Virtual March on Washington

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The Time to Stand Up for Veterans is Now

    Once again, the men and women who bear the scars of America’s wars need to band together to ensure the nation understands its moral and legal obligation to those who sacrificed so much in the name of freedom.

Thank you for standing up for veterans. As you virtually “march across Washington” today, we ask you to complete three important steps.

Step #1 — Send a message directly to those in Washington

Below is a link to an application to directly email your Representative, Senators and the President. We put a few key points in the body of the email, but you can change that any way you’d like. Personalize the subject line and the body of the email to match your situation and thoughts.

Email your elected officials: Sound Off

To create an effective message, don’t point fingers, attack or defend. Simply telling just how important compensation and benefits are to veterans and their families will be powerful.

Step #2 — Post on your elected officials’ Facebook pages

Let your elected leaders and your fellow constituents know how you feel.

Based on the names you emailed at Step 1, find your elected leaders in the links below. Post a message on the Walls of the elected officials you found in Step 1, explaining what veterans’ compensation and benefits mean to you and your loved ones.

Here is a snippet you can copy and paste to help get your posts going in the right direction:

      I am virtually marching on Washington today to let you know America has a moral and legal obligation to our veterans. I invite you and my fellow citizens to visit the Virtual March at

    so you can hear the voices of those who are standing up to protect veterans’ earned compensation and benefits.

Be sure to post a link to the Virtual March ( so they see your final step.

Step #3 — Create your own video

Use your web cam or video camera to make a brief but heartfelt video explaining what your veteran’s benefits mean to you and your family. We need to hear it straight from you! If you are not a veteran, please tell America why you are standing up for veterans. Ask your friends to make videos, too.

Using a webcam

Facebook makes it easy to record your video with your computer’s webcam. Head to the Virtual March’s wall and find the video tab up where you share a post.

record video on webcam instruction

Be sure to tag the Disabled American Veterans Facebook page. Also consider tagging your friends.

Using a video camera

You may also use a video camera and upload to Facebook, YouTube or other video sites. Just remember to share your video on the Virtual March’s Facebook Wall.

Even if you don’t have access to a camera, we still need your help at this final step. Please type your thoughts and post them. If you could include a photo of yourself with your comments, that would be even better.

Please keep in mind that putting down particular political parties or politicians will only distract your audience from what matters right now — ensuring the nation understands its moral and legal obligation to veterans, their families and survivors.

Your voice will be heard today, and your efforts will make a difference. Thank you for standing with us now for veterans and their families.
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