Congress: Show Your Commitment to Our Nation’s Heroes

Thousands of veterans and supporters from across the country are taking action as part of DAV’s Operation: Keep the Promise on February 25, 2014. Many veterans and supporters will be visiting Capitol Hill and your offices on that day. And many more will be virtually showing their support online.

Operation: Keep the Promise’s mission is to urge Congress to put veterans first. And this starts by voting on — and passing — the bipartisan Putting Veterans Funding First Act (H.R. 813 /Sl 932).

This urgently needed legislation will lift veterans out of the partisan gridlock afflicting Congress by authorizing advance appropriations for all VA programs, benefits and services, including disability claims processing and and compensation benefits, information technology (including medical IT), construction, medical and prosthetic research, and cemetery administration.

This is anything but a radical idea. In 2009, Congress overwhelmingly passed bipartisan legislation providing advance appropriations for VA medical care programs. This has significantly strengthened the VA health care system — and thanks to that legislation, veterans received uninterrupted access to VA medical care during the government shutdown.

The Putting Veterans Funding First Act has been overwhelmingly approved by the House and Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committees, but neither has been brought to the floor. The time for delays is over — this urgently-needed legislation deserves a vote on the floors of both houses.

Surely, fulfilling our promises to the men and women who served—many of whom suffered lifelong disabilities as a result—is a cause that transcends party and ideology. The time for action is now!



On February 25th, thousands of veterans and supporters will be taking to social media to show through support for Operation: Keep the Promise. We encourage you to join us.

Here are series of sample messages we encourage you to post:

“@username is doing his/her part to #KeepThePromise to #veterans by calling for a vote on Advance Appropriations”

“Proud to meet with #veterans today and show my support for Operation#KeepThePromise. Stand with me for our heroes”

“Proud to be part of Operation #keepthepromise, standing up for #veterans by supporting advance appropriations for all VA programs & benefits”


Thank you in advance for your support!

Learn more about how you can show your support for Operation: Keep the Promise.