A Legacy of Service, Hope for the Future

DAV is the most long-lasting veterans advocacy and assistance group in this country. We’ve watched this country change and grow, and we’ve grown along with it. However, DAV has never wavered in its core mission to fulfill our country’s promises to the men and women who served. We invite everyone, veterans and civilian, men and women, young and old, to join us as we stand up for those veterans who risked it all when they stood up for us, our country, and our ideals.

J. Marc Burgess, National Adjutant

The journey ahead

I welcome you all to 2015. It’s a bright, new year, and I believe there is much in store for DAV and our  members. We closed the past year knowing we had done our due diligence on behalf of veterans and their  families. With the help of grassroots and member support, several DAV provisions have been passed into  law as part of the Fiscal Year 2015 omnibus spending package.

Advance appropriations for all VA’s mandatory benefits payments—including disability compensation,  pension, DIC and the GI Bill—will now be fully funded a year in advance. And key directives on care for  women veterans have been included as well, coming directly from language in DAV’s study, “Women  Veterans: The Long Journey Home.” These represent some of the most critical issues we tackled in 2014—and a significant measure to  protect benefits and improve care for veterans.

This victory is in no small part thanks to your efforts. More than 38,000 signed our Change.org petition online in support of this effort. We gained extraordinary momentum through our Operation: Keep the Promise  campaign and our follow-up campaign in October marking the anniversary of the government shutdown. You should be extraordinarily proud.

In the coming year, I am excited to see DAV’s study on women veterans continue to influence both conversation and policy concerning  gender-specific transition issues. We have seen an incredible response from our members and from the media; everyone is eager to bring  this topic to light and to institute changes that better serve this population of veterans.

Our national legislative staff continues their dedicated efforts to educate members of Congress and the American public on these  important issues, and with your help and continued support we will advance our agenda this year and make substantial changes for  veterans and their families.

Make no mistake; the successes we see at the national level are so often the result of your support at the Chapter and Department levels.  We are only as strong as the legs we stand on, and your efforts help us raise awareness and apply the pressure necessary to institute real change.

I encourage you to remain as fully engaged as you are now and ask yourselves what more you can do to help us fulfill the DAV mission. Being engaged through our social media efforts will only become more important. Of course, you can always rely  on the DAV Commanders’ Action Network (DAV CAN) to keep you up to date on the issues most pressing in the veterans’ community.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication, and I look forward to another successful year with you.

If you want to find out more about the National Adjutant, you can find his biography here.