• 20Feb2014

    DAV Targets Congress in National Campaign to End Veterans Affairs Budget Delays

    U.S. Capitol rally features key congressional supporters and representatives from leading veteran service organizations February 20, 2014 – WASHINGTON – DAV, a leading veteran service organization with over 1.2 million members,…

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  • 19Feb2014

    DAV Reaches Membership Goal in Record Time

    DAV’s National Membership’s goal for 2013-2014 has been reached at the fastest rate in our organization’s history. National Membership Director Tony Baskerville credits the hard work of DAV’s National Service Officers…

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  • 12Feb2014

    Income You Can Depend On

    Navy veteran supports his retirement income through a gift to DAV Long before Roger W. Rae reached out to offer support to DAV, he spent decades serving his country. The 21-year Navy veteran served on board a Gearing-class destroyer,…

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  • 10Feb2014

    Grassroots Push for Expanded Advance Appropriations

    In 2009, our grassroots efforts, and those of many other organizations, were instrumental in getting legislation enacted to provide advance funding for veterans medical care. Thanks to the Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency…

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  • 06Feb2014

    DAV’s Message Goes Skyward

    The DAV Air Show Team wrapped up the 2013 season Oct. 26 and 27 with “Wings Over Houston.” This year, the DAV-sponsored vintage B-25 Mitchell Bombers Panchito and Special Delivery performed for more than 1.3 million people…

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  • 04Feb2014

    DAV Goes to Harvard

    Harvard Law School, the legendary institution in Cambridge, Mass., has initiated a veterans law clinic to provide assistance to needy veterans in the school’s geographic region. Through its close association with the law firm…

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  • 30Jan2014

    Blue Button Provides Easy, Secure Access to VA Medical Records

    As many of our members know too well, the VA health care system can be difficult to navigate. Before 2010, attempts to access or share medical records with physicians and caregivers made receiving necessary health care an even…

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  • 29Jan2014

    We Can Make a Difference

    DAV Mid-Winter Conference Join us in February to fight for veterans’ rights and benefits. We can make a difference. Feb. 23-26, 2014

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  • 28Jan2014

    Top Dog Wins Top Venture

    Canine trainer Ben Simmons receives Arthur H. and Mary E. Wilson Award for Top Venture Impacting Veterans.   Ben Simmons was a self-professed class clown, more interested in the social aspect of going to school than educational…

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  • 27Jan2014

    VA Health Care Where You Are

    VA Testing Mobile App The key to the Department of Veterans Affairs new model of patient care fits in the palm of your hand. For the past few months, the VA has been field testing several pilot programs designed to extend the reach…

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