A Legacy of Service, Hope for the Future

DAV is the most long-lasting veterans advocacy and assistance group in this country. We’ve watched this country change and grow, and we’ve grown along with it. However, DAV has never wavered in its core mission to fulfill our country’s promises to the men and women who served. We invite everyone, veterans and civilian, men and women, young and old, to join us as we stand up for those veterans who risked it all when they stood up for us, our country, and our ideals.

J. Marc Burgess, National Adjutant

The Spirit of Teamwork

Having spent nearly 20 years with DAV, I’ve had a lot of time to observe the strengths of this great organization. As I see it, one of the most remarkable things about DAV is the size and scope of our mission compared to the number of people we have dedicated to fulfilling it.

While we currently have the largest pool of highly qualified, well-trained National Service Officers in our history, the need for these services grows daily. We are fortunate to have our Department and Chapter Service Officers on hand to step in and care for veterans and their families at times or in locations where an NSO may not be available.

This seamless teamwork is what has made DAV the leader among VSOs in claims representation, and it’s what gives us the solid reputation of being the best in the field.

Looking back at the past year, no example of this teamwork could shine brighter to me than when our government fell under a partial shutdown in October. Amid the uncertainty and the political gridlock, injured and ill veterans found a number of their earned benefits threatened.

Without the VA’s discretionary budget funded through advance appropriations, payment of disability compensation and education benefits nearly came to a halt. Many VA facilities, while remaining open for scheduled medical appointments, closed their doors to veterans during the shutdown, thereby preventing them from meeting with DAV representatives to discuss or file disability claims.

I was immeasurably proud to see our NSOs, DSOs and CSOs, undeterred, rally together to ensure DAV remained open for business during the shutdown. Across the country, our teams mobilized to set up temporary offices in alternative locations, mobile service units and even on the front lawn of the VA facilities.

Our mission continued, thanks to the teamwork of these men and women. This effort speaks volumes to the dedication our service officers, at all  levels of the organization, have to the mission and to their fellow veterans.

For these efforts and for what you do on a daily basis to serve, thank you. We expect a great deal from our service officers, and you never fail to deliver, especially in times of great need. It is this spirit that will continue to carry DAV forward in fulfilling our promise to our nation’s injured and ill veterans and their families.

If you want to find out more about the National Adjutant, you can find his biography here.