PTSD and Gulf War Fibromyalgia Clinical Study

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Targeted Medical Pharma ( is enrolling 250 veterans for a clinical trial to further establish the effectiveness of a safe medication regimen to treat the symptoms associated with military related post-traumatic stress disorder and Gulf War Illness ( Targeted Medical Pharma was awarded a research grant for this study from the IRS¹ Therapeutic Discovery program for new innovative and safe therapies.

This trial has received IRB approval and is primarily web-based. There are no office visits, medication is delivered to your home and all questionnaires are filled out and submitted electronically to a team of three highly qualified physicians (Dr. William Shell, Dr. David Silver, and Dr. Anthony Charuvastra).

Participants in the trial will receive Sentra AM® and Sentra PM®. These products have been administered by physicians since 2003 and are amino acid-based medications that have limited to no undesirable side effects or contraindications. They are covered by the DOD¹s TRICARE formulary as well as by many PPO plans and Workers Compensation carriers. There is no cost to participate in this study.

The study lasts for 30 days and you are given the option to continue the medication under the supervision of your own doctor once completing the study. Specifically, these medications are formulated to manage autonomic nervous system function associated with PTSD or toxic exposure. For example: sleep disorders, mood disorders and cognitive dysfunction.

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