DAV Member Earns Top Honors for Generosity

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It’s not often that DAV receives a $50,000 or  $100,000 check from a donor. Robert Weinstein, a longtime DAV member, surprised our Gift Planning office last fall with two  such checks, followed by another, then another and so many more that he has become our largest-ever living donor, outside of our gift annuity program. He is also one of our most modest supporters and, arguably, one of our most entertaining. Every “thank-you” call to him is rewarded with a hearty belly laugh.

A frugal, everyday man, Mr. Weinstein says he and his wife, Dana, decided 20 years ago that “Whatever we could spare, DAV would get some day.” His good feelings for DAV go back to the years just after World War II when he served as an aerial gunner with the Air Corps, which included an assignment in the China Burma India Theater. When he became sick after his discharge, he sought help from the VA, only to have a bad experience. He turned to DAV for help.

“I consulted with DAV, and they’ve been taking care of me ever since,” Mr. Weinstein says. “They’re the only people who can really help with an honest claim. They helped a friend of mine, too.”

A few years ago Mr. Weinstein informed DAV that he and Dana had planned a generous bequest in their wills. After Dana passed away, he decided to change course a bit, saying, “I don’t need any more for myself or for my kids. What am I going to do with this? DAV might as well have some of it now. The need is so great.”

Mr. Weinstein expressed disbelief that he was DAV’s largest donor of all time.

“Are you sure I’m the most generous?” he quizzed. “I’m really surprised. Well, if that’s the case, maybe my story will inspire others to do more than they had planned to do.”

DAV salutes Mr. Weinstein for his extraordinary generosity to DAV now, as well as through his estate plans. His gifts will make a lasting difference in the lives of countless deserving Americans who need our services today and will continue to need DAV for decades to come.

  • To learn about special program sponsorship opportunities or for information about including DAV in your estate plans, please call 1-800-216-9802, ext.1. You may also  email giftplanning@dav.org, visit www.dav.giftplans.org or return the attached postcard.
  • Legal address for estate gifts: Disabled American Veterans, P.O. Box 14301, Cincinnati, OH 45250; tax identification number: 31-0263158.
  • If you have already created an estate gift for DAV (Cincinnati, OH), please let us know so we can thank you, during your lifetime, through the DAV Guardian Society.