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Our nation’s service men and women put everything on the line in defense of America’s freedom. Our public and political leaders need to be kept informed of the challenges they face returning to normal life. DAV’s legislative grassroots campaign makes sure they know what they need to do.

DAV’s multi-aspect legislative campaign provides this education and support in the capitol and across the country. Take some time here and learn how DAV is working with lawmakers on your behalf. Read more and discover how you, too, can stand with our heroes and make sure their voice is heard in Washington.


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The Independent Budget is formulated by DAV, Paralyzed Veterans of America and Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States in order to provide budget recommendations to the Department of Veterans Affairs. These recommendations are based on a systematic methodology that takes a wide range of factors into account. This year marks the 30th year that DAV and its coauthors have worked to provide budgetary recommendations that are based on facts, rigorous analysis, and sound reasoning.

We owe our veterans an immense debt of gratitude for their service to the country and are obligated to provide them with the best care possible. The Independent Budget seeks to ensure Veterans receive this care by providing responsible, intelligent budget recommendations.

Read the Independent Budget here.