is enough. the majority of them are attorneys and have never seen service


    Does anyone know if the VA is still processing appeals or just claims? I think they go on for another week, but I heard that the appeals departments were closed when the government shutdown. True?

  • Melissa S

    I am new here, but remember you won’t be foreclosed on your home unless you are already 90 days behind in payments. They legally cannot foreclose your home until 3 months of payments are not made. Also, write a letter of hardship and fax/mail to your mortgage company,have it on file so then they can work with you. They do understand that we are being effected by this shut down we are all in the same boat, and remember they have a job to do and tell you that they are attempting to collect a debt…. My husband and I are disabled vets, and my husband works for the government, so we feel the pinch in alot of ways. I am not sure if the Voc Rehab that I am enrolled in is affected or if funds have been appropriated for FY14,…I think that we will be ok, if you read on the VA website, they have a breakdown of their cuts and payments, and they say that they have allotted funds.

  • Jaime Schober

    Dear Active, Veterans,Spouses, Dependents;
    I think it’s time we started coming up with our own ideas. If you know someone who doesn’t vote let’s put a bug in their ear. If you know a family that needs help lets help them. Who has ideas on how to solve our basic issues as it sounds like we are all in the same boat? I know there are some leaders out there and it doesn’t matter if your homeless, disabled, or broke. WE are the government. If WE had not served and fought wars those representatives wouldn’t be in that house in the first place and I will not stand here on my own American soil and be treated like a prisoner from our own government on our own soil. Seriously let’s hash out ideas! Now or never is a great time to see I we really do care about our brothers and sisters in arms or if we will be our own downfall with selfish reasonings. I promised to defend the constitution and I stand by it! Who has ideas? Let’s hear them!

  • A

    If I get divorced will my dependant benefits stop?

  • jim harvey

    Maybe we disabled vet (white and colored) should do what the blacks did so successfully, organize a MARCH OF WASHINGTON. I AM 100%

  • Bilal Sabir

    Help Our Military Heroes Like They Have Helped U.S. – We demand President Obama remove Brigadier General Allison A. Hickey, Under Secretary for Benefits, for failure to take care of our military heroes!
    Many military heroes have died, many VA claims have been destroyed, many VA employees have violated employment rules and regulations while under the supervision of this woman! Few have been held accountable, especially directors, managers, and supervisors. How many more of our military heroes have to die, never receive benefits they’re entitled to, and struggle to find housing, good medical care, and employment under this wicked, uncaring, impersonal, unsympathetic General? ….

    Thank you for taking a stand on this important issue.

    Faatimah Sabir