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DAV Public Service Announcements

America’s veterans are on their most important tour—the tour of their lives.

DAV is helping more than 1 million veterans in life-changing ways each year— connecting them to the health care, employment, education and financial benefits they’ve earned.

The message below presents real veterans who’ve overcome challenges and found victory for themselves and their families. These true stories are just a few of the victories that DAV helps make possible every year. With greater public awareness, these positive stories can inspire greater support for our veterans.

Thank you in advance for sharing these stories of victory. And thank you for supporting America’s most deserving heroes.  You can download our PSA below.




Should you experience any technical issues at all, please do not hesitate to email our webmaster at [email protected] or call our communications staff at 859-442-2086 or 859-442-1019.

Thank you for helping us to address the needs of our nation’s ill or injured veterans and their families. By airing this PSA, you are serving those who sacrificed in our defense.