David W. Riley, National Commander

A day to remember

As our country pauses for the approaching Memorial Day weekend, I think it’s safe to say the national solemn remembrance means something particularly special to the disabled veteran community.

For those of us who served and left a part of ourselves behind during our military service, remembering the ultimate sacrifice of our fallen makes Memorial Day a special occasion.

Part of the fabric that has bound the veteran community together since the Battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775 is that we, and our families, have made service to our nation a priority. Those who have fallen, as well as their survivors, deserve a special place in our hearts.

By continuing a life of service to our fellow veterans and their families within our communities through DAV, we pay special
tribute to the fallen who gave their all for the freedoms, prosperity and peace that American citizens enjoy.

DAV members, volunteers and staff do incredible work every day across this great country. By providing benefits counseling for survivors and veterans, our department and chapter veteran advocates fulfill a promise that was made. The noble work of DAV Transportation Network drivers ensures our brothers and sisters aren’t left behind and their caregivers are given respite. The special thanks given by DAV, Auxiliary and youth volunteers in local communities and VA medical centers recognize the cause and brotherhood for which they fought. And our nationwide disaster relief efforts ensure those changed by military service are not forgotten in times of unforeseen tragedy.

It is fitting and appropriate that we pause and reflect on comrades lost this Memorial Day. However, I believe with every ounce of my soul that they would encourage us to carry on in purposeful ways that advance the beliefs and values by which they lived and died. They would encourage us to embrace every moment we have on Earth. They would ask us to give back as much as we possibly can.

Doing so honors the lives they led and the supreme sacrifice they made on our behalf.


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