DAV Stands United in Face of Government Shutdown

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“Our elected officials must understand that posturing and playing politics with veterans is unacceptable,” Garry Augustine, executive director of DAV’s Washington Headquarters, said during a rally attended by several hundred supporters and journalists Oct. 15 at the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.


Watch Mr. Augustine’s speech at http://youtu.be/ynJhOHXXIBk.

Presenting a unified front, a nonpartisan coalition including DAV and 32 other organizations representing veterans and members of the military demanded an end to the government shutdown.

The Department of Veterans Affairs warned that unless the shutdown ends soon, the department will run out of money and be unable to issue November disability and pension payments.

“For many, those payments may be the primary or only source of income,” Mr. Augustine noted. Many service-connected injured and ill veterans depend on VA compensation to cover mortgages, rents, utilities, transportation and even food.


  • Barry Allen Colley

    We watched the government hijacked! Now we hear ” entitlements ” need to be cut. Nothing about taxes on the 1% at the top,or war profit from contracts given without bids. ? I am a Vietnam veteran who is still trying to prove that I was there. My first help since Sept. 27th 1967 came last year June 22nd 2012,” I welcome myself home”,now with a claim that must be proved by me.? Last night I watched a hearing by Mr. John Mica ,Orlando,Fl. about top VETERANS OFFICIAL’S recently giving gifts at subcontractor conventions in Los Vegas ,Nevada,worth thousands. I wonder if anyone is awake or has common sense. Thank You.